Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist

Steal Tips to Become Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist

by Stephanie Greene

After achieving the honor title “The Select Magento Extension Builder,” BSSCommerce is very proud that our dedicated employee – Mr. Nguyen Nhan Quy has successfully passed the Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist Exam. Congratulations!

With his excellent command of Magento 2 architecture and Magento 2 ecommerce site elements, Mr. Quy and BSSCommerce skilled team will continue developing more and more Magento 2 extensions to meet all customers’ requirements.

Today, we issue a special article with the participation of our new Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist (M2CSS) to share his experience and give some recommendations on passing the challenging exam.

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  • Interviewee: Mr. Nguyen Nhan Quy
  • Job Title: Product Development Manager at BSSCommerce
  • Experience: 3-year experience in mapping client needs and building Magento extensions. Never attend any certification exam before.
  • Certification: Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist

Let’s begin!

1. Welcome Mr. Quy and congratulate on your recent achievement. How do you feel now?

I’m thrilled to present here and hope that my sharing will be helpful for those planning to take the M2CSS Exam.

2. Why did you decide to attend the exam?

I have to share that every Magento project needs the involvement of Solution Specialists to ensure that extension is well-designed, on-time and on-budget. For 4 years working as Product Development Manager, I have lots of hands-on experience to develop various Magento extensions and Magento 2 extensions.  I’m given precious chances to enhance my Magento 2 knowledge base, go insight customer experience, identify their urgent needs, and work with the devoted team to find out the best solutions.

With such background and experience, I felt confident to take the exam, not only to achieve the personal goal with Magento but also to assert our lovely customers about our innovative and high-quality extensions. And, I passed it.

As a Select Magento Extension Builder, BSSCommerce always pays attention to improving the whole team. Sooner, there will be more Certified Solution Specialists joining our projects.

3. Can you give a brief description of the exam?

Certainly, about the exam, you can take some note as follow:

  • Questions: 75 multi-choice items overall, but only 70 of which is scored.
  • Time: 90 minutes without using reference documents.
  • Passing score: 75% – answering exactly around 53 items and more. This score is possibly adjusted, so you should refer to it frequently.
  • Knowledge: about Magento 2.1.x ( both CE and EE). However, I personally think that the questions will soon change to Magento 2.2.x in upcoming exams.
  • Exam structure: Ecommerce (23%), Magento architecture (24%), Magento features and functionality (30%), Application of Knowledge to Business Goals (23%.)

4. How did you prepare for the exam?

As mentioned above, I have experienced Magento knowledge in my daily work. However, it is also essential to systemize and revise information before the exam. I spent one week (around 40-working hours) doing the following preparations:

  • Google Search: You know, the experience of other Solution Specialists are beneficial, practical, and time-saving. Hence, don’t forget to do some researches via the Internet.
  • Magento U: For those looking for Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist training, you can also consider some courses at Magento U.
  • Official Study Guide:  100% of questions related to all topics are listed in this guide. Obviously, it is very long and hard to remember, so I desire to share how to revise each part effectively sometime later if possible.
  • Other reference sources: You can refer to the Swift Otter Study Guide for an overview of all topics in the test. I also read Quizlet to revise Magento’s important definitions. Besides, don’t forget the Magento document and resources. 
  • Mock Tests: I strongly recommend taking Swift Otter Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist Practice Tests. One test will include 49 questions: 6 free and 43 remainings paid at $10. Based on my personal experience, if you get 85% of the trial or more, then congratulate that you will be likely to pass the real test. Certified Solution Specialist practice test is essential to get you familiar with the exam structure. 

5. I share your opinion that the Magento 2 CSSertified Solution Specialist practice test is a must! How about the real test?

  • You should spend a maximum of one minute for each question. For uncertain answers, just bookmark for later consideration.
  • You had better take note of certain answers to measure the possible point.
  • It took me about 40 minutes to look through 75 items and an additional 20 minutes to check certain answers. The time left, I spent on resolving the uncertain questions.
  • I figured out that the information given in one question might be the clue for others. Hence, you ought to read the whole test before returning with uncertain items.

Good luck!

6. Thanks very much for your joining today. We’re pretty sure that all readers are looking forward to your next sharing about how to revise each part of the Official Study Guide. See you next time!

Above, we have an interesting talk with Mr. Quy – BSS Certified Solution Specialist. 


  • Do some searches to know more about M2CSS exam
  • Prepare around 1 week or more, depending on your hands-on experience as well as your career plan
  • Take some Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist practice tests
  • Keep calm and get your badge!

We hope that this article will be helpful for readers who are about to take the exam. If you want to share your personal experience, feel free to leave it below.

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Next time, meet more experts from BSS Commerce.

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