6 Things To Make You Enable One Page Checkout Magento 2 Better

If you enable one page checkout Magento 2, your purchasing process will be more convenient for your clients. Learn what a proper one-page checkout is, the advantages, and how to make your single-page checkout successful.

As people shop digitally, more businesses are shifting to eCommerce stores each year. Thus, eCommerce stores must offer an online experience that is pleasurable, convenient, and efficient for customers from browsing to checkout, rather than filling shelves and constructing aisles.

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Enable One Page Checkout Magento 2: Pros & Cons


Increased conversion rate

According to credible research, “long and complicated checkout” ranks fifth among the top ten causes of eCommerce cart abandonment. You may improve your company’s total sales if you enable one page checkout Magento 2. You’ll see a significant increase in completed forms after allowing your consumers to make their purchases on a single checkout page.

Getelastic used A/B testing to compare the user-friendliness of their one page checkout to their traditional one. As a result of using a single checkout page, their revenues climbed by 21.8 percent. Even though this figure is outstanding, it should be remembered that the outcomes will vary based on your product or business.

Improved processing speed


On the other hand, people tend to become frustrated when it comes to getting what they want at the checkout counter. If the long and slow checkout process, your consumers’ experience will become frustrated. As a result, speed is crucial!

The good news is that, as compared to multi-page checkout, a single checkout page can cut the time it takes to place an order in half. In terms of marketing, we must make significant efforts to capture the attention of buyers, yet they can alter their thoughts in a flash. Getting them through this procedure as soon as feasible is critical!

Increased site stability

If we take a snapshot of today’s purchasing experience, we can see that individuals develop an idea, research it online, and decide while using their smartphone anywhere, anytime. In the second half of 2020, 79% of smartphone users placed orders online using their phones. With the growing importance of mobile eCommerce, you must ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

The time it takes for a page to load on a mobile device might range from a few seconds to a minute. Buyers may expect to spend up to 5 minutes filling out details to receive their purchases if there are several checkout pages. Many people will give up before reaching that amount, as you might imagine!

Improved client satisfaction

The happier your customers are, the more likely they will return to your site. People like items that are convenient to them psychologically. Simple checkout has shown to be effective. Many major retailers have chosen to enable one page checkout Magento 2.


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Long-scrolling page

If you try to fit too much content on a single page, you’ll end up with an infinite scrolling page. One page checkouts are only helpful if you only have a small amount of information to display. Otherwise, your clients will be puzzled by the site’s never-ending scrolling, resulting in a higher rate of abandoned shopping carts. Whether you opt for a single-page checkout or not, the goal is always to provide a pleasant buying experience.

Analytical challenges

Analyzing websites is crucial for many business owners. However, because a single URL now incorporates various content, it has become more complex.

When you use multi-page, it’s simple to track funnel data, which shows where your clients leave. One page checkout complicates data processing, making the information gathered less accurate. As a result, analysts will have difficulty determining the causes and motives for cart abandonment to make improvements.

Slow page loading speed

It may appear to be contradictory. Though the one page solution reduces total checkout load time, the time to load that single page may increase. A single-page checkout may not be the best option if you have a lot of information to pack into the procedure. As a result, before any formal launch, you should enable one page checkout Magento 2 demo on both PC and mobile devices.

One Page Checkout Vs. One-Click Checkout

One-click checkout, unlike one page checkout, allows customers to finish their transaction with just one click. Customers must submit their address and payment information and save it for later use for this to happen. This approach intends to reduce the times clients spend checking out, increasing store income.

Furthermore, one-click purchases may be very advantageous for the hospitality industry. As you might expect, a restaurant’s table turnover rate (and thus its profit) can be improved simply by implementing a speedier payment option.

Amazon, which held the patent for one-click checkout until September 2017, is an example of how to make the most of the quick-buy feature. Customers’ behavior was affected by this large retailer’s ability to buy instantly from any product page after signing in.


However, one-click checkout also has more significant risks. One of the most challenging difficulties for eCommerce firms is risk management. A quick-buy button, as we all know, allows shoppers to purchase an item immediately without going through any additional authentication steps (you saved your card details before). It means that anyone can make rapid transactions using your phone, even if they don’t have your card or bank account details. 

As a result, before deploying single-click checkout, double-check that your company’s industry allows for speedy purchases and that your fraud protection system can detect suspicious transactions.

How To Efficiently Enable One Page Checkout Magento 2 

Actively update order summary and pricing during checkout.

Throughout the checkout process, the order summary and pricing data are updated to offer the user the most relevant, up-to-date payment information. Giving users the most up-to-date payment information will keep them in the checkout process and help them complete the transaction.

Include the final price in the last CTA.

Payment and checkout should be your final – and most conspicuous – CTA. When incorporating this call to action, ensure there isn’t anything else on the page that will distract the user or direct them elsewhere. Concentrate your efforts at this stage on completing the sale.

When asking consumers to click their final CTA and finish their payment, provide the final price (which should include all taxes and other costs). Ensure that duplicate submission are disabled once they click the CTA to prevent numerous orders from being submitted by mistake.

Reduce the number of fields on the form and shorten the lengths


Limiting the number of mandatory checkout form fields keeps checkout times low and guarantees that users are not bogged down throughout the payment process. Every field you remove from the checkout process saves time for paying clients and increases revenue.

You want form fields to be sized according to the requested information and minimize the number of form fields. The length of your postal code entry field does not have to be as long as the length of an address field. To maintain the checkout smooth and efficient, control the size and quantity of the form fields. Keep the labels directly above the form field where information is needed to make scanning and entering data in the form as simple as possible.

Mobile-friendly first

Customers have changed their buying habits to mobile devices as eCommerce has grown in popularity. Any online checkout experience should be mobile-friendly in today’s market, running quickly and effortlessly on a mobile device.

Providing a responsive design is vital for keeping your platform available to all users, whether your core audience is on desktop or mobile.

Essential one page checkout Magento 2 visuals to include

Optimizing a checkout entails following best practices and concepts and customizing it to your eCommerce store and consumers’ demands. There are five essential aspects to each checkout.

Less is more generally; keep it straightforward while still appealing and intuitive. You want the experience to be appealing and represent your brand’s style.

There are five key visuals you should include to enable one page checkout Magento 2:

  • Items count
  • Product information
  • Checkout summary
  • Note or special request


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Alternatives To One Page Checkout For Your Magento 2 Store

If you enable one page checkout Magento 2 by default setup, it will have some limitations. You can still use third-party extensions to add a single-page checkout to your Magento store if you want to break through default limitations.

One Page Checkout is a Magento 2 feature that streamlines the checkout process by combining three processes into one page. It’s a handy feature for improving the checkout process.


This extension can cut your checkout time in half and help you hit a new conversion rate high. Encourage customers to complete their orders by keeping them focused on your checkout page without distractions.

Moreover, the Magento 2 One Page Checkout was created with the most basic settings in mind. The module will handle all of the logic, and all you have to do is answer Yes/No to the configuration questions!

In addition, you have the freedom to incorporate the page’s color into your brand identity. This will ensure that your website, as well as your clients and your business, are connected.

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