>9 Powerful Magento Extensions For B2B Website (Part 1)

9 Powerful Magento Extensions For B2B Website (Part 1)

As you may know, wholesaling is a big chance for store owners to gain significantly great extra profit. In Ecommerce, we usually mention to 2 kinds of trading: B2B and B2C. So what are the differences between them?

B2C (Business- to- Customer) is the transaction form in which products are sold from suppliers to end-user consumers. It is a traditional form and creates little-added value. Meanwhile, “customers” in B2B (Business- to- Business) are other companies that usually buy products in bulk to resell. This kind is more favored because it brings greater revenue in less turn of transactions.

B2B and B2C have similarities and differences in almost aspects: price, order, payment, shipping…, so we must apply different business system when doing each kind of business. It is also the principle when you build your Magento B2B website. A website aimed at wholesaler must be different from ones for general customers. In this blog post, we will introduce 10 extensions that especially suitable for Magento B2B websites:

10 helpful extensions for Magento B2B site

1. Private sale 

As mention above, wholesaler should be treated differently from other kinds of customers. An extension that can effectively support you to solve this problem is Private sales. Private Sales allows you to set access to specific product or category based on “level” of the customer. You can create a VIP area beside common area which can be accessed by everyone. Thanks to this function, particular customers such as wholesalers can receive the special discount or customer care, it all depends on your wish. Similarly, you can set up banner and time counter for upcoming events which just a group of customers can assess.

2. Out-of-stock notification

The demand for quantity of wholesalers is more significant than usual, so sometimes you cannot meet their need. It is a pity to let customers leave your site forever just because your product is currently out of stock. There is a handy solution for you- Out of stock notification extension. With this extension, customers will receive notification through email right after your products are back to “in-stock.” It is especially helpful to keep a large number of wholesale customers who have high demand on the quantity of product.


3. Wholesale fast order 

It is not convenient if wholesalers want to buy in large quantity but the buying process is too complicated. Simplify ordering steps to optimize your customer’s experience; you will see the difference! Wholesale Fast Order Extension is specially created for online stores which have wholesale customers. Let see how it works. A block is added on the cart page, and the customer can increase the volume of products conveniently only with some clicks. Moreover, customers can search their desired outcomes immediately in the shopping cart and view product images to quickly give buying decision. All of these functions help wholesale selling become easier more than ever


4. B2B Checkout 

B2B Checkout is another extension to help the order process more quickly when purchasing in bulk. The principle is straightforward: the payment method and the shipping method step will be removed from the Checkout page to reduce the time of placing orders for customers. Saving time means gaining customer’s satisfaction and improving sale performance.


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