9 Powerful Magento Extensions For B2B Website (Part 1)

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For Magento B2B websites using the Community version, you might be on the way for advanced Magento reseller extensions to optimize your business and customer experiences. The Community platform does not support many B2B functionalities, by nature. Hilariously, we bring 9+ Magento B2B extensions for websites right at your fingertips, which can be divided into categories:

  • Wholesale Product Improvement
  • Customer Access Management
  • Fast ordering & Checkout Flow
  • Magento Reseller Extension List
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B2B Buying Has Changed

Before jumping into Magento reseller extension lists, you had better understand what makes B2B e-commerce different from the B2C and where to provide value-added features.

Lack of salespeople influence

Why Needs Magento B2B Professional Extension? (Source: Gartner.com)

Thanks to technological advances, B2B buyers find at ease to gather purchase independently rather than email and wait forever for salespeople’s response.

Thus, there is no surprise about Gartner’s survey that 27% of wholesale customers went online for information and orders, while only 17% would meet up with potential suppliers.

In other words, sales representatives have little chance to access and impact customers’ decisions directly as before.

Magento 2 and Magento B2B websites must ensure all information affecting the purchase process are available at the customers’ fingertips, such as fast order form, add multiple products to cart, request for a quote, etc.

Complex buying journey

That wholesale buyers search and make purchases on their own does not mean their shopping journey is shortened. In contrast, 31% of consumers replied to the Demand Gen Report survey that their B2B purchase cycle was lengthened significantly, and 45% admitted spending more time researching purchases compared to 2017.

In such a context, which Magento B2B websites can minimize the purchase cycles will definitely have a competitive advantage over their rivals, and more importantly, earn big sales.

Fortunately, there are Magento B2B development services to help.

A team of B2B buyers


The company account is one of the most on-request Magento B2B features.

This makes sense!

Although B2B customers now adopt online shopping as the B2C, they are still “business” buyers. One purchase decision might involve a typical group of decision-makers. Each of them takes different roles in collecting purchase information independently.

When it comes to online B2B, it is essential to gather and streamline those pieces of information within an account to place orders accordingly.

Thus, in Magento Enterprise B2B 2.3 solution, there is a Company Account functionality. A business account is granted for multiple users, limited by roles and permissions to make decisions related to B2B purchase cycles.

Unfortunately, such an account is not available in Magento community B2B.

9+ Magento B2B Professional Extension Recommendations

To sum up, the demands of B2B customers are moving towards eCommerce. However, there is still much room to improve if you are running or about to run a Magento Community B2B website.

The default Magento B2B features are almost incomplete. Thus, you should invest in Magento B2B extensions as soon as possible to meet your customers’ requirements.

Our Magento B2B development specialists have carefully picked the top Magento B2B extension options here to help improve and leverage your business.

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Product Improvement Magento B2B Features

Wholesale buyers now search for products themselves instead of consulting sales reps. The more informative and navigatable product pages are, the more likely you get a sealed deal!

Thus, keep improving Magento B2B features in terms of products.

Take the configurable products, for instance. This product type is the most commonly used in Magento B2B websites to define complicated items and to open choices for customers.

Nevertheless, the default is still not dedicated to B2B. Many wholesalers described their purchase in the Magento community B2B website as very complex: going back and forth between product pages to order multiple products, not being clear about prices of children products and stock availability, etc.

Configurable Product Matrix View by BSS Commerce

Magento B2B Configurable Product Matrix View extension allows displaying all child items of configurable products in a matrix table. Wholesale buyers now can add multiple child items to the cart at once. This will definitely cut down on time for purchase and increase customers’ satisfaction:

Matrix Magento B2B features:

  • Display custom attributes in a table
  • Add any number of child items to cart
  • Update subtotal on entering quantities
Pro Configurable Product Grid Table View by BSS Commerce

We offer various styles to show off your products. Pro Configurable Product Grid Table View for Magento B2B extensions is an alternative for the Matrix View in case the child products feature different prices.

