[2024] Top 9 Magento PWA Development Companies You Shouldn’t Miss!


Progressive Web App (PWA) has become the most search among merchants in eCommerce thanks to its extensibility of features that surpass the performance of native apps and normal browsers. Its uncountable success stories such as Forbes (43% growth in user acquisition, 2x the usage duration) or Lancome (17% increment in conversion, 50% gain in mobile users) have proven PWA advantages compared to other solutions. Developing a PWA site on Magento means getting the best of both worlds: store owners can benefit a lot from the most powerful eCommerce platform and the future technology to scale their businesses to the utmost level. There are many agencies that offer Magento PWA development services and PWA themes to keep up this trending game. Let’s find out who they are and what they offer to benchmark the best solution provider of your choice now!

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Sum up about PWA

PWA is the perfect combination of browsers and native apps that will save a fortune for merchants who consider developing native apps on both versions (Android and iOS) and still performs outstandingly. It is considered a progressive app because it includes the service worker, manifest and the app shell. These features offer PWA the Offline mode, push notifications, Add to Homescreen option and the quick page load. Even if it acts like an app, you don’t have to download it from the app store and save some storage as it is 300x lighter than a native app. PWA also allows users to load instantly with frictionless transitions to enhance the purchase experience and user satisfaction.

The cost for Magento PWA development will entirely depend on the case-by-case features of your business and the service providers will assist you along with the most optimal estimation.

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Best 9 Magento PWA development companies

As you are more interested in this technology, you might wonder about the key players that provide the optimal solution for Magento PWA development. Don’t worry, we have you covered! Those top 9 agencies are listed based on their experience, previous works and Magento PWA development service range.

1. BSS Commerce


You can find from BSS Commerce a whole package of Magento PWA development to accelerate your site. The team focuses on developing the PWA website upon whether Magento PWA Studio, Vue Storefront, ScandiPWA theme, or any other theme you prefer. BSS Commerce will accompany you through the technology consulting, development and acceleration phase to achieve a desirable page speed as well as optimized user experiences. Your website is committed to high Magento coding quality standards and fully integrated with other third-party solution providers. You will also benefit from their FREE PWA extensions with free 1-year support and lifetime update. 

In 9+ years of experience in eCommerce and Magento, BSS Commerce has attained 21,000+ happy clients worldwide, a team of 100+ Magento certified developers and ISTQB+ QAs that will successfully deliver your projects time and cost-effectively. The company receives 600+ 5-star reviews on TrustPilot for its dedicated team and high-quality products.

What You Will Get:

  • Smart and lean code for a lightweight website
  • Headless commerce technology for app-like experience
  • Magento PWA extensions developed by BSS Commerce
  • Fast page speed even in poor Internet conditions 
  • SEO-friendly sites
  • Responsiveness on all devices
  • Unlimited scalability with Magento features
  • Dedicated support 24/7

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Contact at: consultant@bsscommerce.com

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2. Simicart


Simicart provides a Magento PWA storefront solution that brings a new look and feels to your store while preserving the functionality of the back-end. Implementing the headless PWA will optimize the store’s speed and user experience. Simicart offers customizations based on your requests to build-from-scratch Magento PWA development projects. The PWA will work with the existing extensions on your site and will be extremely easy to connect with additional Magento 2 extensions in the future, especially since the majority of extensions now support API and GraphQL. In 10+ years of development, Simicart has served 1,000+ clients and got 87% of absolute satisfaction on the Magento marketplace.

Moreover, SimiCart offers a free Magento PWA theme. If you know have some experience with Magento coding already, you can also install it by yourself or have their tech support done it for you, which is also free.

What You Will Get:

  • Brilliant app-like UX on browser
  • 40+ ready-to-use templates for page building
  • Multi-stores/languages supported
  • Compatible with most backend Magento extensions
  • Full services from development to maintenance

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Contact at: support@simicart.com

3. CedCommerce


CedCommerce’s Magento PWA themes are available with 2 options: PWA Cenia Theme Free and Pro for you to try out all the best of PWA in a solution. You can ask for module customization based on their offerings to match your website’s requests. With dedicated support from the start, CedCommerce is a reliable provider that is loved by many merchants around the world. Some stats about CedCommerce: 11+ years of history, 30,000+ happy clients, 850+ products and 4.8/5 on TrustPilot. 

