The Ultimate Guide To Magento 2 Back In Stock Notification

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This is an ultimate guide to Magento 2 Back In Stock Notification to help you create the best stock alert message.

Your sales are over the top, your stock levels are running so low, your products are sold out, and your customers are eagerly waiting for new stock.

Everything is going great. Or is it?

The buzz of selling out of products might generate interest and hype in your store. But if you can’t satisfy customer demand, then it can lead to lost sales. 

If you don’t have a strategy to recover these sales, it could lead to lost customers too. 

That’s why you need Magento 2 Back In Stock Notification features to reduce out-of-stock cart abandonment.

So this article is an ultimate guide to Magento 2 Back In Stock Notification to help you master it.

Let’s go!

What Is Magento 2 Back In Stock Notification?


Magento 2 Back In Stock Notification is an email or SMS that alerts a customer when an out of stock item they want is restocked and ready for purchase. 

Here’s the typical process flow of a back in stock notification:

  • A customer lands on the product page of an out of stock product. 
  • They sign up to receive a back in stock notification when the product is restocked. 
  • You restock the product.
  • You notify your subscribers that the product is restocked and provide them with a quick way back into the purchase funnel. 

Benefits Of Magento 2 Back In Stock Notification


The most obvious benefit of Magento 2 Back In Stock Notification is that they allow customers to show their interest in an out of stock product and join a waiting list.

However, it’s just one of many benefits, including:

Recovering lost sales

When a visitor lands on an out of stock product page, you immediately lose a potential sale because they can’t buy the product. 

Back in Stock Notifications give you a chance to recover that lost sale by notifying customers when the product is back in stock and providing them with a quick route to purchase.

Sustaining customer interest

The first action a customer takes after visiting an out of stock product is abandoning your website and heading back to Google to see if your competitors have stock.

Magento Back in Stock Notifications help you to sustain your customers’ interest by creating an expectation that the product they want will be restocked and allowing them to take action towards obtaining it. 

It removes the need to exit your website immediately and might lead to further product discovery and purchases in your store. 

Generating social proof

Back in stock notifications not only highlight that a product is so high-demand it’s sold out, but those notifications also act as social proof suggesting that many other customers want the product so much that you must create a waiting list. 

For many customers, the waiting list creates feelings of FOMO (aka fear of missing out) and exclusivity that prompt them to sign up.

It’s the same concept as fancy restaurants with long reservation lists or exclusive nightclubs that are invite-only. You’re creating hype around your product. 

Creating excitement

Studies show that the brain releases more dopamine in anticipation of a reward than in receiving a reward.

It means that subscribing to stock notifications and waiting for the product to be restocked might be more exciting than going and buying the product from other stores. 

Enhancing the customer experience

It’s no doubt that out of stock products aren’t great for the customer experience, but it doesn’t mean all is lost.

By providing customers with a convenient way to buy an out of stock product, you show your customers that you care about making the best of a bad situation and that they can rely on you to restock the product and push them first to the queue when you do. 

Providing customer insights

Finally, the Magento 2 Back In Stock Notification is a great way to measure customer demand.

You can figure out which products are worth restocking and which aren’t from the number of people who express their interest in buying them.

Best Practices For Magento 2 Back In Stock Notification


No matter what, an out of stock item is still risky and will inevitably lose sales and customers.

Thus, you must do everything you can to enhance your stock alerts, so they can retain and recover the most customers possible. 

Make Magento 2 back in stock notification sign-up clear and easy

First, it must be obvious that customers can subscribe to back in stock notifications. You need to make them see it before exiting your website. 

From our experience, the best ways to make stock subscriptions clear and easy are:

  • Placing the sign-up box under the out of stock notice. 
  • Displaying the box with an appropriate amount of space to be noticed on the page.
  • Using a clear CTA button. 

Use multiple channels

You should use multi-channel sales, marketing, and cart abandonment strategies for your business. And you should do that for your back in stock notifications too. 

Provide your customers with the option to receive back in stock notifications via email and/or SMS. It gives them control over how you contact them and increases the chances of your notifications being seen, read, and acted upon. 

Notify customers as soon as possible

It is important to notify customers as quickly as possible when you restock the product because the last thing you want is for your customers to land on an out of stock product page again. 

As soon as products are back in stock, use your notification tool to notify customers who signed up. You can even give them an exclusive purchasing period before you advertise the restock on other channels.

Use a clear subject line

You want your notifications to stand out. Hence, you need a clear and relevant subject line that reminds, alerts, and entices them.

You can use lines like:

  • OMG! It’s back in stock. The Crying Unicorn Candle.
  • The Clear Habit Journal is back in stock! (And a discount code!)
  • Milk N’ Cookies Whey Protein IS BACK!

Tailor your email content

While stock notifications should be short and on point, it’s still important to tailor your content to achieve the “4Rs”: remind, reengage, return, and recover. 

Here are three critical elements of a Magento 2 back in stock notification:

  • Personalization: Address the customer by name and include information on the product and pricing to reignite the purchasing motivators and emotions they felt when subscribing to the alert. 
  • Urgency: Create a sense of urgency that encourages the customer to act immediately by including words such as “be quick,” “don’t miss out,” and “selling fast.” 
  • CTA: Tell the customer what they need to do by including a clear CTA and redirect them back to your website. 

Suggest relevant products

There’s a high chance that the subscriber has already purchased or lost interest in the product, but it doesn’t mean they’re a lost lead.

In fact, Magento 2 Back In Stock Notification is perfect for:

  • Persuading customers to buy from you next time: Including information that makes you more attractive than your competitors. For example, a “thank you for waiting” coupon, free shipping, or money-back guarantees. 
  • Upsell and cross-selling similar products: Including links to relevant products to invoke a secondary purchase. For example, if someone signed up for an alert for a new phone, including accessories such as a phone case or earphones, things that they can buy even if they purchased the phone elsewhere.

The Best Magento 2 Back In Stock Notification Solution

We highly recommend you to use Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification extension by BSS to optimize your stock alert notifications.


This is the perfect tool to enable stock subscription emails and more advanced functions.

With this extension, it couldn’t be easier to implement your customers into your sales recovery campaigns.

Check out its full list of features:

  • Enable stock alert email for not-logged-in customers
  • Automatically send back in stock email
  • Manage stock subscription in the Customer Account
  • Support product stock alert on the product page, category page, and search result page
  • Allow stock alert for children product of the configurable product, grouped product and bundle product

INSTALL NOW: Magento 2 Back In Stock Notification extension by BSS!


In this article, we have shown you all you need to know about Magento 2 Back In Stock Notification.

As you can see, those notifications are a helpful way to sustain customer interest and recover sales. And by enhancing your notifications, you can retain and recover the most amount of customers possible.

We hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you!

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