Magento 2 Catalog Price Rules Not Working

Why Magento 2 Catalog Price Rules Not Working and How to Solve Them?

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Magento 2 is a widely used platform that offers a range of features for online stores. One of these features is the ability to set up catalog price rules, which allow store owners to apply discounts to a range of products based on certain conditions. However, there can be instances where these catalog price rules may not work as expected. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as incorrect configuration, or even compatibility problems with other extensions.

In this article, BSS Commerce will delve into the issue of “Magento 2 catalog price rules not working“, exploring its potential causes and providing solutions to help you troubleshoot and resolve this common Magento 2 issue. Let’s get started.

What are the Catalog Price Rules in Magento 2?

Catalog price rules in Magento 2 offer a robust feature that enables you to provide products to customers at a reduced price, depending on specific conditions. These rules do not require coupon codes and are applied before a product is added to the shopping cart.

Catalog Price Rules in Magento 2

You have the ability to establish conditions for a price rule that, once satisfied, will automatically showcase products with a special or promotional price. These conditions can be based on a variety of factors like customer groups, product categories, discount amounts or percentages, product color, product size, or any other product attribute configured in your store.

To sum up, catalog price rules in Magento 2 provide a versatile and effective method to offer discounts and promotions, improving the shopping experience for your customers and potentially increasing sales for your eCommerce business.

6 Steps to Check If Magento 2 Catalog Price Rules Not Working

The Magento 2 catalog price rules are not working for many reasons. In this section, BSS Commerce will show you specific reasons and the best solutions that you can consult to solve them effectively and quickly.

To get started, on the Magento admin panel, access the Marketing tab, then Promotions, then Catalog Price Rule. Then, you will see a screen of the catalog price rule, which showcases all the campaigns that you set before. Let’s check the full list provided below to make sure your price rules are set up:

Step 1. Check the status of the Magento catalog price rule to ensure it’s set as Active

  • Go to the Marketing tab in your store admin, then navigate to Promotions and select Catalog Price Rules.

Find Catalog Price Rules in backend

  • From there, navigate to Rule information and find the “Status” field where you can choose between Active and Inactive from the dropdown menu.

Active Magento 2 Catalog Price Rules

Step 2. Ensure that the rule is saved and applied correctly

If you have established and enabled the rule, the verification indicates that the rule does not alter the price for the intended group of items. The reason for this error is that the rule has not been applied.

On the other hand, if you have recently created Magento catalog price rules or made any modifications, you can apply them by clicking on the Apply Rules button located on the toolbar.

Apply Magento catalog price rules

Step 3. Check if the Magento catalog price rules are within the specified date range

When configuring the price, you have the option to specify the duration for which it will be valid. If you leave this field blank, there is no need to set a date limitation and the rule will remain active until you disable it.

In Magento 2, when applying a time frame for the catalog price rule, you need to select both the start and end dates.

If the current date is before the specified start date, the price will not be affected by this catalog rule. Similarly, if the current date is after the specified end date, the prices will also remain unaffected.

Step 4. Check the appropriate customer group is corrected

Magento catalog price rules are linked to specific shopper groups. It means that customers who belong to other groups will not be able to see the discounts. In addition, if customers are unable to view the discounts, it could be due to selecting the wrong customer group.

Magento 2 catalog price rules not working 3

Step 5. Reconfirm that the products meet the conditions of the catalog price rule

If you have configured certain conditions and selected “ALL conditions are TRUE” in Magento, but the price rules are not being implemented, there could be a simple reason for this. It is possible that the desired product does not meet the combination of conditions specified.

Therefore, carefully review the conditions you have marked as TRUE or FALSE for the price rule to be applied and check if any products fall under these rules.

Step 6. Check if Magento attribute properties are configured as “Use for Promo Rules Conditions”

In certain instances, when creating a price rule, you might encounter a situation where the Magento attribute is not present in the Conditions dropdown. Alternatively, the attribute may have disappeared from the dropdown even though it was previously available. This occurrence could be due to the attribute being disabled for use in promotions.

  • To verify this, navigate to Stores -> Attributes -> Products. Locate the attribute you require in the list, click on it, and then switch to the Storefront properties tab.
  • From there, set the “Use for Promo Rules Conditions” option to “Yes” and save the attribute.

Magento 2 catalog price rules not working 2

  • Select “Flush Magento cache” to enable Magento price rules on the storefront.

Flush Magento cache

So the 6 easy steps to check if the Magento 2 catalog price rules are not working are complete. In the section below, BSS Commerce will provide the three best solutions to solve this issue.

Best Solutions for Magento 2 Catalog Price Rules Not Working

Explore the 3 best solutions for Magento 2 catalog price rules not working, as follows:

#1. Recheck your configuration

Your catalog price rules may malfunction due to incorrect configuration or because your testing environment does not meet the criteria of the catalog price rule (e.g., wrong customer group). Here are key areas to review:

  • Time range: Verify that the start and expiration dates are accurately configured.
  • Customer group: Select a specific customer group and ensure that your testing environment utilizes that group for testing.
  • Rule conditions: Confirm that your conditions are set correctly and that no conflicting rules override your new catalog price rules.

