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Nestled in the cinematic landscape of Hollywood, Superior Tile is a brand renowned for delivering premium products in Tile, Stone, Mosaics, Laminate, Hardwood, and much more. Established in 2002, Superior Tile boasts over 20 years of expertise in providing the most exceptional interior experiences for valued customers.

In June 2022, as part of their strategic business expansion, Superior Tile established a new subsidiary brand – Superior Plumbing. Superior Plumbing offering a variety of top-notch products like shower fixtures, faucets, toilets, and more. With options from well-known brands across different price ranges, Superior Plumbing ensures the best prices guaranteed.


While Superior Tile is committed to providing unique experiences in various tile categories for customers, Superior Plumbing is designed to specialize in delivering distinctive interior products for kitchen and bathroom areas.

To realize the initial phase of this strategic initiative, Superior Tile has partnered with BSS Commerce to develop an eCommerce website dedicated to Superior Plumbing.


At BSS Commerce, we address all the concerns customers face when selecting a partner.

1. Can BSS Commerce be trusted?

Previously, Superior Tile experimented with building a website using WooCommerce, but this platform didn’t meet the complexity that they expected. Consequently, they decided to leverage the Magento platform to construct the most professional online store, providing an optimal experience for customers.

Through research, Superior Tile identified BSS Commerce as an eCommerce Solution Provider with international recognition, boasting over 10 years of experience and serving over 100,000+ global customers from 150+ countries, including renowned brands such as Cafe du Cycliste and Optical88.

What sets BSS Commerce apart is that over 90% of customers, once committed to BSS Commerce, trust us for at least 5 years. With these assurances, Superior Tile is fully confident in the reliability of BSS Commerce as a partner for this project.

2. Is the cost reasonable?

As a provider from Vietnam, we are confident in offering competitive and reasonable pricing compared to entities in the US, UK, while ensuring equivalent quality and providing 24/7 support as a local unit.

3. Does the team have sufficient expertise?

Due to the intricate and cross-logical nature of the site, a crucial prerequisite for this project is to have an exceptional testing team capable of handling all conceivable scenarios. At BSS Commerce, we hold the Platinum ISTQB certification. This certification is only awarded to Magento consulting firms with a high percentage of testers holding ISTQB Advanced Level certification – one of the most challenging certification levels within the ISTQB system. With this track record, BSS Commerce is confident in partnering with Superior Tile to achieve the highest project quality standards.


To execute this project, BSS Commerce provided consultation for Superior Plumbing in selecting the Magento 2 platform, along with the integration of several additional modules:

– Social Login
– Multi Wishlists
– Checkout Success Page
– Customers Also Bought/ Also Viewed
– Import Export Categories
– Request for Quote
– Sales Rep

Each module boasted unique features, and we customized them to align seamlessly with the client’s business. In the scope of this article, we delved deeper into two standout modules of the project: “Multi Wishlists” and “Sales Rep”.

In order to enhance the customer experience, Superior Plumbing aspired to utilize the modules available on Magento that allowed customers to create wishlists based on their preferences. However, the default Magento module only permitted one wishlist creation per customer. To elevate customer engagement and optimize sales, BSS Commerce recommended that Superior Plumbing utilize the “Multi Wishlist” module, enabling customers to create multiple wishlists tailored to their interests.

 With the Multi Wishlists module, customers can effortlessly create and manage multiple wishlists, like "My Bathroom" or "My Kitchen"

With the Multi Wishlists module, customers can effortlessly create and manage multiple wishlists, like “My Bathroom” or “My Kitchen”

For instance, if a customer created a “Bathroom Interior Wishlist,” the page would display all relevant suggestions for the customer to choose from, including items such as bathroom fixtures, mirrors, and showerheads. This empowered customers to curate their own interior wishlists, effectively playing the role of a true designer.


But what would happen if a customer had “Created a Project” but hadn’t proceeded to the “Payment” step? Undoubtedly, the customer was likely contemplating factors such as pricing, designs, or products. The “Sales Rep” module was introduced to allow the customer care team to track and attend to customers, offering tailored promotions to boost sales. The key advantage of the ‘Sales Rep” module lies in providing a detailed record of the sales team’s customer care journey, ensuring a streamlined customer care process without overlaps, and enhancing the accuracy of commission calculations.

The Sales Rep module streamlines customer care and boosts sales by assigning team members to each customer's wishlist (project)

The Sales Rep module streamlines customer care and boosts sales by assigning team members to each customer’s wishlist (project)


The most significant lesson that BSS Commerce gleaned from the Superior Tile project is how the brand prioritizes customer experience, infusing unique concepts on the website to provide customers with a truly distinctive shopping experience. BSS Commerce’s project team faced numerous challenges to achieve these goals and intricate logic, demanding exceptionally high precision during the testing phase.

However, thanks to the team’s experience and the collaborative support from our beloved client, Superior Tile, we worked seamlessly together, leading to the successful go-live of the project.

Explore the Superior Plumbing website now

Explore the Superior Plumbing website now

You can explore the Superior Plumbing website and immerse yourself in the shopping experience here: Superior Plumbing

Do you want to craft outstanding customer experiences inspired by the success story of Superior Plumbing? If you’re looking for a seasoned team of experts to breathe life into your projects and ideas, don’t hesitate—please TALK WITH US and turn your visions into vibrant realities!

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