Pro Table View for Magento B2B module features:

  • Show all child items in a neat grid
  • Clarify stock availability and status
  • Support tier prices (must-have Magento B2B features)
  • Add multiple child products to cart at clicks
  • Work well with default configurable features
Configurable Product Table Ordering by BSS Commerce

This Magento B2B extension is another choice to improve configurable product pages for wholesale buyers. Unlike the two extensions above, the Product Table Ordering shows all child items under individually selectable custom options. Therefore, the table is more neat and responsive.

Still, B2B customers can add multiple child products at one go:

  • Display child products according to the last attribute in a table
  • Support price range, tier price, and stock number as well
  • Add any number of child products to cart at clicks
  • Calculate total amount automatically
  • Included in Magento B2B Suite soon

Customer Access Magento B2B Professional Extension

As mentioned above, wholesale customers are involved in a group of decision-makers. Hence, sellers need advanced Magento B2B extensions to segment and manage those customers right from the first place.

We want to introduce modules to adopt Magento enterprise B2B right on the community.

Automatic Customer Group Switching by Plugin Company

Only when you segment your customers into the right group can you take advantage of effective marketing resource allocation and maximize the opportunities of cross-selling and upsell.

This Magento B2B module, as the name suggests, allows assigning customers into groups based on flexibly custom rule conditions:

  • Customer general information
  • Default shipping & billing addresses
  • Order totals, invoice total, and order history
  • Recurring profiles
Customer Approve & Disapprove by Extension Hut

Do not make a messy and endless grid of customers like Magento community B2B default, which activates all account registrations at blinks. Instead, keep tight management over your customers right at the beginning.

But how?

You can consider the Customer Approve/Disapprove for Magento B2B extensions:

  • Receive notification emails upon account sign-ups
  • Gather all account registrations for further review
  • Notify customers of account status: pending, approval, disapproval
Catalog Permission by Aheadwork

After assigning B2B customers to their group, make sure you market them with proper content and information. The fact is, 78% of wholesaler requires easy access to information on pricing and vendor-focused. (Weidert.com)

However, do not publish this valuable content for non-targeted visitors.

The Catalog Permission for Magento B2B features are must-have:

  • Hide products and categories from specific groups
  • Hide prices and show custom notes (Magento B2B features)
  • Redirect restricted visitors to useful content

Magento B2B Extensions for Ordering & Checkout

Let’s continue with more options of Magento B2B extensions to streamline the ordering and checkout process of wholesale buyers.

This is a make-or-break part of the B2B purchase cycle. Therefore, pay close attention.

Add Multiple Products to Cart by BSS Commerce

Wholesale buyers want to order as fast as possible. Thus, the default “Add to Cart” functionality is disappointing. Customers have to visit pages by pages to gather all products for their orders. Of course, it takes time and effort.

Why don’t you allow them to add multiple products to the cart with several clicks?

You even don’t know that you can.

Then, we introduce this Add Multiple Products for Magento B2B features:

  • Support adding various products to cart right at product listing page
  • Choose custom options in popup rather than reloading pages
  • Move multiple products to cart at once
  • Show success popup to check shopping cart with a glance
  • Work with almost all product types of Magento
  • Included in Magento B2B Suite soon

Contact us for the Magento B2B demo.

Wholesale Fast Order by BSS Commerce

Compared to Magento Add Multiple Products to Cart, the Wholesale Fast Order speeds up the ordering even better by creating an independent form to search and order most products within Magento Community B2B websites.

A snapshot of features:

  • Search products in a fast ordering form by SKUs and names
  • Upload CSV form to add multiple simple products without custom options
  • Show popup to choose custom options without loading product pages
  • Auto-suggest search results & auto-update total amount
  • Grant the fast order form for specific customer groups, say, B2B/wholesale
  • Included in Magento B2B Suite soon

Contact us for the Magento B2B demo.

B2B Checkout by Ahead Work

B2B Checkout is one of the essential Magento B2B extensions (and should be included in every Magento B2B Suite) to help the order process more quickly when purchasing in bulk. The principle is straightforward: the payment method and the shipping method step will be removed from the Checkout page to reduce the time of placing orders for customers.

Saving time means gaining a customer’s satisfaction and improving sales performance.


This module gathers all step of Magento Community B2B or Magento Enterprise B2B into one single page:

  • Support customizable one step checkout
  • Allow customer login and newsletter subscription
  • Enable cross-sell selections and display
  • Add comment to orders

There is a Magento B2B demo of One Step Checkout available on the website.

