[Case Study] Frameless Hardware Company Use BSS Magento 2 B2B Package to Sharpen Their Site

by Librah Do

The glazing supply company has succeeded in renovating their Magento 2 B2B web store and enhancing customer experience on their site with BSS B2B/ Wholesale Package. 


(Purchase time: 24/7/2019)


“The extensions are a vital part of our ecommerce store, and are used daily” – Arturo, FHC representative –

FHC with A Desire to Streamline UX on B2B Site 

Their path to BSS B2B Package stems from the nature of FHC business and the vision that has been set since they started to build a Magento 2 B2B site. Let’s see who FHC is!

SKIM THROUGH Magento 2 B2B features to define what your online wholesale business lacks. 

FHC stands for Frameless Hardware Company. It’s an American-based corporation specializing in manufacturing and supplying products to the glass, glazing, and fenestration industries. 


Coming to their site, you can seek almost all the products you expect for a glass hardware supplier, such as frameless shower doors, commercial storefronts, architectural railings, and transaction windows. 


Realizing the potential of eCommerce business, FHC developers started to build a B2B site to reach more customers and expand their brand awareness. And, they chose Magento as the foundation for their website operation. 


The company always wants to ensure the smoothest experience for people navigating on the site, which is a prerequisite for long-distance growth and increased customer engagement. FHC’s strong passion was the first fire that sparked the idea of finding a comprehensive solution for their online Magento 2 B2B glass store.

In-house Developers Noticed Default Magento’s Limitations 

Functioning a B2B business on the Magento platform, FHC developers perceived default drawbacks in no time. Frankly, the Magento Open Source does have some Magento 2 B2B features; however, it lacks various crucial functions for a true wholesale business. So, if you want to build an online business, it takes a fortune to move to Magento Commerce.


As for FHC, the journey of building a Magento 2 B2B online store was quite challenging. 


First, we all admitted that the conversion fee wasn’t cheap, while most B2B businesses were struggling to weigh, measure, and minimize the operation cost. 

Second, every industry had a unique business nature, so the glass hardware supplier didn’t plan to use the full features of Magento Commerce. 

Last but not least, there might be an extra fee on the B2B implementation process.


Buying Magento’s whole suite wouldn’t make sense for the price. The company recognized Magento Open Source didn’t offer B2B functionality by default, while they craved for quickly creating a B2B site that could meet client needs and streamline the wholesale customer flow. 


The demand for saving time and money had motivated the Frameless Hardware Company to do market research and discovered the Magento 2 B2B Package of BSS Commerce. Finally, they decided to purchase our extensions on July 24th, 2019. 


JUMP INTO B2B extension Magento 2 to know why it’s a comprehensive solution for B2B stores. 


Our expert reconnected with FHC a year later to explore further reasons they picked BSS Package over many other modules on the market. The glass hardware vendor commented that our straightforward content and high-quality extensions were the main factors stimulating them to put confidence in BSS Commerce.


Not only that, but they also gave a brilliant compliment that BSS built extensions to cover almost everything to serve the flourishing of their online B2B site. FHC preferred attaching to only one extension source instead of using products from several places, and BSS succeeded in gaining their loyalty.


“Very easy to use. There are useful guides for each extension, and the changelogs are very useful so that we know what to expect from updates.”

Arturo, FHC representative –                                                         

Their B2B Site Requires More Than What’s Available 

However, serving wholesale needs has never been an easy task. Running a Magento 2 B2B business requires FHC to change their site frontend and backend in a more personalized and relevant way to their industry and targeted audience.


Any solution kits available on the market at that time needed to be adjusted to meet the individual demands of specific companies entirely.


Regarding the FHC case, the glass hardware supplier served a wide variety of customers, including glass stores, individual contractors, and many more. Every customer is a unique case, and FHC’s sales
strategies fluctuate with the diverse pool of customers they serve. Usually, the more you buy, the better the price you’ll get.


Besides custom price requirements, FHC also prioritized a set of B2B solutions where extensions were compatible and mutually complementary to deliver the most accurate information to their customers.


In addition, while using BSS B2B extensions, they generated some customization needs to suit their website’s orientation better. 

BSS Supports FHC Webstore in Smoothing UX 

After collecting customization requests from FHC developers, BSS had coordinated professional support agents and developers to tailor our module function to their specific needs.


We checked and validated the problem of the FHC site, then customized functions to meet their requirements. The glass hardware supplier asked us to rewrite some features of Magento 2 B2B Registration, Customer Attribute, Request for Quote, and Credit Limit customization.


Once we’d done the customization process with a dedicated effort of our developing & support team, FHC was able to operate the site smoothly and simplify their B2B customer data management process. And the most important thing was, the wholesale customers’ experience on the site had become more satisfactory without any constraint.


Magento 2 B2B Registration Form on FHC site


Magento 2 Hide Price feature on FHC site

Save Time, Money, and Efforts with BSS B2B Package

Now, after more than 1 year of operating a Magento 2 B2B site integrated with BSS Package, the FHC team has been able to take full control of their site performance, manage wholesale customers/orders more effectively, and provide precise information for their customer groups.


In particular, they have achieved their great goal that is a seamless customer experience, thereby improving professionalism and engagement. Thanks to BSS personalization support, Frameless Hardware Company has succeeded in reforming an advanced B2B website that helps perfect UX, optimizes wholesale management, and retains more customers.


The innovative application of Magento 2 wholesale extensions to their store, combined with high-quality glass hardware products, has facilitated FHC to perfect their custom price strategies, raise customers’ delight, and widen brand awareness.

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Your Business Future Lies In Your Hand

Proudly, BSS is a pioneer in developing and launching a B2B/ Wholesale Package solution to create the perfect choice for those who want to use premium extensions at a reasonable price point.


During the operation process, products are continually being improved to stick more closely with B2B buyer personas. Since its release, B2B Package’s features have followed wholesale customer journey to ensure an online shopping experience as professional and pleasant as buying directly in-store.


Actions ranging from approach steps, such as forcing customers to sign in, creating B2B registration forms, fast order, hide rice, B2B quote (negotiation), to the close-the-deal stage; all of them are covered in the BSS solution.


FHC has tried and reached their goals. What are you waiting for?


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