[Case Study] BSS Magento 2 B2B Module Usage – 2020 Sum-up

by Librah Do

Wonder if you need a B2B solution for your website or not? Curious about BSS Magento 2 B2B module quality? To address all those queries, we compile a descriptive report on BSS Magento 2 B2B Package’s purchase fact as a recap of our 2020 operation.


This case study will put emphasis on the statistics of wholesale businesses who have trusted and bought our B2B full package and explore deeper into the reasons that motivate merchants to choose our solution. If you’re on the road to seek a trustworthy B2B eCommerce solution, then let’s soak up this study to help you make a better decision! 


* Small note: The information was collected from the BSS sales department, and below assumptions were drawn by our analysis of purchase patterns.  

An Approach to BSS B2B Package for Magento 2

This section is for anyone who finds it hard to understand the logic of our Magento 2 B2B package. Amid a forest of Magento 2 B2B extensions on the market, B2B full package by BSS stands out as the industry-leading solution that enables your Magento B2B website to encompass all the actions of corporate customers in their shopping cycle. 


Our solution offers complete Magento 2 B2B features that match perfectly with the touchpoints of the whole purchase flow. We arm your website with vital weapons to optimize the user experience, deliver B2B personalization, sharpen your pricing strategies, fasten order placement process and monitor the post-purchase stage. 

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Magento 2 B2B Extension Flow

At the first approach, there would be some products or categories that can’t be shown to all audiences. Thus, Magento 2 B2B module included in the package allows you to apply access restrictions to specific categories and pages, which will help prevent stalkers from stealing your valuable content and minimize customer confusion. 


Once being blocked, customers will have to sign in or sign up to view what they’re looking for. BSS B2B package consists of features to collect as much register information as possible through a self-designed Magento 2 B2B registration form. Then, the admin user can leverage available extensions, such as Company Account and Sales Rep, to simplify the customer data management.  


Next, we do include Magento 2 B2B modules that increase the efficiency of your wholesale pricing process. For instance, you can hide prices or tailor different prices of the same product to different customer groups. More than that, the request for quote feature assists you in the negotiation procedure and raises the success rate of sealing the deals. 


Also, because B2B customers usually place large order volumes, features like Quick Order form or Add multiple products to cart will fasten the order placement and checkout process. Along with that, Magento 2 B2B Package can ensure smooth interval purchase plans and repeated orders of corporate customers by offering multiple wishlists and reorder capabilities. 


Last but not least, even when clients claim a refund, which has never been a positive experience, our solution can soothe that dissatisfaction with the store credit functionality. Specifically, you can grant store credits, a kind of virtual coins, to the customer account, which can be used for the next purchase.       


CHECK Magento 2 B2B extension category to find all needed tools that cover business needs. 

BSS Magento 2 B2B Package Purchase Statistics

General Statistics of B2B Purchase Volume

Since the New Year is coming, BSS analysts have researched and released end-of-2020 summaries based on sales records. For anyone wondering about too many options for a Magento 2 B2B solution, you should carefully read our case study to see why other businesses trust BSS Commerce B2B products.


Calculated on our investigation sample, the average order value reaches approximately $776. As you may know, our Magento 2 B2B Package has changed its selling method, divided into 4 pricing plans with the addition of above-bar Magento 2 B2B extensions to serve more specific needs.


Prominent Numbers:
  • 85% of websites using our Magento 2 B2B modules are small and medium enterprises.
  • The peak months with the largest purchases of B2B extensions are February and July. We anticipate that this may be the time when storeowners want to develop a better site to prepare for the festive season.


  • Surprisingly, customers using the BSS B2B solution operate in a wide variety of industries, ranging from fashion, food to technology, and machinery. This shows the versatility of our package. The compatibility between Magento 2 B2B extensions with popular themes such as Fastest, Infinit, Porto has enabled all kinds of websites to operate effectively and attractively.

VISIT Magento 2 B2B Website to contemplate the way your site will be displayed on famous themes.

