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Magento 2 B2B Enterprise Case Study from Bauhaus: 375% Rise in Conversion Rate

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Many merchants have been successful in growing their businesses with Magento. BAUHAUS’ success is in one of those cases with a miraculous increase in conversion rate after using this reliable platform. 

Magento has always been one of the best choices for businesses because of its optimal scalability, multiple customization options, and more benefits. The Magento 2 Enterprise B2B edition (Magento 2 B2B Commerce) is a reliable platform for B2B e-commerce with great support. In the case of Bauhaus, the e-commerce website built on Magento has brought them incredible success since 2015.  

Bauhaus B2B’ success:

  • Online revenue has increased by 296%, with a 375% improvement in conversion rates.
  • The total transactions have increased by 205%. 
  • New registrations have risen by 50%. 
Since the transformation to Magento, the company has grown so fast to become a B2B empire in Europe. How has Magento driven those crazy numbers? The answer comes in the next parts. 

Dig Deeper into E-commerce with Magento 2 Enterprise B2B

Founded in 1960, Bauhaus is a pan-European retail chain headquartered in Swiss. The business offers products for home improvement, gardening, and workshop. Their first store opened in 1960 in Mannheim, Germany. Over the years, the company has expanded to more than 250 stores and franchises across Europe. 

 As the effects of the digital transformation, two-thirds of B2B organizations are already selling online, and one-third are planning to do so. Keeping up with that trend, Bauhaus has significantly innovated the way it operated the business.  

But, what were the difficulties the company faced up with? First, integrating e-commerce with traditional sales is a big challenge. Second, it’s critical to find the right technology to be successful. 

  • In 2011: Bauhaus first introduced an e-commerce website with Magento Open Source and has frequently upgraded it to Magento Commerce version. 
  • In January 2015: They launched the first B2B site in Sweden with a lot of enthusiasm and ambition. Since then, it has performed as the fastest growing online store of Bauhaus B2B selling more than 50.000 items like gas grills, tool sheds, bathroom fixtures, etc. 
  • In 2017: The company finally transformed its B2B websites to Magento Commerce 2 with the vision to be the business driver in e-commerce. The transformation to the online channel with the same high-quality customer service is the key to their win in the marketplace. 

The Success Based on Magento 2 Enterprise B2B Superior Features

How has Magento affected Bauhaus B2B’s business? 

1. Seamless customer experiences

In August 2014, Bauhaus began the process of designing, developing, and introducing the B2B platform together with Magento Global Elite Software Partner, Vaimo. The company wanted to focus on the unique needs of its customers. So, they integrated Magento with the proprietary ERP system of the company.

Since then, the Bauhaus B2B website was supported order management, account management, credit, and a connection to the in-house distribution and delivery truck services of the company. Additionally, the website also features engaging product content and videos, product reviews, and Q&As to convince customers more effectively. 


Magento platform supports the wholesale process from the first contact with customers to where the delivery was handed over. It allows customers to create several construction projects with separate addresses and set alerts when deliveries are shipped.  As a result, Bauhaus has reduced manual tasks by over 80% percent. 

Magento, as it has proven, is more than just a platform or product. The Magento Partner Solution Program offers certified experts to help you enter the market faster with fantastic customer experiences and better sales. 

2. Optimal scalability

Why do global businesses choose Magento? 

When growing globally, businesses encounter the reliability and constancy of their solutions. That’s not all. They also deal with scaling their business in a time as short as possible, or they will miss valuable chances from competitors. 

For that reason, a platform using real-time data that is adjustable to local users’ needs without unnecessary costs. Magento, in general, or Magento 2 Enterprise B2B covers all of those features. It offers a system to manage multiple stores or brands with global customer services. 

3. An agile, flexible and customizable platform

According to Steen Hestehauge, E-commerce Manager of Bauhaus in Sweden, they appreciated the agility and flexibility of Magento. The platform has given them practical tools to manage key tasks with high efficiency. With a touch-friendly interface, Magento makes it 4x easier to manage an online store.   

