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FREE PWA Add-on Magento 2 – Enhance Your Customers Experience

Each experience on the website is a factor that impacts customers’ purchase decisions. There are a dozen reasons why customers deny placing an order just in interaction with your website interface. Especially, in a survey, the result shows that nearly 70% of customers admit website’s loading time affects their willingness to buy. So for increasing the revenue target, don’t drop any customers just because of that reason. Let enhance your customer’s experience with FREE PWA in Magento 2 by BSS.

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What is PWA?

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PWA (Progressive Web App) is a type of web application that is the combination of website and native app with various features such as push notifications, offline working, installing on the home screen, etc. 

PWA Magento ensures the customer experience with reliability, speed, and attraction. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Use PWA In Magento 2

Just an application built on Javascript frameworks – PWA Addon can help many things for both store owners and customers. What are those benefits? Let’s read below!

Benefits for store owners

Benefits for customers

  • Save cost: No cost for updating or fixing issues like the app, low cost for launching on technology market platform
  • Save development time: It takes 2-4 months to rewrite the store’s front-end while we need to spend 4.5-5 months developing a native app
  • Increase website’s rank: Google will rate your store better when loading time is fast thanks to PWA
  • Push notifications: As receiving customers’ permissions, every notification is pushed and shown in the best way for your customer.
  • Use as Native App: add the website on the home screen, better interface, faster performance.
  • Performance Experience: clients save time browsing and selecting the items they require.
  • Save Storage Space: the weight for PWA app is less than 80-90% of other native apps.
  • Secure efficiently: PWAs employ HTTPS to manage and maintain the security of the data they contain, reducing the danger of security breaches, snooping, content alteration, and other illicit conduct.

BSS’s Free PWA Add-on In Magento 2

BSS Free PWA Add-on In Magento 2

To serve our beloved customers’ rising demand, BSS Commerce gives you excellent support for FREE. Check our list with 5+ extensions and find if a previous or future purchase qualifies you for a FREE PWA experience!

The list will be constantly updated so don’t miss our best policy for you – our treasured customers.

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Survey For More Free PWA Magento 2 In Next List 

To improve customer satisfaction, we want to invite you to take a survey about your needs and requirements. Please fill in the survey below and tell us about the next PWA you’d like BSS to offer for FREE.

*Note: You can choose your gift for entering our survey. A 10% discount on your cart  (not applicable for combo/package and other promotions/campaigns) or a 15% discount on extensions with PWA support. 

In Conclusion

We always try our best to bring the best service and utilities to you. Target increasing shop owners’ revenue and enhancing customers’ experience, BSS highly recommends you use PWA Add-on Magento 2 with Free support – the newest technology nowadays. 

A dozen reasons persuade you to take a trial of these extensions right now. Don’t miss it!

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