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by Robin Tran

Should you hire a Magento SEO agency?

Magento is undoubtedly the best e-commerce platform available with its rich SEO features.

However, if you are having a Magento 2 or planning to, you have to understand that nothing is more powerful than the right SEO strategy.

It’s totally reasonable to think about hiring a Magento SEO agency to help you. But I understand that you can be really struggling with this decision. The safest hand is still our own, right?

However, when it comes to SEO, Magento SEO audit to be more specific, getting help from a professional is recommended and result-guaranteed. I highly recommend you to take advantage of professional help to meet your business needs.

Now, let’s discover how to work with a Magento SEO agency and which company is the best out there.

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Hiring Magento SEO Agency Is Always A Great Choice

I do mean it.

As long as you set down the rules, have a clear contract, and last but not least, choose a trusted SEO agency – you’re all set! to go

Why should you hire a Magento SEO agency?

With the constant rate of changing in ranking factors from Google. It’s an absolute must for you to audit the SEO aspect of your site.

There are countless articles on the net on self-auditing your site. But they merely scratch the surface of SEO – mostly on meta tags, to be more specific.

Think of an audit as an SEO plan in reverse: there are backlinks problems, technical issues, URL tree complications, index overloads, even code troubles, and more. 

The workload is insane, and it only goes up from here if your site is already established. 


It’s messy to handle by yourself and it’s a goldmine for mistakes when you have that many balls in the air. 

Therefore I highly recommend you to get your Magento SEO audit by a trusted agency.

How to outsource Magento SEO audit like a pro.

Choose the right Magento SEO agency 

We’ll dig deeper into this with full reviews later on. But this is the most important step in the outsourcing SEO audit.

Make sure they’re established with good reviews and specialized in the SEO aspect you want to better.

Create job specifications

create good job specifications

You should explain what you need help with and pitch the idea in a way that’ll get them excited to start.

Doesn’t it make sense when you think about it? The SEO agency needs to know what you want for your site in order to make it a reality. 

So, to help them succeed at that, decide what you want beforehand and describe it as precisely as possible. 

Here is the recommended template to pitch your Magento SEO audit request:

Area to improve

Description: All the data related to that specific area.

Preference: Give your preference as preferred tools, methods, entries for reports, data-driven suggestions, etc.

Request for quote

Typically a Magento SEO service would quote their rate after you give them job specs.

ask for quote

Rates will always differ depending on the agency. And there are a lot of reasons to justify that.

Some SEO jobs take longer to complete, some agencies already have a lot of demand on their time so they charge more.

In our suggested Magento SEO agency list, we will give you a range of prices for each one of our suggestions.

Negotiate on payment.

So, when do you pay? Do you pay everything upfront? Do you pay in stages? Or you only pay at the end when it’s totally done? 

when do yuo pay the magento seo agency

Some Magento SEO audit agencies want prepayment. There are of course reasons behind that, but it should be avoided.

As a rule of thumb for all contract work, if you prepay for services, you remove the incentive for them to finish the job. In other words, you lose your leverage as a client.

But you want to be a good client here. SEO, as mentioned above, is regular work and you might want to work with them in the future.

So here are two options you can work around to stay in their good list:

“I’m not comfortable pre-paying. But I have budgeted for your invoice, and I will send payment promptly after delivery.”

“If it be alright if I send a partial down payment after I see your plan of action?”

Do revision and provide review.

Yes, you’re giving money so you have the right to comment on their Magento SEO audit work.

But remember, you’re working with real people here. Don’t be stingy with compliments (and hard comments as well).

Now, if there are changes that are hard to swallow, there is a management technique that’s called compliment sandwich. And it goes something like this:

pack your criticism

This way, you can inject the hard/rough feedback without damaging your relationship with the agency!

At the same time, look at the reports and ask for suggestions from them. 

They’re dedicated and rich-in-experience teams, they know what’s up with the SEO trends the suggests then will be data-driven. 

