Ecommerce SEO Case Study: Gain x5 Traffics For Your Magento Store!

by Robin Tran

Learn from the best eCommerce SEO case study is proven the best way to build your successful SEO strategy!

Here is a thing as anyone who has ever tried to make and seed content can tell you. If your plan is just to upload to a small or a new channel then hope for people to find and share it. Your plan has already doomed.

With how much good content there is competing for attention on the Internet. That’s why you need a distribution plan and then give your content a hard shove.

Today, we give you a case study based on the principle of SEO for ecommerce. From A to Z, we’ll take you on a journey with your store end up quintuple in traffic.

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This is the eCommerce SEO case about a Magento 2 B2B furniture store clientele. They provided products at certain locations in the UK in sales and for hire. They had an e-commerce platform, their website is decent and they had already established quite a brand name.


The problem was their business hadn’t prioritized SEO. Within 8 months, TSI’s SEO plan brought them a 417% growth in traffic and a 112% spike in revenue.

Follow through, you will learn how to better your site with a complete SEO vision concentrated in 5 fields: UX – site performance – SEO on-page – content and backlinks.

Step #1: Establish E-A-T

Before giving out any Magento 2 SEO tips, it’s important to pinpoint what are the issues. In this eCommerce SEO case study, the agency sat down with their client and mapped out an E-A-T module.


The ultimate goal of any SEO plan is sustainability and the main driven forces lie among these 3 factors:

E – Expertise: Determine how professional is your site. The higher it is, the better your ranking is. You can improve this front by redesigning your site, better your content and speed up your page.

A – Authority: This is a bit tricky. Authority grows along with your site naturally, like a fine wine. Therefore, if you have a small and young business eager to be consumed, you need to add a few notes. In this eCommerce SEO case study – backlinks. Put a pin on that, we’ll come back to it later.  

T – Trustworthiness: Online buyers experience mere islands of transparency in the great sea of what the trickery. Therefore, if you can provide a sense of trust, customers will nail the purchase and keep coming back to your site. Along with authority, these two factors all but determined by user experience. 

The business of this case is no exception. With a fairly recognizable name for themselves, they want to keep the momentum and turn it to dollar signs with an SEO plan. And here is how TSI did it.

Step #2: Visual optimization to enjoy low-hanging fruits

Even though long-term goals are considerably more vital, short-term targets have a more immediate impact. TSI started the plan with some visual changing tricks. By learning from this eCommerce SEO case study, you can perfect these Magento 2 SEO tips easily.

Color and Placement

Increasing color contrast results in a more eye-catching front end. Besides, you want your content visible to the audience and boost the chance of having a conversion.


Therefore, you want to opt-in visual changes in the product pages and category.

Mobile user-friendly

The source of traffic is now mostly from phone users. Therefore, your site needs to have its own mobile version. You can have significant turn-over in sales with these small changes:

  • Turn phone number to a clickable button
  • Turn email to a clickable button
  • Keep font-size at 16px minimum

Step #3: Technical audit to secure SEO foundation

Before anything else, you must ensure your site performance. In this specific eCommerce SEO case study, the furniture business had its fair share of numerous vine sites and functions. Therefore, this ecommerce is riddled with technical problems. This is how they solved those.

Clean up the Google Index

Here, TSI canceled any relations via links with the old domain and duplicate content across the site. In order to make way for Google to read the site better, TSI introduced the robots meta tag to XML sitemap and eliminated the login pages off Google Index.

READ MORE about How To Optimize Meta Tag For SEO.

Clear out the URL Parameters

When diving into Google Index, TSI found out their client left HTTP pages and URL parameters clouded this place.


Every time a keyword is put into the search bar, a new URL is written in URL parameters. These types of URLs flooded the index and cost your SEO. Therefore, you need to make sure Google understands the difference between URLs in Google Search Console.

Put down outdated choices

The website had a fatal flaw (and there 90% your site has it as well!). It’s a meta keyword.

1st, it weighted the site down. Google has claimed over and over that meta keywords are not ranking materials. So these are basically useless.

2nd of all, these metadata expose target phrases to competitors. 

That’s why TSI erased them off the site.

And you can do the same with the FREE Yoast SEO Magento 2. More on the review here.

Step #4: Build internal links

Remember our pin? It’s time to solve this task. Whatever you try to sell online, you need to direct the traffic to it. The best way to do it is to organize internal links into a structure. And TSI approached this furniture business in the exact same direction.

Set up internal links to existing content

You can do this by adding frequently brought together to product pages. And if you have a blog on your domain, this is a goldmine for SEO betterment.


The plan here is to create more high-quality contrivances to deliver internal links that are relevant to your products. There are two ways you can do it:

  • Revisit and change the old content
  • Produce new content

In our eCommerce SEO case, TSI set up an SEO plan on a spreadsheet. Yes, it’s time-consuming but it’s critical to be able to prioritize which links we should promote.

Create topical clusters

This might be the best suggestion out of Magento 2 SEO tips we can give you. Pick the main topic and create content surrounding it. For example, “cat dry food”.