#2. Manually apply the rules

It is possible that the new catalog price rules you created and saved have not been applied. In such cases, the system will display a warning message:

Magento 2 catalog price rules not working 6

Your catalog will not be affected by the new catalog price rules unless you manually apply them by clicking on the Apply Rules button.

Magento 2 catalog price rules not working 7

#3. Update to Magento 2.4.2

The issue of catalog price rule not being applied (GraphQL) is a recognized bug in Magento Commerce & Magento Commerce Cloud versions 2.3.2 – 2.4.1. To address this issue, it is recommended to either apply the MDVA-33975 Magento patch or upgrade to Magento 2.4.2 or higher version.

Extension For Everyone – Magento 2 Catalog Price Rule Per Store View

Magento 2 Catalog Price Rule per Store View by BSS Commerce enables you to establish unique catalog price rules for each store view, ensuring that customers on each store view receive specific promotions. This feature eliminates the limitation of having only one catalog price rule for the entire website in default Magento 2.

  • Rating: 93% positive
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Why is the catalog price rule per store view for the Magento 2 store important?

Many shop owners have been asking us how to set up unique price rules for each store view. They want to do this because they’d like to offer different deals to customers in different markets.

But standard Magento 2 only allows the same promotion to be applied across the entire website. This means that store admins can’t set a specific price rule for just one store view. To solve this problem, BSS Commerce has come up with two solutions that make it easier for businesses that operate in multiple markets to set special prices or promotional strategies:

Key features of BSS Commerce’s Magento 2 catalog price rule per store view extension

The Magento 2 Catalog Price Rule per Store View’s features streamline the process of setting up catalog price rules for individual store views, enabling administrators to offer distinct promotions to customers based on their location, ultimately driving sales. Now, let’s delve deeper into the functionalities of the Catalog Price Rule per Store View:

#1. Establish catalog price rules for each Store View

This module provides administrators with the ability to add store views and then configure rules for each store view. In addition, administrators can set up multiple rules for different store views, each with its unique discount value.

Let’s examine the examples below: Two distinct rules have been configured for two store views and are implemented individually on the frontend.

  • A rule is implemented on the English store view

Magento 2 Catalog Price Rule Per Store View 2

  • Another rule is implemented on the French store view

Magento 2 Catalog Price Rule Per Store View 3

Merchants can attract customers to make more purchases at a reduced price by offering discounts for each store view. Selecting an appropriate pricing strategy will boost your sales.

#2. Enable the selection of multiple store views for simultaneous rule setup

This Magento 2 extension offers a distinct advantage with its catalog price rule per store view. It stands out from other extensions as it allows administrators to effortlessly select multiple store views and apply a rule simultaneously. This feature enables you to efficiently set up price rules for various store views.

For instance, you can easily configure a rule for both the French and English store views and then apply a separate rule for Italy.

Magento 2 Catalog Price Rule Per Store View 1

#3. Compatible with Multiple Store View Pricing

Magento 2 Multiple Store View Pricing is a great extension for store owners who want to customize prices and special products for each store view. When combined with the Catalog Price Rule per Store View extension for Magento 2, it allows store owners to create more effective promotions and pricing strategies for each store view.

With the Magento 2 Catalog Price Rule per Store View extension, store owners can tailor their promotion programs to local customers, taking into account their preferences and specific market conditions. This extension enables store owners to offer not only discounts but also free shipping, buy X, get Y free promotions, and discounts with a minimum purchase requirement.

Thanks to this extension, store owners can develop targeted business strategies for each local market and boost sales efficiency in these areas.

In addition to considering using the Magento 2 Catalog Price Rule Per Store View extension, you can discover more about a list of our Magento 2 extensions with advanced features.

Final Thoughts

In general, encountering issues with “Magento 2 Catalog Price Rules Not Working” can be a common problem for many eCommerce store owners. However, with the right understanding and troubleshooting steps, these issues can be resolved effectively. Whether it’s due to incorrect configuration, cron job issues, or compatibility problems with other extensions, there are solutions available. Keep in mind that the goal is to ensure that your eCommerce store runs smoothly and efficiently, providing the best possible experience for your customers.

Don’t let technical issues deter you from achieving your business goals. With patience and persistence, you can overcome these challenges and continue to grow your online business.

BSS Commerce hopes that these guides about how to solve Magento 2 catalog price rules that are not working are useful for you and help you find out the most suitable solutions to fix and boost your Magento 2 store. Don’t miss out on any posts on our site to explore more about news, tips, and tutorials for the Magento Store.

Magento 2 Catalog Price Rule Per Store View

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