Want to Improve UX? Try B2B Registration Form for Magento 2!

by Librah Do

The increasing competitiveness of B2B eCommerce poses a threat to the survival of many online businesses. If you don’t change some factors to adapt to the severe environment, your store may be eliminated from this race. For those who are confused about where to fix, start with your Magento 2 B2B registration form

Consuming the following information, you will be aware of the Magento 2 wholesale customer registration form’s necessity and best practices in creating an effective B2B sign-up form to improve UX and boost your conversion rate.

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So what are you waiting for? Explore all about Magento 2 customer registration for B2B right now!

I. What’s In Magento 2 B2B Registration Form

First and foremost, to create a decent registration form, you need to clearly understand the components of a form. Every change action will revolve around these to improve the registration form’s quality, which offers a fuller user experience. 


You can usually catch sight of the below parts when looking at a Magento 2 B2B registration form:

  • Input fields include text, password, checkboxes, radio buttons, sliders, and others designed for user input;
  • Field labels let B2B customers know the meaning of respective input fields;
  • The structure is everything related to the order of fields, the form’s appearance, and the logical connections between different fields;
  • CTA button will be presented at the end of that form, which triggers data submission;
  • The alert message is an indispensable factor in informing customers of the result of the B2B registration process. For example, you can see the message when submitting a form successfully or typing the wrong input types.

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II. Reason Why B2B Registration Matters

One of the most common pitfalls when developing a wholesale ecommerce site is that store owners ignore (or pay little attention to, as we might add) optimizing the b2b registration process. 

We tend to come across a without-care Magento 2 B2B registration form when navigating our clients’ site. This really gets on the customers’ nerves. 

Frankly, after all the efforts to get passers-by’ attention and lure them to the B2B sign-up form touchpoint, you definitely don’t want to make any bad impressions that prevent them from filling out the form for you.


You know, customer data is a precious asset of any company, both B2C and B2B, and the useful tool to get this is your Magento 2 B2B registration form. 

Needless to say, customer filling in the form means you’re gaining conversions, which promises to bring about B2B transactions in the future. 

To be more specific, the registration form facilitates B2B ecommerce business to collect personal information such as emails, leads, interests, and a lot more. You can consider it as a commitment between 2 companies. 

Whether you’re operating in the service industry or digital world, a wholesale customer registration form still helps raise leads, sales, and user experience. 

Still couldn’t believe it? Let’s see an actual case. In 2010, Expedia – the travel company – claimed that a single extra line in their registration form had cost them over 12M$/ year

So, unless you want to destroy the UX, let’s devote enough care to your Magento 2 customer registration form as the first approach to improve your B2B website.

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III. 3 Steps To Build A Perfect Registration Form

After understanding why wholesalers need a B2B registration form, you must be eager to learn how to optimize the B2B registration form. Only by doing this can you communicate with potential customers more thoroughly and intimately. 

Keep reading to reveal the secrets of creating an informative wholesale customer registration form to boost UX and conversion rates!

1. Integrate Magento 2 Customer Registration

A pain point of anyone using the Magento Community is that default doesn’t support the registration form for B2B only. 

Moreover, the system will automatically approve all registration requests; thus, you have to filter each customer one by one to delete invalid accounts.

Imagine how many times the workload will multiply if you encounter B2B registration spam?


When you provide products/ services for both B2C and B2B customers, sharing this registration form makes you extremely exhausted. Sorting them into any customer group is enough to give us a headache.

To add insult to injury, the store owner, who wants to use only one among various B2B features, has to spend a fortune on Magento’s solution. This is not a wise choice for those with a tight budget.

Thus, we suggest using a Magento 2 B2B registration extension as the best way to resolve all of the above problems. Integrated must-have features of B2B at a reasonable price, a module will always top the checklist of any Magento store owners.

Here are some notable features that you will definitely love when using the extension.

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Personalize Magento 2 B2B registration forms

The module assists you in creating additional fields for an in-depth understanding of wholesale customers. You can configure it to display common fields such as Name, Date of birth, Gender, Tax / VAT number, and so on.


Among them, VAT is a critical field in a Magento 2 customer registration form for you to verify the authenticity of the B2B register. You can answer they are a real business or go spam.

Hide/unhide the sign-up link of default Magento 

The second feature works best for businesses that mainly deliver B2B customers or execute a business strategy over a certain period.

You can easily deactivate the default link for better customer data management.

In addition to simplifying management, hiding unnecessary links also enhances the user experience on the site. They can tour your B2B store smoothly without any confusion.

Approve/reject B2B registers

Furthermore, Magento 2 B2B Registration extension completely fixes default disadvantages by allowing admin users to review and accept or reject the sign-up request.

