BSSCommerce Achieved The Title “Magento Select Extension Builder”

by Van Nguyen

The greatest news of June has arrived:

BSSCommerce has successfully gained the new Magento partnership: Select Extension Builder or also known as Technology Partner. This is a big jump for us from Business Partner to Technology Partner. Toward more than 5 years of vigorously developing, BSSCommerce has grown a lot, learned a lot and achieved goals that used to seem impossible.

bsscommerce select extension builder

A Look Back at BSSCommerce History


BSSCommerce was started by an idea of a brave man – BSSCommerce CEO – Trung Nguyen. At that time, WE GOT 1. He started with Magento projects on the small and medium scale and expanded the team to 3 people.


We continued to work on many exciting Magento projects with the larger scale. The service began to diversify: Magento Website Development, Magento Extensions, Administration Support and Magento Training. We prove our strength in working efficiency and passion with  Magento Certified Developers. We had a bigger office and We GOT 13 people.

2014 was officially launched. We started developing Magento extensions with the main aim to provides the BEST SUCCESS SOLUTION for retailers and wholesalers.


BSSCommerce’s human kept growing to the number of 30. At that time, our online store had already filled up with 30 Magento 1 extensions. We also participated in the Meet Magento Vietnam 2015 conference with the role of Event Sponsor.


The official records of 2016 are 39 Magento 1 extensions and 24 Magento 2 extensions spreading in many categories: B2B, UX, Order Management, Checkout… We also gained more recognition in the Magento Vietnam community by becoming the Associate Sponsor for the 2016 Meet Magento Vietnam event.


In July  2017, we reached an important milestone: “Magento Business Solution Partner”. We continued to work even harder and grow bigger in terms of both quantity and quality. The total number of Magento certificates is 1 Magento Certified Solution Specialist, 1  Magento Certified Developer Plus, 1 Magento Certified Frontend Developer, 2 Magento Certified Developers.

Developing Magento 2 extensions was our priority, so we set the goal of 80 Magento 2 extensions for the end of 2017. Our team of hard-working members contributed their greatest effort to reach the number 80. We valued our tradition of giving back to the Magento community. 2017 marked our participation as Silver Sponsor for the Meet Magento Indonesia.


In June 2018, we reached a bigger turning point: “Magento Select Extension Builder”. BSSCommerce has officially become the one and only extension provider in Southeast Asia to gain both titles of Magento Solution Partner and Technology Partner. We took part in the Magento Imagine 2018 – “Lead The Charge”. The extension store has been constantly updated with bigger-scale and high-qualified Magento extensions.  Up to now, WE GOT 60 people.

bsscommerce history

The Future

BSSCommerce’s ambition is to become “The Largest Magento Extension Builder in The World” – said by CEO Trung Nguyen.

To live up with the name Best Success Solution (BSS), we will strive to provides our customers with greater products certified by Magento and better services with higher diversified fields including Magento Extensions, Magento Website Development, Magento Themes and even more.


Celebrate “Magento Select Extension Builder” with 15% OFF 

We would love to take this chance to award you – our dear followers/supporters/customers. We’ve decided to give you a heart-warming gift: 15% OFF with code “VCFDEB”when buying Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions from June 13 to June 16 (GMT+6).

Please don’t skip our sincere present, we will be waiting for you!


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