Get More Awesome Display for Configurable Products in Magento 2

As you know, configurable products, which have a list of options for variable attributes, is a popular kind of product in Magento sites. Up to now, Magento supported store owners to create configurable products in Magento 2 with simpler steps compared to process in Magento 1. However, displaying configurable products in frontend of Magento site is not an easy-to- solve problem because of its complexity. Most of store owners have demand of showing their configurable product in the most eye-catching way so that customers can see through all of its attribute, make comparison and quickly make buying decision.

Although Magento 2 has simpler setting up process for configurable product, when displaying in frontend, it still has disadvantages that prevent customers from purchasing quickly.

Disadvantages of display configurable products in Magento 2

As you can see, in frontend of default Magento 2, we only can see the entire configurable product with its attributes and options following. Customers only can see the product they want after selecting options and add to cart . It's hard for customers to have a overall review of all possible children products and make comparisons.

configurable product default Magento 2

Moreover, in default configurable product page, customers have to add children product to cart one by one rather than adding multiple products to cart in one time. For example, if a customer wants to buy 4 shirts with black color and size S, 10 shirts with gray color and size M, 15 shirts with blue color and size M, he has to add product to cart 3 times. It means how many times customers need to add to cart is equivalent to how many children products he wants to buy. Imagine that a product has 2 attributes with 20 children products and customers want to buy all of them, they must add to cart 20 times! It is such an inconvenience that may annoy customers, especially for wholesalers. If customers want to buy in bulk, they may not be patient enough to repeat add-to-cart action and then quit purchasing. So, you lose an potential customer!

Get more attractive display for configurable product in Magento 2

To give you a hand to improve shortcomings of default Magento 2 effortlessly, we introduce you an extension that allow to show all children products of a configurable product in a professional grid table.

frontend of configurable product table grid view

With Configurable product grid table view for Magento 2, customers can have an overall review of configurable product with each associated product displayed in a separated row with detailed information: availability status, unit price, subtotal. In this view, customer can easily adjust the products and make decision. If they want to buy a large number of products at once, they just need to select the quantity of each children products and add to cart within one click.

configurable product grid table view magento 2

Additional functions

Configurable product grid table view for Magento 2 also provides additional functions that give customers the most awesome buying experience.

+ Display range of price

Customers can easily see the lowest and highest price of children products rather than only the lowest as in default. This will help customers have exact adjustment about the product.

price range in configurable product grid table view

+ Showing subtotal

Subtotal will be automatically calculated and shown for each children product as soon as customers select the quantity they want to buy. So, customers can immediately know how much they must pay for their cart to decide whether to continue to buy or not.

+ Showing availability status of each children product

In default, we just can see the availability status of the whole configurable product. With Configurable product grid table view for Magento 2, it is shown for each associated product. If one children product is no longer available, "Out of stock" status will be shown, otherwise, we can see the exact stock number.

configurable product grid table view magento 2

The bottom line

Improving the display for configurable products will make a significant chance for e-commerce sites based on Magento 2 platform. Your Magento 2 website can become more adorable than ever with Configurable product grid table view for Magento 2!

Let's try DEMO to experience our great extension!



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