Not only that, but after the admin approves an account registered via the B2B registration link, it’ll immediately be transferred to the customer group according to the setup in the configuration, usually Wholesale.

Thanks to that, you will segment the B2B and B2C customers, reducing tons of workload.

Some additional features such as sending emails, notifying customers, and supporting CAPTCHA are high plus points of the extension.

You can’t sit still after hearing those benefits of a complete B2B Registration module.

2. Sharpen Content of Your B2B Registration Form

Once you have chosen for yourself a satisfied Magento 2 Customer Registration extension for B2B, the next actions should be related to improving the quality of the content inside that form. 


Simply put, you should make it look more professional and friendly in the eyes of wholesale customers. 

Keep your form fields briefly

For B2B customers, time is gold. Running a whole business doesn’t allow them to leisurely fill out a lengthy Magento 2 B2B registration form with redundant information, no matter how closely they connect with you.

Put yourself into their shoes. Obviously, you yourself aren’t patient enough to complete the form, so who do you ask for?

Our advice is to get rid of unnecessary fields. 


This isn’t an unsubstantiated conclusion but through the actual research data of a reputable website. Numbers don’t lie, do they?

For instance, by decreasing its number of form fields from 11 to 4, Imagescape managed to increase conversion rates by 120%

Of course, there is no specific formula for different business nature, and the Magento 2 B2B registration form will undoubtedly require more complex information fields. 

Yet, don’t try to stuff a redundant field to better understand the customer. Instead, use labels that get to the point.

You’re putting the UX and your conversion rate at stake when you offer a B2B sign-up form asking for too much information.  

Generally, you should only include the necessary information in your form. Besides, you should only add 1 – 2 dropdown input types and make sure they’re the required information.

In case it’s compulsory to build a registration form with many fields, you should divide them into several parts and group related information together for easier user manipulation.

In short, always recheck and decide which fields should be discarded to ensure a smooth and straightforward registration process.

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Arrange your form fields depending on the complexity

This is almost the unwritten law of any document collecting personal information, not just the B2B registration form. 

It can start with simple questions such as asking for names, emails and gradually lead B2B registers to dig deeper into time-consuming information such as Zip / Postal Code, credit card number, and address.

In this way, newcomers feel comfortable and don’t see any inconvenience in filling out the form. 

Consider one-column layout 

Interestingly, most customers will scan the registration form one time before starting filling it out. 

Due to the busy nature of B2B businesses, they will need to know if your form will consume a lot of their time or not. 

So, streamline the flow of your Magento 2 B2B registration form naturally and logically.


If possible, arrange fields and labels on the screen’s left side to minimize eye movement and speed up the B2B registration process. Furthermore, it would be best to use a single column, as it converts better than multiple ones.

It helps direct customers to enter information on only one side, and they can avoid annoyance. 

Nevertheless, you can still consider lining short and relevant details in one row, such as city vs. state, first vs. the last name, and many more. 

Convey message/guideline transparently

Trust us. Leaving aside details like this can kill the customer experience. We all need enough guidance to complete the form quickly.

  • Format specifications (such as requiring a minimum password length) should be included in a Magento registration form. It helps enhance user performance and subjective user ratings.
  • Error messages must appear next to/ under the erroneous field and be designed in a way users are easily able to fix the problem. You need to show your customer where they have entered wrong and how to correct, which helps shorten the form-filling time and minimize confusion. 

Countless B2B registers have claimed that they are more satisfied with registration forms that allow them to distinguish optional and mandatory fields.


Therefore, don’t forget to put those messages in a prominent and easy-to-understand way.

3. Bring Out the CTA Button

Last but not least, beautifying your button is no less important than the content of a B2B registration form.


Amazingly, the color of CTA buttons has a significant impact on the conversion rate. Often, people will easily get attracted to eye-catching visuals before they start reading the content. 

It would be best to consider what colors to use that harmonize with the website theme and help prospects quickly find the button.

You can refer to some suggestions below: 

  • Try using orange or green for the button because they often perform well;
  • Reduce clutter around the CTA button;
  • Match the CTA button’s width with inputs’ width;
  • Consider enlarging your CTA.

CTA is the final key to convincing clients to develop a B2B relationship with you. Hence, remember to intelligently choose the color, size, and call-to-action words for your button.

IV. Conclusion

The article is the experience we’ve learned after working as a profession and researching the customer journey. Hopefully, you’ll succeed in designing an appealing Magento B2B registration form.

Wholesalers are rational and demanding. Taking care of the user experience means that you’ve come a long way in the process of stealing customers’ hearts and maximizing your conversion rate.

Only three steps to own a perfect sign-up form: choose a trustworthy Magento 2 B2B Registration extension -> to refine content and arrange fields properly -> make the CTA button stand out enough.

It’s not as hard as we had thought.

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