Full Magento 2 One Page Checkout Tutorial: All 3 Ways

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Full Magento 2 One Page Checkout Tutorial: All 3 Ways

If you’re here, you’ve already chosen the Magento Onepage Checkout display over the multi-page one. Congratulations! You nailed the 1st step, but it’s more critical for you to discover ways to optimize your Magento checkout sector. 


LET’S ANSWER one and for all: Should or shouldn’t we use One Step Checkout for Magento.

Shrinking down the checkout is a reasonably inexpensive method to maximize your conversion rate. Granted, you can do it 100% free with the default setting, and we’ll show you how to achieve it.


However, One Page Checkout Magento 2 default has short-comings written all over it. From the limited options to customize to the lack of boosting agents for the fill-in process, the default setting is screaming for an extension to glow up.

I. How to Create a One Page Checkout in Magento 2?

1. Default Magento 2 One Page Checkout Tutorial


1.1. The Default Set Up

Here is how you enable one-page checkout:

Go to Store →Configuration→ Sales→ Checkout to start configuring.


magento 2 one page checkout tutorial default option


In Checkout Options, you set Yes to Enable Onepage Checkout. 


Finally, you click Save Config and check the result on the frontend.


1.2. Limitations of Magento Default Checkout

Magento Onepage Checkout default setting leaves a lot to be desired. 


The disappointing display:

First of all, despite calling itself One Page Checkout for Magento 2, it’s actually a 2-step process – Shipping and Review & Payments.




UPDATE YOURSELF >>> All about Checkout in Magento 2 to understand more about default settings.


If you think you can have a compact display in which every step of the checkout process gets organized neatly and smartly, you’ll be disappointed. The counter-argument that can be made here is that the progression bar is a good indicator of the checkout process.


In fact, these two steps are conditionally tied to each other. Customers can only see the Review & Payments step once they finish filling in the Shipping block.


Noted, this layout will transfer to a truly one step display when there are virtual/downloadable products in the customers’ carts. Because in this case, we don’t need customers’ shipping information for the order to process.


User-unfriendly Design:

Your customers will have to switch back and forth to change their shipping information and preferences. Besides, the list of textboxes to check and fill can appear to be tedious, which results in your buyers drop their shopping carts (cart abandonment.)


Moreover, here are two major lackluster within the default Magento 2 one step checkout:


Lack of account supports: You can’t allow your customer to create a new account on the default Magento checkout page. Customers either get back to the shopping cart or wait after checking out to make one.


Lack of customization options: Customers love being in charge and be able to tweak their orders. However, the Magento Onepage Checkout Magento option doesn’t support that.

That’s why it’s more common for a shop owner to install an extension to elevate the basicness of this default.


In all fairness, designing a Magento checkout page is a nightmare. With all the balls of needed information in the air, it’s hard to juggle. However, we can count on other alternative custom modules to elevate the checkout design. 


2.  Customize Magento 2 One Page Checkout Tutorial By Coding

Let’s color your checkout process using coding! But before that, remember:

magento one page checkout

It's not ideal to edit the default Magento code, the best way to add in customization to spice up your checkout is through a custom module.

2.1 List of possible customizations


Magento has provided several resources to help you personalize the checkout process. Here is the list of available options and direct links to the solution:


2.2. Limitations of Magento 2 One Page Checkout by Coding


Even though I started this section by the warning that you shouldn’t edit the default Magento code, edit the custom code is also dangerous.

magento 2 one page checkout tutorial by coding short coming
Courtesy of Edoardo Mercati

This is because your code based is inter-linked, which means they all connect to each other. One flaw in the set up can lead to fatal consequences regarding your revenue and your site in general.


Not to mention, you need to have a decent knowledge of coding language as well as structured data. If not, the price for hiring a developer is also a burden.


In conclusion, this one is not an optimized solution in case you want a customized checkout layout.


3.  Magento 2 One Step Checkout By Third Party Providers

Unlike 2 previous option of Magento 2 one step checkout, an extension by a 3rd-party provider is the most effective route to take in this case. Here why:


Understand the demand for checkout customization, there are countless modules/add-ons on the Magento Marketplace. One search for “one step checkout” and you get a whopping 172 results.

magento 2 one page checkout tutorial to find the best extension


CONSULT the ultimate Magento 2 One Step Checkout extensions list – free and paid.

As you can see, the large market has led to the diversification of this type of module. You can easily find the one that fits your business the best in terms of budget as well as features.


II. Best-Valued Magento 2 Onepage Checkout Extension

enable onepage checkout

Let’s NOW DISCOVER how Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension improves the customer experience.

1. Cohesive Magento Onepage Checkout Layout


With One Step Checkout Magento Extension, shipping address, shipping method, payment method, and order summary are filled and presented the space of one single page.




As can be seen, all the blocks of information are being presented in order and in style (which can be personalized). It makes the Magento checkout page appear more eye-pleasing and attention-grabbing that encourages customers to finalize their orders.


2. Auto-detect Address Based on Google API


Filling order faster is the whole point of One Page Checkout Magento. Customers will receive the suggestion to complete their address powered by Google. Shipping costs, shipping methods, and payment methods will then happen automatically.


magento 2 one page checkout tutorial run down


3. Personalize and Stylize Checkout page to a T


Your Checkout Magento 2 page can now be modified to fulfill your every single need. The checkout page is a real estate and this module works as a brilliant broker to guide you with creating and placing other add-ons.


customize magento 2 one page checkout tutorial


You can also solidify the reliability of your brand by creating and showing a trust badge at will using a widget. Sky’s the limit – you have the freedom to display anything you want with this Magento Onepage Checkout Extension.