Now, let’s move on to the best Magento SEO agency list.

Best Magento SEO Agency – A Full Review List

1DIGITAL Agency – Best for SEO customization

This is an amazing Magento SEO audit service with 8 years of experience that accommodates the ever-changing landscape of SEO.  

<embed height=”700″ width=”394″ src=”https://www.1digitalagency.com/magento-web-design/” /

Price range: $3000 to $50000

Focus: Small and mid-tier business 

Base: Philadelphia, United States

Specialties: SEO and marketing strategy and customization service.

Important notes: Offer a FREE SEO audit

Magento Guys – Best for early-stage business

The unique selling point of Magento Guys is affordable. If your business is in the beginning stage, their SEO package ranging from $175 to $499 will be a good fit.

Besides, their specialized Magento SEO audit game is also strong. You can contact for a detailed request and their team can help you immensely with that. 

magento guys seo agency

Price range: >$600

Focus: Small business 

Base: Ahmedabad, India

Specialties: SEO package and service.

Pearl Lemon – Best for mid-tier ecommerce

Another Magento SEO agency gem from London.

SPOILER: A lot of the agencies from this list all based in UK.

You’re looking into the top Marketing Agencies by agencyspotter and top SEO company by Find Best SEO. They’re the definition of young blood – passionate and full of creativity.

They offer a FREE SEO audit right at the gate with a detailed and data-driven report. Moreover, the reviews turning in for them are incredible. 

Great price and service for lower to mid-tier ecommerce, definitely worth a mention in this list!

Price range: from $1000 to over $10000

Focus: Mid-tier business 

Base: London, UK

Specialties: Exceptionally with SEO service with email marketing

Blue2 Digital – Best for A-Z service

We’re talking about the whole package here. From designing to branding to marketing, they’ll cover the entire track of your ecommerce.


blue2 digital

Blue2 Digital service is best for starting an ecommerce from scratch and if you’re particularly interested in the power of social selling. Definitely check out their portfolio.

They’re the winner of Digital Business of the Year and a Google official partner. That should tell you how much they understand the algorithm.

Price range: >$5000

Focus: Starting business 

Base: Dundee, UK

Specialties: A-Z SEO service, social media focused

Fractl – Best for SEO through content

I talked full-length about all the ways you can shoot up your ranking before. And within the article, I briefly touched on how content is the cheapest, most accessible and technical stream of organic traffic.

fractl office

Working with Fractl, you’ll experience the luxury of quality content and how you can make bank from such. That doesn’t mean they don’t cover on-site SEO, in fact, they can fasten this process and make it a pattern that saves you tons of time down the line.

Price range: >$5000

Focus: All range

Base: Florida, USA

Specialties: SEO service, content marketing focused

The structure of a full Magento SEO audit

Here is my step-by-step SEO audit routine, not a set-in-stone formula.

Each agency will conduct the audit by its own rules and it also depends on your ultimate purpose for your SEO plan.

Still, you want to make sure they cover at least ⅔ of this list below.

Step 1: Magento code audit – technical issues

“Website technical got nothing on SEO!” – I beg to differ.

One of the most important criteria in the ranking formula is page speed. And it has so much to do with your code auditing. 

magento code audit for site speed

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Figure out what is missing/causing trouble within your codebase then make data-driven decisions to make your site functions as best as it can.

Step 2: Crawl test

This step can happen right at the gate or before launching the site, it depends on your intention with your online business.

Why do you need this test? Well, Google and other search engines run their ranking with bots that scan your Magento SEO URL and its content.

bot reads your site

And you want to see firsthand how these bots see your website. This way, you know how search engines will index your site and have the necessary changes to make it perfect. That’s how you will end up on the 1st page of the SERP.

