Why Magento 2 B2B Extensions Package Fits New Customer Journey?

by Stephanie Greene

Today, we will discuss how the Magento 2 B2B Extensions package can help you satisfy B2B customers in the context of eCommerce.

In 2020, B2B online sales present themselves bigger, which were expected by Frost and Sullivan to reach $6.6 trillion by 2020. Time will verify this prediction.

However, we bet – when you look for Magento 2 B2B and land on this page, you already realize the potential of B2B eCommerce and ready to take the chance.

Then, Start with New Magento 2 B2B Customer Journey

We do not know whether you start any marketing ideas by drawing a customer journey known as customer mapping. If not, you had better learn this tactic soon.

The idea is to take a walk into customers’ shoes to verify your business based on a buying perspective rather than selling one, and more importantly, to improve any sellable touchpoints with your potential customers.

Truly told, a map will visualize issues in your business, with siloes.

A typical B2B customer journey

It takes time and effort for B2B customers and sellers to build a relationship. The whole process often has at least six steps, including recognition of needs, need definition, searching for potential suppliers, evaluating proposals, making purchase decisions, and evaluation of post-purchase.


In the first place, customers realized a problem that needs solving – sometimes, suppliers could visualize the problems via marketing campaigns.

Next, customers needed to define products or service qualifications such as quantity, sizes, and colors.

After such specifications were ready, B2B customers would start searching for suppliers. Traditionally, this process was offline in which B2B customers contacted their existing suppliers or found new suppliers suggested by referrals. Now, they mostly go online for Google or Bing. Thus, you had better optimize your Magento 2 website for search.

With a list of potential options, customers would start a negotiation. Back then, this process used to be complicated in which the buyers and sellers exchanged contracts of offer and acceptance via email, phone, and meeting face to face.

Coming to the purchase stage, the process was almost done – almost. The decision making in B2B transactions often involved a team.

Moreover, once the payment was made, and the delivery was completed, the supplying company must still keep in touch with the customers to provide ongoing services and products. B2B relationships are long-term.

A new journey in the context of ecommerce


B2B purchasers are shifting from offline to online due to technological facilities and new expectations.

#1. More information available

The expansion of online websites gives buyers a ton of information. Simply put, customers only have to enter some search terms, and they can reach hundreds of suppliers worldwide – at a click.

#2. Personalized and individualized experiences

Argued: This sounds like a B2C transaction in which the relationship between the customer and seller is naturally more personal. Meanwhile, B2B buyers are on behalf of a team or a company.

Confirmed: Above is an old story.

Now that B2B sales go online, B2B buyers are ready to adopt basic eCommerce personalization. For example, they display their name upon login. Or, they require useful content and UX/UI experience to their taste.

#3. Improved authenticity

In addition to personalized service, modern B2B buyers require a self-service experience on their tasty buffet. It means less contact with the sales reps.

Instead, the buyers will search and add products to cart/quote by themselves. This is a win-win concept since the customers can boil down to a decision more quickly, and you can cut down the labor cost to follow up them right from the very start.

To do so, they desire the B2B company to be more open in its policy, product capabilities, and related content.

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Where Magento 2 B2B Extensions Package Fit New Concept?


It is time to optimize your business according to the new shopping experience required by B2B customers.

This task takes lots of time. Fortunately, we help with Magento 2 B2B extensions package to fasten the buying process on your online website.

What to expect?

  • Bundle various B2B extensions for Magento 2 in one
  • Cover a new customer journey from login to post-purchase
  • One-time payment and FREE update forever
  • High compatibility between B2B extensions
  • Dedicated support when you need it

Now, step into the customers’ shoes and see how Magento 2 B2B extensions package FREE installation by BSS Commerce will help.

Separating B2B and B2C access from the start


NOW GET >>>> Magento 2 Force Login extension under package to manage visitors from start.

It is a genius to run a unified B2C and B2B website because the two types of customers now become more and more similar. Thus, a unified store will cut costs in managing one catalog, inventory, SEO optimization, and concentrated brand promotion, etc.

Nonetheless, you had better separate them right from the very beginning to provide relevant and sellable experiences.


To make it simple, you can restrict Magento 2 permissions to B2B categories or CMS pages from other customer groups and encourage them to create a B2B account. Then take time to verify the registration rather than automatically active all like the B2C account.


With Magento 2 B2B extensions package, you can manage all B2B accounts right in the Customer grid. You can even assign those accounts to a company account. Then, B2B customers are able to build a team according to their company structure to share access to the account.


If you also have a team of professional sales reps, you can also assign one per the company account to keep in touch with B2B customers in terms of orders and related notifications.