4. Delivery Date and Message Supports


In the frontend, your customers can modify their delivery date and comment freely. For the shop owner that you are, you can monitor and check this information in the backend.




5. Synchronize With Default Magento Payment Methods


The four common payment options in Magento – Paypal, Braintree, Authorize.net, Credit Card, are supported in this extension. It’s also compatible with Stripe, giving customers a range of payment options to choose and finalize their purchases.




6. Mass Action Supports


Here is the list of bonus actions that you can give to your customers while checking out.

  • Create an account right on the Magento checkout page
  • Edit product quantity and go to the product page by clicking the product name
  • Enter discount code in the discount code box
  • Add an order comment
  • Subscribe to receive newsletters




STILL HESITATE? >>> Then check 3 reasons to install our Magento Onepage Checkout.


The gift option is a particularly personalize-focused add-on in this One Page Checkout Magento Extension. Customers can leave a message for the receiver as well as request wrap with a small fee that you can change in the backend.



7. Responsive Magento 2 One Page Checkout


By installing Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension (or Magento 2 One Page Checkout extension), your site not only has a faster checkout page but also gets a responsive Checkout Magento 2 one.



Regardless of devices, your customers receive the shamelessly smooth experience with this One Step Checkout Magento 2 Extension.


8. High Compatibility Rate With Other Modules 




Should a module NEED to WORK WELL with other Magento checkout extensions?

Of course. Applying a module that does not compatible with others is wasting time and money.


Magento Onepage Checkout extension for 2.x can run seamlessly with:

  • Reward Points, Store Credit: to increase customer lifetime value with a reward and credit system on the checkout page.
  • Customer Attributes, Checkout Custom Field: to gather customer leads to develop and complete your business buyer personas.
  • Order Delivery Date: to allow customers to personalize their shipping.
  • Pre-select Shipping/Payment: to speed up and smooth down the checkout flow through the pre-setting method of shipping and payment in the back end.
  • Checkout Success Page: to celebrate customers’ purchases on your website with a stunning, brand awareness-focused checkout page.Backend-Demo

III. More reasons to pick Magento 2 One Page Checkout Module


As mentioned before, choosing a type of check out page is one thing – the more critical step is to personalize the page to your own business. So why a one-step checkout extension is a must for your Magento 2 store? 


The default is excellent, but it is restricted and limited with options and personalization opportunities. With One Page Checkout Magento 2 extension, checkout becomes much faster, simpler, and more personal than ever before. 


All of these features help not only improve user experience but also reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase conversion rates for business. It pleases your customers and satisfies your needs as a shop owner.


To put it in short, these are three reasons why you want to install the One Page Checkout Magento 2:


Outstanding features for both customers and shop owners



This extension is developed with both customers and shop owners in mind. Customers want fewer hoops to jump through, and shop owners want better conversion results. And the key is center in the checkout, not the cart. 


68% of online shopping behavior stops at the checkout page. On average, it takes at least five clicks to complete a purchase, and that’s with the smartphone everyone has. Data also need to be filled in due to the lack of synchronizations and suggestions. 


And that’s just somewhat of 39 potential rooms for improvement of the checkout process in the online world. Shorten and stylize your Checkout Magento 2 page is the way to go – it ensures your long-run growth through a higher rate of UX.


All of the mentioned functions contribute to making a complete Checkout Magento 2 page. They are enough for customers to make payments and place orders faster. Compared to the default checkout process, they are much more advanced and bring customers new shopping experience with many conveniences. 


According to Baymard, 35% of the average conversion rate increases from better checkout design, and this figure is possible in the case of leading Fortune 500 companies. Therefore, you can believe that Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension will improve your checkout performance and drive better results about conversion rates and sales.


The price is right, and the quality is high


You get a bang for your bucks with the Magento One Page Checkout extension. With the list of features presented in II, the venture into checkout customization is more comfortable and more affordable than ever.


We understand the demand for a cost-effective solution, and we do everything in our power to offer it to you. However, providing an extension at such a price does not mean we develop a product with low quality.


competitive price


This extension is the effort of the whole developer team who have Magento certificates and are experienced in building Magento extensions for many years. We always make sure to provide high-qualified modules that can limit problems or conflicts. If there is an issue, we will quickly solve it as soon as possible.


The policies are top-notch

Your ever-changing business needs a viable solution, and we’re doing exactly that. 


When purchasing One Page Checkout Magento 2 from BSS Commerce, you are free to get free installation in case you are not developers or Information Technology experts. You also receive free 1-year support during the time of installing and using this extension. 




When you have any troubles, bugs, or conflicts in the first year of using the Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension, shoot us a message. Our support team will immediately receive, listen to your problems, discuss with together, and come up with suitable solutions for totally FREE. 


Besides, 30-day money-back is also a very fair refund policy for every customer in specific cases. Such systems tell customers that we always stay beside them to bring the best solution to their business. 


This is a reason why 90% of customers feel very satisfied when working with BSSCommerce, and 50% of customers come back to our store to purchase other extensions.


IV. In conclusion

As can be seen from our blog post, One Page Checkout Magento 2 option is the saving grace of your business, and UX is the key to proper advance your conversion rate. 


We believe that all the above reasons will help you have a brighter look at our extension and our strengths to guarantee the best service for your store. The choice depends on you, but your success with Magento Onepage Checkout for 2.x extension is our happiness.


About BSS Commerce:

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