BSS Commerce: Take a 2019 Round up and Move Toward 2020

BSS Commerce: Take a 2019 Round up and Move Toward 2020

2019 came to end and a new decade opens with more opportunities and development. BSS Commerce wishes all of our dear customers a new 2020 year with full of happiness, peace and flourish. 

Thank you for making an amazing year together! 

Now it’s time to take a look back at what we achieved in 2019 and what target we will pursue in 2020. 


Website BSS Commerce 

After a hard-working process of multi-teams, we welcomed a new interface of our extension store built on Magento 2 platform with more advanced functions. 

This modern website means a lot to us! It allows customers to seek extensions more conveniently, promptly experience the module features with detailed information, and purchase smoothly. Hence, BSS Commerce serves all customers better and better than ever!


bsscommerce website


Magento 2 Packages and Combo/Solution are our rising stars in 2019. Beside new-developed products such as Reward Points and Request for Quote, we concentrated on building packages and combo to meet specific customer demands.  

The most outstanding package calls Magento 2 B2B/Wholesale Package – delivers the whole solution for B2B enterprises from A to Z: 

  • Access Restriction 
  • Price Management 
  • Ordering Process
  • Time-saving Refund
  • Quick Order 

There are a large number of customers using this out-of-box B2B package and are highly satisfied with the functions as well as quality. Let’s explore feelings from Ivan Chung – one of our customers after purchasing this package:


bsscommerce b2b review


Our product development team tried their best to provide 7 additional combo/solutions to customers, targeting each part of a business: 

All of these packages are hoped to optimize particular huge features on a website, specialize to resolve business issues and lead to better store performance. 


During the last year, we worked so hard to offer customers end-to-end services, deliver the whole solution, and strengthen website performance.  

Some highlighted milestones should be mentioned here are: 

  • Successfully build Marketplace systems for both Open Source and Commerce websites
  • Implement Migration for 7 websites 
  • Audit and standardize websites, reduce bugs and improve UI & UX
  • Keep 100% of websites updated and secure 

2019 is also the year when Code Audit and Speed Up packages were born and introduced to every customer, in addition to 7 available services. These 2 packages aim at enhancing the performance and efficiency of Magento 2 websites, resulting in greater user experience and increasing sales. 


We are so glad to offer products and services to 13,000 customers over the world till 2019. Each customer is a story of business, and we are always willing to listen to your requirements, then give the most suitable solution with high quality. 

161 customer reviews on Trustpilot are the big motivation for BSS Commerce team to continue serving the best products and services to customers. 

Moving towards 2020 

In the first year of the new decade, we keep on upgrading key packages/combo with more advanced functions to bring the most perfect products to every customer. 

The main character in our upgrade plan is B2B/Wholesale package for Open Source users, by adding new features: 

  • Company Accounts 
  • Shared Catalog 
  • B2B Dashboard 

Also, we concentrate on doing market research to improve available extensions, updating additional features in order to meet customer demands. 

In 2020, we are going to support installing Magento extensions by Composer to bring a better user experience ever. This is a super-new technique when customers can promptly install modules in the blink of an eye and conveniently manage all of the extensions and corresponding versions. Can’t wait to see this, right?

PWA Studio technology is one of our ambitious targets this year to provide customers with products and services applying the state-of-the-art technique for mobiles.

Final words

BSS Commerce is moving to the 8th years: time is enough to prove our competence and professionalism. But we will not stay in one place. We always attempt to move toward by making the best efforts to develop high-quality products and deliver end-to-end services to global customers. 

Nothing can stop us, and you are the biggest motivation to reach the top.



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