Those sales reps are beneficial to burden your management tasks and streamline the B2B shopping experience.


In the storefront, B2B customers can log in to the registered company account to create sub-users, contact the sales rep, make quick orders or submit quotes, etc.

Professionalizing the pricing negotiation process


With an account, B2B customers are now ready to shop around your website. Then, make the whole experience B2B-focused and -friendly.

First off, consider the price display.

As we mentioned earlier, online B2B customers require your policy and product capabilities to be more open and accessible. Nonetheless, price is still valuable content that you should not show straight away. This way, you can offer flexible pricing strategies based on order values and B2B relationships.

Then, how can the customers get prices? – They possibly call for a price or request a quote.


CLICK NOW >>> to explore Magento 2 Quote extension and experience a smooth B2B Quote flow.

A “Request for Quote” or “Add to Quote” button is shown in replace of the “Add to Cart” so that B2B customers can add any products with notes for negotiation.


Once customers submit a quote, the admin or sales rep will be notified accordingly. Then, she/he can adjust the prices and send them back to the customers.

This process is repeated until the two parties agree upon the same price. In the end, customers can convert quotes to an order. A B2B transaction is sealed.

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Fastening the ordering process in 3 ways

In case you show the price upon the login, and customers can order products as normal. Then, you can still optimize the ordering process to meet the bulk requirements of B2B customers.

BSS Commerce even provides you with 3 ways – rather than one. This gives your customers flexibility wherever they are landing on.


How to allow adding various products to the cart on categories or lists of related/upsell/cross-sell products?

The features of Magento 2 Add Multiple Products to cart extension helps you do so:

  • Showing checkbox to choose whichever products
  • Entering different quantities as wished
  • Choosing options of products in Ajax popup
  • Informing of added products in success popup

It is ideal for adding multiple standalone products from the product list pages because you do not have to pick up variable options. However, when it comes to configurable products, you need to take a closer look at their child products.

By default, you can only add a specific child product to the cart at a time. Not to mention, prices and available products are not clearly displayed.

With Magento 2 Configurable Grid Table View, all information is right at the fingertips of B2B customers so that they can add any number of child products to the cart at once.


You already know the ideal of quick order, don’t you?

The Wholesale Fast Order under Magento 2 B2B extensions package is inspired by the Quick Order extension in B2B Commerce, but with more adds-on.

Accordingly, there is a built-in form for customers to:

  • Search products by names or SKUs
  • Order bulk product types and quantities
  • Import the CSV file to the form
  • Add multiple products to the cart

Creating a requisition list with multiple wishlists


From the B2C customers’ perspective, the favorite list is quite personal. Thus, you might be surprised to know that B2B customers also use the wishlist.

In fact, the list is more than “love” but “need.” The B2B customers also add products to the wishlist to purchase later.

However, one wishlist like the default is not convenient enough. Who will bother scrolling forever to find a product?

Instead, Magento 2 Multiple Wishlist extension allows creating unlimited lists for customers to organize their future demands.

Maximizing buying power with Minimum Order Amount


Obviously, you should never accept a small order because it neither ensures a healthy profit margin nor optimizes the cost-efficiency.

Thus, you should set up a min/max order value for the customer group. Customers will not be able to proceed to the checkout without meeting those limitations.

Minimum Order Amount is also a fantastic tactic to promote large sales.  

Making refund process less hassle and time-consuming


Now that you have already optimized the ordering process to the best, it might still not secure your profit because customers can request a refund for one or another reason.

At that time, you should also ensure a hassle-free refund so that customers will be glad to return later.

We recommend you use the Store Credit under Magento 2 B2B extensions package. The idea behind is that:

  • The seller will refund by store credits rather than cash. It saves time and transaction fee.
  • On the other side, customers can spend those credits to purchase later.

In sum, you can turn a refund into new sales!

Optimizing reorder experience as nice as the ordering


If customers come back to reorder, congrats! They are, for sure, have a satisfactory ordering and post-purchase memory.

This time, you can even make the ordering process even quicker.

Don’t believe it?

Then, install the Magento 2 Reorder Product List extension now. This solution allows gathering all ordered products in a list that is searchable and shoppable. B2B customers now will not have to go to product pages or categories!

Wrapping Up

Too excited about our Magento 2 B2B extensions package? Then, you should install the extension soon. Next time, if we update the package with new extensions, you will get a free update.

We promise that there are no B2B packages on the market that can keep a balance of price and features as ours. Such a bargain you should never miss!

Even better, being our customers means you can expect dedicated support from our expert team.


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