Here are some of the questions you can ask the Magento SEO audit service of your choice:

  • Header preferences (HTTP, HTTPS,…)?
  • The capacity of crawling pages per second?
  • The capacity of crawling links per page?
  • What are the principles for the crawl test:
    • Robots.txt?
    • Source code?
    • HTTP headers?
  • What about redirects (301, 302, permanent – temporarily)?
  • The capacity of the redirect level?

Step 3: Check up the metadata


This is the part that makes up over 30% of your ranking success.

It all comes down to Magento SEO-friendly metadata. You want to make sure all of them capture the spirit of your content.

When working with Magento SEO audit 3rd party in this realm, try to communicate:

  • The descriptive side of metadata: how close and exact is the metadata to your actual website.
  • The structural: that indicates how your content is linked to another, create a bonding structure that gets your ranking higher
  • The administrative: that shows the ability to reserve, archive and claim authority over your intellectual property.

Step 4: Magento SEO sitemap check

It’s a blueprint, a map to your entire website for both web crawlers and your customers. In short, here are what sitemaps have in common and where they differ.

magento seo sitemap

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HTML sitemap

As can be seen, the HTML sitemap is all about customers. It’s a communicative map that guides visitors to different parts of your website.

It’s a big bonus point for user experience and Google will actually rank your site higher for that. The reason is Google appreciates easy to read and navigate websites. More on that, an HTML sitemap is a goldmine of linkability – keep your internal links strong with this map.

XML sitemap

Unlike the HTML, an XML sitemap is written for web crawlers. Think of this as a table of content for the bot only.

xml sitemap magento seo sitemap

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They’ll scan your sitemap and figure out what you think is important for your site and proceed to index them according to that order.

Another important job that the XML sitemap does for your ranking is avoiding duplicate content. It communicates to Google on what’s your main source of content and you’ll not get punished for replicated pages.

Step 5: Magento SEO URL audit – web structure problems 

Every Magento SEO guide calls for a Magento SEO URL. It’s the backbone of your SEO plan.

building your web structure

In essence, you want to notice the way that the agency build/rebuild your URL structure. Some of the notes to take:

  • The overall structure
  • Cross-link
  • Clutter of content
  • Dead/out-dated pages
  • Back up
  • User experience

Step 6: On-page Magento SEO audit

It’s a long road to ride, and I’ve already covered this.

on page seo checklist

READ MORE: On-page SEO audit to success.

Seems like a long list to check but if you’re hiring the right agency, they will deliver you the report as you demand. That’s your job specification.

Step 7: Content audit – content-related issues

Another doozy, content for ecommerce differs from niche to niche. Not everyone will benefit from guest posting and not every website needs a blog division.

Nevertheless, content still remains the easiest, most profitable way to gain traffic and engaging audiences.

content marketing in magento seo guide

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Here are some of the criteria for writing good content:

  • The emergency: Is that piece of content up with the trend?
  • The principle: Which part of the customer journey is this for? What tactic./form is used here?
  • The expertise: Is this answer the question: Directly? Easily? Conveniently?

Step 8: Competitive analysis 

Knowing yourself and others is the biggest step in any Magento SEO guide. Always ask for an edition of this in the SEO report.

seo investigate on others

Not only this investigation provides a good insight into the market and your current competitiveness but it also gives you a sharp weapon to go to the war.

It’s always much easier to break things down to pieces. Here are the reports you want to get from your Magento SEO agency:

  • Real SEO competitors list
  • Keyword analysis: the good, the bad, the lack thereof
  • Top-tier content analysis: what’s on their best list? How can we duplicate that?
  • Link building analysis: see how/where your competitors get backlinks
  • SERP Analysis

Wrap up

We’re just running over the entire track of hiring a Magento SEO Agency, from top to bottom.

From how to communicate with them to payment options and down to detail how you keep a tab on them.

BSS Commerce is one of the leading Magento extension providers and web development services in the world. With experienced and certified Magento developers, we commit to bring high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively. Furthermore, we offer FREE Installation – FREE 1-year Support and FREE Lifetime Update for every Magento extension.

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