[Case Study] Rainstorm Studio Australia Built a Reliable Website with B2B Package

by Librah Do

The technical agency has installed our Magento 2 B2B Package and managed to deliver a stable and fast-loading website that met their client’s requirements. 


We have asked for the permission of Rainstorm Studio Australia and want to share their story using our Magento 2 B2B modules with the community. Read this case study to hear what real customers are saying about us and why they chose the BSS solution.  


(Purchased time: February 2020). 

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Introduction to Rainstorm Studio Australia

Before exploring deeper into detailed actions that Rainstorm Studio had done with Magento 2 B2B modules, you should take a small tour around general information on Rainstorm Studio Australia


They are a Melbourne-based web design and development agency with full experience in building sites on popular platforms, such as Magento, WordPress, eBay, BigCommerce, Shopify, Neto. 


Specifically, store owners and merchants consult the agency to experience the following services:

  • eCommerce Solutions: unique and competent website branding; conversion rate optimisation design for industry-leading platforms; eBay & Amazon services with M2ePro, Codisto.
  • eBay Design: customised eBay listing template design, responsive eBay store Design; website branding exaggeration; compatibility with listing tools including M2Epro, ChannelAdvisor, Neto, Codisto, Inkfrog.
  • Business Website: UX-centric and responsive design.


The agency has a great command in building and designing countless websites for clients; however, they need some extensions to serve specific needs. So, they came to BSS Magento 2 B2B extensions at a time when a client’s store provides to corporate customers, as known as dealers. 

Their B2B Clients’ Site Requirements Forced Them to Seek An Ultimate Solution

In the process of building a B2B site for their client who provides electronic products such as mobile phones, lights, fans, Rainstorm Studio came across a difficulty in ensuring the best user experience with only the features of default Magento Open Source. Meanwhile, their client demanded more than that. 


To start with, due to having to work with various dealers on a daily basis, the client craved for a thorough online Magento 2 B2B store that allows the company to do transactions with their dealers at ease. 


Besides, although dealers – corporate customers – tend to place bulk orders at once, they still require a fast and personalized experience on your site. Any inconvenience occurring in B2B buying journey can deter customers from clicking the checkout button. This raises the need for additional tools to support more reliable website performance. 


Thus, Rainstorm Studio, at that time, was seeking an A2Z solution to infuse the B2B site with full B2B functionalities. 


This desire had connected them with BSS B2B full package. Seeing that our solution has high quality at a competitive price point, the agency decided to install our B2B features into their client’s site. 

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Minor Customization Needed In the Process of Magento 2 B2B Installation

The story doesn’t end here. The installation witnessed small conflicts between B2B extensions and modules from other vendors. However, the agency contacted us in time, so BSS’s support agents and developers quickly handled the problem to dispatch a completely compatible result.

“There were quite a few conflicts between the BSS B2B packages with the other vendors’ extensions, however, BSS fixed pretty fast.” – Paul Tran, the Customer Support from Rainstorm Studio. 

Moreover, since their client expected a speedy and firm online store to streamline their negotiation procedures and transactions, Rainstorm Studio company had requested some minor customization services from our product department. Along with that, the agency had to modify a little of the Fast Order CSS to match the entire site layout.


Rainstorm Studio Successfully Delivered a Reliable Website to Their Client

After a dedicated period of building a fundamental website for their client, Rainstorm Studio had succeeded in equipping the site with essential B2B capabilities. Now, thanks to the perfect combination of the agency expertise and BSS Magento 2 B2B features’ assistance, the site wears a user-friendly appearance and fastens the purchase process of dealers, which thereby reduces the cart abandonment cases and increases customer satisfaction.


Moreover, Magento 2 B2B extensions have assisted in reducing the development time and costs of the agency and enhancing the effectiveness of their results.


“The B2B extensions did help a lot. (Add Multiple Products to cart with just some clicks; Create an order fast with Fast Order, …).”


Our B2B Full Package Also Matches Agencies’ Demands

If you’ve consulted our last case study on B2B business performance in 2020, you may know that the proportion of agencies and store owners who have purchased our B2B solution are 45% and 55% respectively. 


It proves that BSS Magento 2 wholesale extensions are appreciated by developers with a good deal of expertise in technical matters and modules. Especially when they install a whole B2B solution for their clients’ site, they have to put the quality at a higher priority than ever. 


We’ve added up crucial extensions into our Magento 2 B2B package to cover entire buying journey of typical wholesale customers. Our solution allows you to restrict access to private categories and valuable content, simplify your corporate data management, hone b2B pricing strategies, quicken purchase and checkout process, satisfy post-purchase stage, and raise customer retention.


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