  • Furthermore, our 2020 witnesses the highest volume of Magento 2 B2B module usage coming from the United States and Australia. Specifically, the number of buyers from the two countries is equal, accounting for 11% of the total revenue, followed closely by the United Kingdom with 8%.


  • On the other hand, the sales volume experienced a downward trend in some countries such as Brazil, Greece (occupying just over 1% of total B2B customers). Some reasons that can be mentioned here: companies in these countries rarely build sites, or our products haven’t been able to reach many potential customers in this market.

Our certified developers, sales reps, business analysts, and marketing departments have constantly been researching the market demands to improve product quality to suit different regions and territories.


  • The proportion of merchants and agencies using our B2B full package remains quite balanced, namely 55% for the former and 45% for the latter. This number proves our extension has won the trust of even those developers who have a technical and in-depth assessment eye, to the point where they install our module to their client’s site.
  • The percentage of B2B purchases accounts for the total revenue of BSS in 2020: As BSS Commerce lies among pioneering providers of B2B solutions, our Magento 2 B2B Package occupies more than 20% of total company revenue, becoming products spearhead in our business line. Thanks to the great potential in terms of both technological value and profit, we continuously invest a lot of brainpower in perfecting our wholesale extensions. For example, recently, our project team has developed and officially launched the Magento 2 Price Per Customer module to meet the vast demand of merchants.
Platform Changes
  • 54% of our wholesale customers chose BSS Magento 2 B2B modules to convert their store from M1 to M2.
  • Meanwhile, a considerable number of websites, which functioned on giant platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Preta, Vtex, WooCommerce, and so on, picked our products and services to shift to Magento 2. This group took up approximately 46% of the total, which shows an upward trend of transformation from other platforms to Magento. Frankly, when getting bigger to some extent, B2B businesses tend to seek a stable and compact platform like Magento to operate their site efficiently. It proves that Magento stands among top platforms that offer diverse B2B solution choices for merchants in the community to serve every kind of customer needs.
  • Depending on which industry the merchant’s on, they will install a suitable Magento 2 B2B theme for their website. Nevertheless, there were still some favorite themes in our sales data. For instance, a majority of BSS B2B customers used custom Luma theme. Moreover, other noticeable themes in the purchase list we can name here are Porto, Pearl, Athlete2 – Olegnax, Fastest, Infinit, and Unero.

NAVIGATE to Magento 2 B2B website and TRY the demo if you’re curious about how your site looks like on Porto, Infinit, and Fastest themes. 

Case Study Request

By the way, our B2B team always strives to tailor B2B products to the actual customers’ desire, so we would like to receive information about the usage of our extensions from beloved customers. 


If you want to share the story about how our Magento 2 B2B modules have contributed to the development of your site, then don’t hesitate to request a case study with us here. We would be more than happy to share your business story with the community, which supports conveying your business image to a wider audience.

REFER to FHC Case Study to know how your success story will look like on our page. 

Primary Goals that Lead Merchants to Magento 2 B2B Extensions

Although each business aims for different development goals, we could still group various goals into main categories as follows:

  • Unify B2C & B2B customer experience;
  • Expand the brand to global scope;
  • Ensure personalization;
  • Simplify B2B management;
  • Streamline user navigation.

Top Reasons Customers Choose Us Over Our Competitors

You know, there is a jungle of Magento 2 B2B solution providers out there; thus, it’s hard for merchants to choose the best fit for their online store. Our customers set up a range of criteria to make the right judgment of available Magento 2 B2B modules. Honorably, a majority of B2B site owners claimed that high-quality products are the main reason that motivated them to pick BSS, followed by our dedicated support service. Besides, we list here some other reasons suggested by our customers:

  • High-quality products;
  • Competitive price;
  • Full B2B features;
  • Easy-to-understand content (Product descriptions);
  • Attractive design (Easy navigation);
  • Recommended by other people;
  • Timely support.


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