Should You Restrict Access to Catalog

Magento 2 Category Permission: Should You Restrict Access to Catalog?

by Anna Nguyen

In business, almost all store owners have customer segmentation and want to have particular products with special promotions. It’s a pretty disadvantage if store owners cannot create this segmentation. And for more reasons, store owners should restrict access to catalog by customer group by using Magento 2 Category Permission.

Firstly, let’s find out What is Magento 2 Category Permission!

What is Magento 2 Category Permission?

Magento 2 Category Permission

Magento 2 Category Permission is an extension for Magento 2 that helps store owners/administrators manage permissions to access specific categories by customer group in the website. It also provides other features to support business strategies.

Assign products to categories automatically based on your conditions with Magento 2 Dynamic Category!

5 Reasons for Store Owners to Restrict Products by Customer Group

Classifying customer segmentation better

Of course, your customer segmentation is essential to increase your business revenue. But how to classify your customers? Setting Products permission will help you create a specific category for each customer group.

For example, you want your wholesale customers to have a category with the products just bought with large orders and retailers cannot access this. Product restriction can do that. 

Controlling the inventory more correctly 

How many of the left products for “Not logged in” customers inventory? Spending how many products for wholesalers and retailers are enough? Everything will appear in the products permission extension backend.

Creating marketing plans for each customer group easier

Sometimes you want to have any promotions for loyal customers or longtime wholesalers. Note that this program is only spent for these customer groups. So what do you do? Using restricting products right now.

Managing the products and the orders easier

This order for which customer group? You can easily manage it thanks to looking at the quantity or type of product. Filter the attributes following customer groups, grand total… So you will create a marketing plan or customer service for them.

Suggest you extra extension can support to manage orders by using Magento 2 Shipping & Payment Method per Customer Group.

Providing better user experience

It’s not satisfying if you can see but cannot buy a product on a website. It’s better for user experience when products not spent for them appear. Another way, you give them a friendly or cute error message that notifies them who can access these products. 

Reasons for Store Owners to Restrict Products by Customer Group

Restrict Access To Product With Magento 2 Category Permission Features

So what features does Magento 2 Category Permission have that it deserves with your cost to improve administering? Let’s see the full features below.

Restrict access to categories by customer groups

That’s a feature you are looking for, right? Easily set up in the backend which categories for which customer groups, which products that are not allowed to access by which target.

Restrict access to categories by customer groups

Restrict access to CMS pages by customer groups

Not only can you control which customers have access to which categories, but you can also choose which customer groups see the CMS Pages. This functionality is useful for a variety of business applications, such as restricting access to the Return & Refund Policy page to logged-in customers.

Several CMS pages that you can manage permission or redirection like Magento 2 Force Sign-in Page, 404 Not Found,  Homepage, Enable Cookies, Privacy Policy, About us, Customer Service,  Custom URL, None.

Some notes for this feature for you: 

  • New CMS pages created will be added to “Redirect to Page” options.
  • Please double-check that the page you’ve chosen isn’t limited by the CMS permissions feature.
  • Customers will be redirected to the Home Page if you disable the redirected page.

Restrict access to CMS pages by customer groups

Tailor error message and redirect page if being non-authorized customers

“What a friendly store!” Maybe it’s customers’ thoughts when they are notified before redirecting. For more messages, you can tailor them any way you want that is suitable with your store for our customers. 

For instance, Show a notification that says, “For wholesalers only. Call us to become a B2B buyer and get the best offer you’ve ever seen! ” and link customers to the Customer Service page.

Other features

More functionalities you get when using Magento 2 Category Permission are: 

  • Set “Yes” or “No” for a product if it belongs to the category with access permission 

If “Yes”: this product is disabled for customer group which is limited access

If “No”: this product is still shown 

  • Disable the menu’s category link and layered navigation.

If “Yes”: the category is hidden on the menu and layered navigation. 

If “No”: the category is still shown but not accessible

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An extension with affordable prices, diversified features, 24/7 support can help you more in administration. Especially with Magento 2 Category Permission, there is no reason to decline this extension if you want to easily classify customer segmentation or other management.

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