How to Add a New Category in Magento 2

As you know, any Magento website includes root categories and subcategories to determine where products belong to. Root category is considered as the parent of sub-categories or on the other hand, the root category is the highest level in the category structure. Subcategories are included in the root category. In this blog post, we will give all of you detailed instructions about how to create Root category and sub-categories in Magento 2.

Magento 2 Categories

Add New Root Category in Magento 2

As mentioned above, the Root category is the one that contains subcategories. For example, in default, Magento 2, Default Category is the Root category with subcategories such as Women, Men, Gear and so on.

Step 1: You go to Products→ Categories and click Add Root Category button.

Add new root category in Magento 2

Step 2: You need to complete all category information in the right column.

  • In Enable Category: choose Yes/No to enable/disable category.
  • In Include in Menu: choose Yes to let Root category be displayed on the menu or set it to No if you don’t want to show it.
  • In Name: enter a name for the new category
  • In Content: add more content for the category if you want
  • In Display Settings: set Yes for Anchor section
  • In Search Engine Optimization: complete URL key, meta title, meta description and meta keywords for better SEO.

Step 3: Save category

Now you navigate to the frontend to see the new created Root Category.

Add New Subcategories in Magento 2

Step 1:  You go to Catalog→ Categories and click Add Subcategory button

Add new subcategory in Magento 2

Step 2: Complete information about Subcategory. As you can see, settings when creating subcategories are similar to those of adding Root Category. Therefore, you just need to follow the above instruction to finish the configuration. There is only a note that you have to choose products to be assigned to Subcategory while this one is not necessary for the process of creating Root Category.

In Products in Category: select any products you want to assign to this new subcategory.


Step 3: Save Subcategory

On the frontend, you can check this new Subcategory right under the Root category.

Import Export Categories via a CSV file in Magento 2

If your website has a lot of categories to create and a large number of products to assign, it is very time-consuming to manually carry out as above. Therefore, a Magento 2 Import Export Categories extension is developed to help store owners to quickly add or export multiple categories just via a CSV file. This is one of smart Import export solutions that are provided for all Magento 2 business to simplify their work in the admin when building a new site, upgrading or migrating websites.

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