First, you need a piece of content dedicated to “cat dry food.” After that, your plan must include sub-topics of “cat dry food”. For example, “Top 5 Food Cats Like”, or “Is Cat Dry Food Safe”. Each of them requires its own content and you can put an anchor text to the main topic “cat dry food” within them. 

And here is the result, you’ve concentrated traffic from all over the site to your main topic. 


Step #5: Strategize your content plan

To support your outreach, you need a rock-solid content plan. It’s better to layout guidelines and SEO requirements for your writer to follow through.

Find the balance between commercial and culture

Your content needs to be evergreen aka ingrained to the culture of the site. On the other hand, frequent update to match commercial changes and capitalize on trends are also equally vital.


There is a line here and you need to walk this very carefully. Going back and forth between refining old and refreshing new content is the way to go. 

TSI built the structure for each piece of content so writers can follow. This ensures the ease of updating content down the line.

Learn from the best

This tactic will rank pretty high on today’s Magento 2 SEO tips. Look at the top 5 sites on the listing page and ask yourself:

  • What is their content length? Calculate the average and add 20% more.
  • What do they write about? How do they link their sub-topics? Copy that.
  • How about their content layout? Copy that as well.

Aim for E-A-T maximizing

E-A-T not only good for search ranking but also sales converting. Therefore, you need to create content that tends to your products and services in a professional manner.


By doing so, you prove to web crawlers and customers your offers are worth their time. 

Write with user-intent in mind

Each stage of conversion funnel requires a piece of content that fits its audience. You’ll hit 2 birds with 1 stone by doing so: better your brand awareness and optimize link building.


Most of the time, your SEO plan only focuses on content for the bottom of the funnel. For example, product pages or call-for-action blog posts. What you need to do is expand upward.

With each pair of comparison focused keywords, you must dedicate a piece of content to solve the buzz surrounding the talk-about products. For example, “Dry Food vs. Wet Food: Pros and Cons for Cat Heath.”

You can go beyond the funnel with a user-dedicated tactic. That when you make content for customers with no previous intention of using your products and services. For example, “Working At Home: 5 Ways to Keep Companionship.”

Step #6: Maximize On-page SEO

We have a lot to unpack here. Let’s get right into this eCommerce SEO case study for individual pages within your site.

CHECK OUT the Magento SEO Checklists for further understanding and practices. 

Use SEO-friendly URLs

In order to optimize SEO, every page needs its own medicine.

In short, you want your URL to:

  • Be short
  • Include target keyword
  • Stick with lowercase letters
  • Follow a logical structure

TSI made a URL audit on the client’s website and determined which one should be modified to maximize SEO.

Make full use of the title

The title tag is the most vital on-page SEO contributor. That’s why you need to invest in a good title. Let’s learn straight from example.

  • Start with keyword i.e Magento 2 SEO Guide
  • Include modifiers, in this eCommerce SEO case, “guide,” “2019”
  • Use H1 Tag 

Yes, you don’t want the date in the URLs but this is welcomed in the title. This is because capitalizing on long-tail keywords has fewer competitors and more conversion opportunities. 

Optimize SEO of the content

You’ll never see stuffing keywords among Magento 2 SEO tips. You’re sabotaging your ranking by doing so. 

Pictures, diagrams, infographics, videos. These things not only make your content more engaging but also a mean to deliver your keywords. For example – Alt Text.


Besides, follow this easy-to-do checklist to unlock the full SEO potential of your content:

  • Use more multimedia. The more people appreciate your content, the more likely they are going to link to your post
  • Use H2 tags for subheadings
  • Put the keyword in the first 100 words.
  • Tend to mobile users
  • Put anchor texts for inbound and internal links
  • Engage LSI keywords

Diagnosis on-page SEO

It’s important to keep track of how your page’s doing. On the other hand, you need to know where you are in the competition for ranking and what top 10 pages have in common.


TSI used Surfer SEO for this case.

Step #7: Strategize Magento 2 Business Link Building

Remove unwanted links

You want your backlinks to have a certain degree of quality. Therefore, take your time on cleaning the bush. You can fast disavowed these undesirables with the Google disavow tool.

Learn from competitors

Know yourself and know who you’re going against is the most reliable way to get success. TSI did a full autopsy on prominent competitors of their client, especially their linking structure and tactics.

As you develop a profile for your competitors, look for their linking structure and website that link to their sites with remarkable DR and traffic.

The results, in this case, were revealing:


Grow your backlink naturally

Now moving to the backlink building part of Magento 2 SEO tips. Google ranking system is shrouded in mysteries and venturing into it proposes a higher risk for your site. In this case, your spot on the listing page.

Increase your backlink naturally is a must if you’re lack of backlinks to start with. So, start slowly. The first 2 months should be spent on building backlink from mid-tier domains. 


The following month, you can keep the momentum and branch to high-tier domains to pull your precious backlinks. Treat building backlink as braising a short-rib. Start with the basic, slowly raising the temperature and adding seasoning at the last step.