Magento’s unparalleled flexibility allows users to create and customize unique customer experiences easily. Additionally, the modular architecture in Magento allows admins to install, delete, and disable modules and themes while having minimal dependencies and impact on other components.

4. Fast loading speed

Site speed is critically important to SEO and user experience as well. Google statistics have recently revealed about 50% of users abandoning a page cannot load it in three seconds.  

Along with the above advantages, Magento features 3X faster than other platforms. It allows websites to keep load time down, even when you are struggling with a huge consumer surge.


That’s the truth. During the best-selling season, Bauhaus Sweden welcomes up to 115,000 sessions every day, which helped the revenue increase by 296%, driven by a 375% increase in conversion rates. Fortunately, that huge number of sessions does not slow down their site speed. 

Unignorable Advantages of Magento 2 Enterprise B2B

In addition to referred features, B2B store owners cannot ignore Magento 2 Enterprise B2B because of what it brings to businesses. 

1. Improved company efficiency and flexibility

Magento 2 Enterprise B2B comes with the best experience in the administration ever. Admins can work with a modern and intuitive interface, which helps them control their online stores with ease.  

The sales, orders, product data, and other features can be quickly accessed from the admin dashboard. As a result, admins can handle administration tasks at speed. Especially, the step-by-step product creation tool guide for Magento Enterprise Edition has made the addition of new items to the store very straightforward and four times faster.

2. Open architecture

Magento Enterprise Edition is based on a modern tech architecture that uses popular frameworks and follows standards in the industry. Therefore, it’s easy to add or remove customizations. The open architecture allows you to get support from multiple modules for administration, order management, SEO, checkout, product improvement, etc. 

This version further speeds up the marketing procedure and improves the quality of the code by including a fully automated testing framework. 

3. Customer segmentation and customization

With Magento 2 Enterprise B2B, users can be segmented based on gender, location, history, purchasing value, wishlist, etc. Admins also can personalize the shopping experience to specific customers and promote to the target audience based on the demographic and geographic behavior to boost conversion rates. 

4. Integrated Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch technology has been integrated into Magento Enterprise Edition for efficient configuration and managing of large catalogs. Global search results can be shown out in languages, which offers extra brownie points for the Magento Enterprise Edition. 

Simultaneously, Elasticsearch can deliver suggestions for misspellings, synonym management, and support for stop words so that visitors can perform a better search. 

5. Better security on payment

Magento 2 Enterprise B2B provides buyers with a secure payment gateway for payments. It supports reliable payment gateways such as Braintree, PayPal,, CyberSource, and WorldPay.


Along with the safety, Magento 2 Enterprise B2B comes with a PCI Compliance Standard for a super-fast and equally secure entire process. 

Note: Though there is a number of modules for payments in the marketplace, using a lot of third-party extensions sometimes causes conflicts within your system.  

6. Full-page caching

Magento 2 Enterprise B2B  helps your platform to expand with no boundaries. Whenever a visitor goes or comes back to your website, the updated version of Magento shows the HTML cached data stored in the buffer area instead of collecting the information from the database. 


The full-page caching reduces loading time on the server to shorten response time and improve the performance as well. Thanks to that, visitors can avoid downtime whenever the traffic gains high. 

7. Easy checkout process

Magento 2 Enterprise B2B features a highly customizable interface for the optimized checkout process. It requires very few steps and related information to place an order, which makes it more comfortable to complete the simple and quick checkout process. 



In the success story of Bauhaus, there’s no doubt that Magento is really a wise choice for a quality B2B online store. In fact, it’s also the most commonly used platform for wholesale businesses. 

Bauhaus is not the only case. You can find other successful names in B2B like BMN Bouwmaterialen, Komax S.A, Wyze Labs. They all have made a great improvement in sales and scaled up their businesses with Magento Commerce platform. 

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