What You Will Get:

  • Free PWA theme with numerous features
  • Sets of compatible plugins for PWA solution
  • User-friendly navigation
  • High accessibility via various devices
  • SEO performance maintenance and optimization
  • Time-effective implementation with the ready-made PWA theme

Location: India, US, UK

Contact at: support@cedcommerce.com


4. Scandiweb


Known as the first developed open-source Magento PWA theme in the market, Scandiweb has led the trend of ready-made PWA frontend theme for Magento merchants. Aiming at fast loading and engaging websites, Scandiweb created a solution that connects to Magento directly without any middle tier, letting the team exploit all of Magento’s features on their product. The ScandiPWA theme may be used on any Magento 2 project without requiring any changes to the core infrastructure. Customers will be able to go from page to page with the essential content delivered in an instant thanks to ScandiPWA tech’s ability to preload every layout. Scandiweb has attained to serve 400+ clients in over 35 countries by 238+ Magento experts.

What You Will Get:

  • Instant loading websites
  • Offline mode and Add-to-Homescreen option
  • Ability to deploy to app stores
  • No version updates required 
  • Magento certified experts
  • Top Magento PWA theme in the market

Location: Sweden, US, UK, Netherlands, Latvia, France, Canada

5. Dinarys


Dinarys extends your online presence by implementing a strong PWA solution that was made from the best of browsers and mobile apps. The company will accompany you through consultation, UX/UI design proposal, development, integration, and optimization to create features to obtain a well-balanced, high-performance, full-fledged solution. With the slogan “Perfection from back to front,” the team adheres to the highest eCommerce standards and is always on the cutting edge of innovation. Founded in 2014, the company has delivered multiple projects in the US, Germany and Ukraine, from corporate websites to eCommerce marketplaces. 

What You Will Get:

  • Push notifications for special offers and discounts
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • SEO-friendly websites
  • User feature implementation to ensure the smoothest system performance

Location: US, Germany, Ukraine

Contact at: https://dinarys.com/contact 

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6. Onilab


Onilab has developed 10+ Magento PWA development projects from eCommerce stores to booking services, which increases conversion rate and uptime for their clients at a competitive rate. Setting clear results for PWA development, the Onilab team is committed to delivering highly performed websites in a timely manner and dedicated support. With more than 7 years in eCommerce, they have grown to 3 continents, 60+ customers and 80+ certified experts. 

What You Will Get:

  • Lower bounce rate by a faster speed load
  • Less space is taken for the PWA site than native apps
  • Push notifications 
  • Acquisition cost optimization
  • Increase in sales from mobile users

Location: US, UK, Australia, Belarus

Contact at: talkto@onilab.com

7. GoMage


GoMage offers its self-built Magento PWA storefront that is user-friendly and less technical knowledge required to serve a wider audience. Its PWA solution for both Open Source and Commerce versions of Magento includes 6-month support and an upgrade period. If you need to customize your site, GoMage experts will create a unique storeview of your own. With just one click, you can easily install the GoMage Magento PWA theme and save much development time and cost. Numbers of GoMage: 11+ years in eCommerce, 1000+ projects, 15+ extensions and 9/10 NPS score.

What You Will Get:

  • Full customization on existing functionality
  • Ready-to-use Magento PWA storefront
  • Easy page builder tool
  • Full features and integrations 
  • High compatibility with Magento and its security patches
  • Adjustability to adapt to all business needs

Location: US

Contact at: support@gomage.com

8. Sciencesoft



Following the trend of mobile commerce, Sciencesoft leverages the app-like experience for web apps with the Magento PWA development service. Focusing on mobile users to optimize the shopping journey, Sciencesoft knows the ins and outs of the variation in mobile and web app development to deliver the best product for your site. Founded in 2003 and mastered Magento from 2011, the team is confident of every aspect of Magento development, from consulting to implementation.

What You Will Get:

  • Full services: consulting, business analysis, development, maintenance,…
  • Instant updates for every release on multiple devices
  • Fast access from the home screen 
  • No download required
  • Search engine optimized
  • Work even in poor Internet connection

Location: US

Contact at: contact@scnsoft.com 

9. Divante


Since 2008, Divante has been collaborating with top global companies, and Magento PWA development services have set critical achievements in many of these projects. As one of the leading eCommerce solution providers, Divante constantly adopts a customer-centric approach and designs a tailored PWA solution for each business. The company acquires a top-notch technological stack that includes contemporary JS, microservices, and headless architecture to build PWA solutions for both small and big enterprises. They also work on already-made PWA solutions such as SAP Spartacus, Vue Storefront and Storefront Cloud.

What You Will Get:

  • Various technology stacks are available
  • Browse and make a purchase offline
  • Growth in mobile acquisition
  • Seamless purchase journey
  • Uptime boost during the holiday season

Location: Poland

Contact at: hello@divante.com

Last thoughts

Changing from the traditional eCommerce store to PWA will be somewhat new to merchants making them reluctant to proceed. However, choosing the right service provider will ensure you the highest security and SEO performance. Those listed agencies, in our mind, are the best Magento PWA development companies that you can trust. Drop us a message about your queries and we will map the best approach for you, optimally.

BSS Commerce should be your next stop! Contact us for a quote for your PWA project now.

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