Cart Quote Extension by FME Extensions

It is a nature in B2B business that customers want a quote instead of accepting original prices.

That’s why the Magento Cart Quote extension allows your wholesale customers to request a quote rather than checking out. When an admin approves it, the quote can be converted into order and checkout. Admins of online stores can control all the quotes, modify them from the backend.

  • Request a new quote via user-friendly forms
  • Track and manage requests in grid and email
  • Attach files related to the quote request

There is a Magento B2B demo of One Step Checkout available on the website.

Magento Reseller Extension

B2B buyers are so-called resellers who buy in bulk at wholesale prices, then sell those products to end-users at retail prices.

Thus, resellers often make repeated purchases, and even better, become your loyal customers. If they don’t, then try to remarket them with this Magento Reseller extension list – Here we mean Magento B2B professional extension to re-engage resellers rather than general modules as above.

CLICK if you look for Magento 2 B2B Features? – This helps engage loyal customers effectively.

Reward Points by Mirasvit

Who doesn’t like rewards? Especially those who are buying in bulk and frequently from your stores.

With this Reward Points for Magento Reseller extension, you can reward your wholesalers with points that they can use to purchase later.

The settings are straightforward:

  • Define rules of product earning, behavior earning, and cart earning
  • Set up spending rules to ensure the margin profit
  • Decide how to notify customers of the reward points
  • Adopt functions of Magento Enterprise B2B

Reward Points is a Magento reseller extension on request to bring wholesale buyers back to the Magento B2B websites.

Store Credit by MageWorld

This an alternative for Reward Points when it comes to Magento and Magento 2 reseller extension.

Its name reveals the highlighted features:

  • Add store credits to customers’ accounts after their purchases
  • Allow spending credits at checkout or sending credits to friends
  • Allow buying store credits at ease
  • Restore and balance the number of credits in case of refunds
  • Manage all store credit transactions via email, account dashboard, and backend grids
  • Adopt functions of Magento Enterprise B2B
  • Magento 2 Reseller Extension also available

Multi-User Account for Magento B2B Features


Inspired by the Magento enterprise B2B 2.3 solution, one account should and must be granted for multiple users with specific roles and permissions.

Multi-User Account for Magento b2b module is developed to do so:

  • Support 4 levels of access permission
  • Assign roles per user in advance
  • Maintain the information security with separate logins
  • Share carts between sub-users
  • Adopt functions of Magento Enterprise B2B

Magento B2B Suite


Instead of searching for Magento B2B professional extension providers separately, many merchants desire a Magento B2B Suite, which gathers all Magento reseller extension requirements.

To tell the truth, up to now, no vendors provide a perfect package for Magento Community B2B.


CHECK THE ADVANCED 👉 Magento 2 b2b Extensions

For your reference, please consider Magento B2B Suite by Iwd – a reliable Magento B2B development company. There is still room to improve, yet features are always worth a look:

  • Customize a login and registration portal for wholesalers
  • Allow assigning custom user roles in the frontend
  • Order in bulk via form, CSV files, and single wholesale hub
  • Create custom catalogs and pricing options per groups
  • Enable quote requests in both frontend and backend

Please contact Iwd to schedule a Magento B2B demo

Last Thoughts

BSS Commerce offers Magento B2B professional solutions to gather all Magento B2B features in one place. (We also adopt advanced features of Magento Enterprise B2B as much as possible)

Are you looking for this?

Although the Magento platform is still good for a B2B business, we strongly recommend you move to Magento 2 platform. Soon, Magento and extension vendors will stop developing and supporting Magento extensions to make the full of their resources for Magento 2. You should also plan for a significant change to Magento 2 B2B platform and extensions.

Migration is not so tough as we are always here to help.

BSS Commerce is one of the leading Magento extension/ Shopify app providers and web development services (for both B2B and B2C) in the world. With experienced and certified Magento developers, we commit to bringing high-quality products and services to optimize our business effectively. Are you planning to build a website full of B2B functionality or migrate to M2? Contact now to let us know your problems. We are willing to support you every time.



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