Notably, investing in a backlink from the same-niche, well-established site is a good idea. This method not only makes your backlinks ranking much more prominent but also results in a way of new traffic to your site.

This is the exact blueprint of what TSI did to the furniture business hired them. 

Go local

In this case, the client in question only provided their offers in certain locations. Therefore, by marking links from local web pages, Google’ll understand the business range of work.

This one works particularly well with new, small and local-focused businesses.

Campaign Result

Well, these are numbers after implementing this SEO Plan after 6 months.


The ranking for targeted keywords jumped over 1450 stages.


Keywords within the top 100 search also multiplied by 6 times from 391 to 2494.


Organic Traffic & Turnover

These Magento 2 SEO tips completely changed the traffic of blog division. There was a spike of 222% in new users and 74% growth on users coming back. 


As for the whole domain result, it’s brighter and better in every category. We saw a 417.29% rise in organic traffic and 452.49% more site users.


The furniture business also experienced a double in monthly turnover, from $43k to $91k. 

Pro tips on Magento 2 SEO

What is it that you as marketers and shop owners need to accomplish to take something from an eCommerce SEO case study, a concept, to a page that exists on your sites that:

  • ranks high in Google search?
  • earns you traffics?
  • has conversion power?

Here is how an SEO plan progressing for established eCommerce with Magento 2 SEO tips along the way.

Do Want vs. Need research

You can lay down a “want vs. need” diagram yourself or by out-sourcing. Whichever might be the case, a second opinion is always appreciated.


You want to find where these circles of attention lapped then adjust your SEO plan accordingly.

Make your keywords and content count

This is straightforward but takes a lot of work. Here is how you do it.


You want to spend a good time with this and revisit it frequently.

When you have a list of keywords that you find necessary for your business, the next step is to create content with it. 

First, pick your keyword. Then think of audience needs, what they want to see when they search for that specific keyword. After figuring it out, lay down the business needs.

You’ve just listed down your goals. Now you can brainstorm what content can bring you to these goals, the users’ needs, and the keyword targeting. Those are the 3 elements you need for an SEO content strategy to work in your favor.

Amp up crawl friendliness

If there is one thing all SEO plan has, it’s the goal of higher ranking in search engines. You need to think about the full architecture of your site here.

There is a rule: if your site has less than 10 million pages, keep every single one of them no more than 3 clicks from the homepage. This will make Google signs a higher value to your pages on its ranking algorithm. 

Therefore, we suggest you install Magento 2 SEO Extension. The module helps you develop a table of content that helps Google better index your site. You’re free to include and exclude the URLs you want Google to crawl in the sitemap. 


This map will ensure Google understands what your site is about and what you consider important. Magento 2 has robot.txt to help with Google indexing but if they see a link, they still can still include it. 

That’s why we give you the option to add Robot Meta Tag down to each URL to make sure a page will not appear in the Google index.


More on Magento 2 SEO tips, Google also rewards the website with user experience improvement. Therefore, a tidy visual structure of your site is a must. 


Mass URLs and metadata rewrites

A blast of poor-SEO choices from the past can seriously harm your ranking. As mentioned in the eCommerce SEO case study, the meta keywords for example.

Magento 2 default runs short on this front, but if you have our Magento 2 solution, we have good news to tell you. Now you can mass reset meta keywords with meta templates provided by this module. 


Another example is doing mass URLs rewrites. Magento 2 SEO tips concern with the friendliness of these links to web crawlers. One again, the default is so lacking it’s embarrassing. 

To make your work easier, BSS Commerce has developed Magento 2 Import Export URL Rewrites. From there, it’s an easy 1-2-3 steps.

#1: Investigate and prepare a CSV file for mass URL Rewrites.


#2 Import the CSV file for mass URLs changing.


#3. Export URLs by store view, entity type, and redirect type as wanted.


Eliminate duplicate content

If you have pages with identical content on them, for example, an article and a printable version of it. You want to tell web crawlers exactly what page you want they rank for. 


Magento 2 SEO Extension by BSS Commerce has an excellent solution to this – the canonical tag. You can freely add in this main-content signal to any page you like. 

In case you’re leaning toward internationalization, we also got you covered. Our HREFLANG tag will tell search operators what page to rank across multiple store views.

CHECK OUT 9 Common Hreflang Tags Mistakes in SEO

Audit your on-page SEO regularly

If you have installed the Magento 2 SEO extension, you will have a telling SEO toolbar for any page on your site.


The module also gives you a basic audit and visual cues to keep the flow going. 


Moving forward, you can check back on how you performed with Google Search Console.



By presenting this eCommerce SEO case study in its entirety, we hope to prove to you the importance of strategizing your content and link building step-by-step.

The ultimate goal is increasing your E-A-T score with content that dedicates to broadcast expertise and claim your authority within the business range. Moreover, user experience’s weight is the determining factor and a must-navigator for every piece of content.

To do so, you can use the help of these 37 remarkable Magento 2 SEO extensions.

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