BSS Commerce’s Support Package For Ecommerce Owners In Covid-19 Outbreak

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BSS Commerce’s Support Package For Ecommerce Owners In Covid-19 Outbreak

Coronavirus has just officially been declared a pandemic by WHO.

Health issues aside, COVID-19 undoubtedly shifted the purchasing behaviors and patterns massively.

Both for the better and for the worse.

Let’s get a hold of this Coronavirus and save your budget with our support package including dedicated consultation.


Coronavirus impact on online business. (Update 23/3/2020)


In short, it’s time for you as an ecommerce owner to step up and take the necessary action to stay strong in this outbreak.

BSS Commerce’s promise to our customers

bss commerce promise to quality and dedication

We are here to help, join hands and find a way out of this crisis.

During this time of uncertainties and worries, we are trying out absolute best to provide you accurate and excellent services as always.

All of our efforts will be poured into actions as follow:

We promise to:

  • Continue to value expertise on every product and service we offer.
  • Stay strong as the BSS Commerce Support team provides you perspectives and insights to find out what’s best for your business.
  • Continue to support our customers with 100% capacity regardless of the outbreak.
  • Listen to your every request with both ears open and our agent will get in touch with you within the 4-hour window of our office hours (8 – 17:15 | GMT+7).
  • Open a financial support program to help your business in this tough time.

Save your budget on perfecting ecommerce with BSS

Our company understands your struggle of limited budget and the demand to better the site to capture more sales with the raising potential leads during this time.

coronavirus support package from bss

We’ve worked hard to stay our best and to provide you this financial-saving offer.

  • Our program is open to all Magento business.
  • When subscribing to the form below, you will receive a discount code for 20% off all Magento extensions on the BSS website.
  • Notably, you can also fill in your intention for purchasing extensions, our consultant will contact to support you accordingly.
  • We’ll give out the $100 SEO On-page Audit package bonus 2 hours consultation with direct notes from our experienced SEOers if you purchase with the code we provide. (The reports are sent to you after 3 working days)
  • Our SEO On-page Audit will give you 3 necessary reports (Domain Strength, Site Audit Details ad Site Audit Summary) that helps you have a general overview about SEO of your site. In case you have questions or want to get additional consultation, we will support you more in 2 hours for FREE (via Skype). You need to prepare a list of questions or issues in advance and send us before consulting. 

*Note: This program does not apply to combos & packages and does not combine with partner program and other promotions. The code is single-use per subscriber.


Wrap up

The online business is facing both opportunities and challenges in this Coronavirus outbreak. 

And we’re more than pleased to help you perfect your website to face the rising demand of both market and consumers. More than ever, BSS Commerce wants to help you through this outbreak with responsive and constructive support that we’re proud to give, and you’ll be thrilled to have.

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