9 Reasons Why Your Magento 2 One Page Checkout Doesn’t Work

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The checkout page is unquestionably one of the most important pages on any eCommerce website. It is where the customers decide whether to purchase the product or not.

According to a report, about 60% of online shoppers will leave your online store even if they have enough money and are ready to buy if the checkout process is too long and complicated.

That’s why almost all eCommerce websites set up a one-page checkout to simplify the checkout process and reduce the cart abandonment rate. 

However, if you already set up the default Magento 2 One Page Checkout, but it still seems like your checkout experience isn’t good enough, then don’t worry. We are here to help.

In this article, we will talk about why your Magento 2 one page checkout doesn’t work that your checkout page might have and how to solve them to increase the conversion rate in your store.

Let’s get started!

What Is Magento 2 One Page Checkout


Magento 2 One Page Checkout (also known as one-step checkout) refers to the checkout that is completed using a single form on one single page. It gathers all of the order information, such as shipping and billing addresses, order total, product details, payment methods and shipping options on one page.

It is the opposite of multi-step checkout, which is the checkout that is divided into many steps (usually 3 to 5 steps).

The aim of one-page checkout is to get the customer through the checkout process as simply and quickly as possible. As a result, store owners can sell more.

Enable One Page Checkout Magento 2: Pros & Cons


Increased conversion rate

According to credible research, “long and complicated checkout” ranks fifth among the top ten causes of eCommerce cart abandonment. You’ll see a significant increase in completed forms after allowing your consumers to make their purchases on a single checkout page.

Getelastic used A/B testing to compare the user-friendliness of their one-page checkout to their traditional one. As a result of using a single checkout page, their revenues climbed by 21.8 percent. Even though this figure is outstanding, it should be remembered that the outcomes will vary based on your product or business.

Improved processing speed


On the other hand, people tend to become frustrated when it comes to getting what they want at the checkout process. If the long and slow checkout process, your consumers’ experience will become frustrated. 

The good news is that, as compared to multi-page checkout, a single checkout page can cut the time it takes to place an order in half. In terms of marketing, we must make significant efforts to capture the attention of buyers, yet they can alter their thoughts in a flash. Getting them through this procedure as soon as feasible is critical!

Increased site stability

If we take a snapshot of today’s purchasing experience, we can see that individuals develop an idea, research it online, and decide while using their smartphone anywhere, anytime. In the second half of 2020, 79% of smartphone users placed orders online using their phones. With the growing importance of mobile eCommerce, you must ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

The time it takes for a page to load on a mobile device might range from a few seconds to a minute. Buyers may expect to spend up to 5 minutes filling out details to receive their

purchases if there are several checkout pages. Many people will give up before reaching that amount, as you might imagine!

Improved client satisfaction

The happier your customers are, the more likely they will return to your site. People like items that are convenient to them psychologically. Simple checkout has shown to be effective. Many major retailers have chosen to enable one-page checkout Magento 2.



Long-scrolling page

If you try to fit too much content on a single page, you’ll end up with an infinite scrolling page. One-page checkouts are only helpful if you only have a small amount of information to display. Otherwise, your clients will be puzzled by the site’s never-ending scrolling, resulting in a higher rate of abandoned shopping carts. 

Analytical challenges

Analyzing websites is crucial for many business owners. However, because a single URL now incorporates various content, it has become more complex.

When you use multi-page, it’s simple to track funnel data, which shows where your clients leave. One-page checkout complicates data processing, making the information gathered less accurate. As a result, analysts will have difficulty determining the causes and motives for cart abandonment to make improvements.

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9 Biggest Mistakes Of Magento One Page Checkout


Despite the fact that one-page checkout is the most optimized checkout method right now, a lot of store owners still make some mistakes during the one-step checkout phase and lose customers.

Those mistakes are:

1. Advertising. Searching and choosing products are very exhausting. If you show advertising messages or banners with other attractive products at the last step, you are risking pushing your potential customer to go back to searching and choosing. And they might not return to the checkout page any time soon.

2. Polls and questions. The checkout page is not the right place to ask feedback or some marketing questions such as “How did you know about us?” Don’t disturb your customers with questions that are not related to their purchases.

3. Creating an account. Some store owners require guests to create an account to finish their purchase. This is a big mistake because creating an account includes many steps and fields for filling out. Such extra work and distractions will only increase the cart abandonment rate.

If you want to ask new customers to create an account, you should ask them after the payment is completed. 

4. No auto-fill. You should reduce the manual fill as much as possible for your customers. For example, after the postal code is entered, the location should be identified automatically.

Another thing is that, in most cases, the shipping and billing addresses are similar. You should configure the checkout page to automatically fill out the shipping address field after the billing address field or provide the customer with a special button to do it.


5. Unexpected extra cost. Imagine a customer finds something they like and is ready to pay only to find out that the delivery service costs extra money. It will be the worst feeling ever.

If your delivery service is not free, you should show the fee in the search process. Do not keep a secret about additional costs. For example, if the delivery service is more expensive during the holidays, inform customers about the real costs for delivery at the searching phase, not the checkout process.

6. Hint about special deals for other customers. If you suggest special prices for some special buyer groups, you will push away customers who have no rights to those offers.

Better to remove those fields and only make them visible to customers who can use those special deals.

7. Shortage payment methods. It is a huge disappointment when a customer wants to buy but can’t purchase because there is no way to pay. 

There is a strict requirement that all popular payment methods should be supported on your online store. 

Also, note that customers will leave the checkout page if your payment fees are higher than common fees or higher than they expect.

8. No one-page checkout mobile version. Nowadays, most eCommerce activities happen on mobile devices. Don’t forget to optimize your checkout experience on mobile devices too.


9. Limitations of default Magento 2 One Page Checkout. The Magento 2 has simplified the checkout process, but it is still not ideal.

Even though they called it the one-page checkout, it actually is a 2-step checkout, which means it is not organized neatly and smartly. Customers have to go back and forth to change their shipping information and preferences.

Besides, the default Magento checkout design isn’t good-looking, which can lead to cart abandonment.

More than that, it doesn’t allow customers to create an account on the checkout page. 

And another big drawback is that it doesn’t provide customization options.


In this article, we have talked about all mistakes to avoid in your checkout process. We hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you!

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