Magento 2 B2B Features: 10+ Secret Techniques That Boost Your Site

The blog reveals 10+ handy techniques so that you can improve your Magento 2 B2B features, as well as Magento B2B, features for any eCommerce website.

For B2B store owners, each order and customer often means so much because the value of an order is usually significant. The user experience in B2B e-commerce websites, hence, really matters for reaching the ultimate store owners’ purpose – revenue.

You’ve already known that the Enterprise edition of Magento E-commerce supports features specialized for online B2B trading. Those features allow you to treat your wholesale customers in a way very different from what you do with retail buyers. However, default Magento B2B features are not enough if you want your website to stand out. 

Let’s BSS Commerce reveal you 10+ techniques for advancing your Magento 2 B2B features with ease. 

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10+ Techniques To Advance Magento 2 B2B Features

1. Upgrade quick order for Magento 2 B2B Features

In B2B, manual adding one by one product to the shopping cart waste buyers too much time for large orders. For that reason, a quick order is necessary to reduce the steps of the process for buyers who know the name or SKU of products. 

How does default Magento 2 support? 

By Quick Order in Magento B2B Features, buyers can find desired items by manually typing their SKU or importing a CSV file for bulk ordering. Both log-in customers and guests can be chosen to apply for the Quick Order. 

Tips to advance B2B features: 

Though default Magento 2 supports Quick Order, it’s still quite simple. To advance Magento B2B features, the first technique we recommend is to upgrade the default Quick Order and enrich its functions. 

How can you do that? B2B Fast Order for Magento 2 is one good choice for advanced Magento 2 B2B features, which raises Quick Order to a new level by the following supports: 

  • Allow store owners to set up and adjust the fast order form
  • Allow adding multiple products to that form right from the search box
  • Support AJAX and Elasticsearch search to determine what is searching
  • Auto-suggest matching results according to first characters
  • Auto-select when there is only one result matching
  • Enable ordering by SKU
  • Allowing adding items in the fast order form to cart in one click

Finally, the module works well with various product types. 


2. Advance quoting features

Negotiating price usually happens in bulk orders. Buyers often expect lower prices for purchases in large quantities. A professional quoting process can satisfy both buyers and sellers and save them time. 

How does default Magento 2 support? 

“Quotes” function in default Magento 2 B2B features allows an authorized buyer from a company to request a quote from the shopping cart.   

One more time, available quote functions in the Magento e-commerce extension are not enough for the best user experience as buyers are allowed to submit a quote just from the shopping cart. Meanwhile, it’s so easy to find out an extension that gives both you and customers better flexibility. The chance to impress customers is at your fingertips. 


Tips to advance Magento 2 B2B features: 

Request for Quote Magento 2 is commonly used by the online wholesaler community to advance quote features. With the module, you can; 

  • Enable “Add to Quote” per product or all products
  • Show “Add to Quote” on category pages
  • Allow specific customer groups to use this function
  • Set up a minimum quote amount for each group
  • Approve, reject or customize quotes

Once you advance quoting features this way, your customers can keep track of quotes in their account and via emails and convert quotes to order and checkout in clicks.  

3. Support convenient reordering

It’s usual in B2B that customers are loyal to a store which leaves a good impression on their first order. Both two sides tend to build up and maintain a long-term relationship. For that reason, it’s critical to support convenient reordering in online B2B. 

How does Magento support reordering?

Reordering is not available in the Community version of Magento but is supported in the Enterprise version through My Requisition Lists. The lists contain frequently-ordered items so that customers can reorder quickly next time.


 Tips to advance B2B features: 

Like what is shown in the above screenshot, the Requisition Lists are quite simple and not quick enough to add ordered items to the cart. Magento 2 Reorder Product Lists, hence, was developed to come up with a new level of reordering lists. 

The module gives buyers a quick view of ordered items in a grid to see product information without loading its page. In that gird, one item can be searched by its name, SKU, or attributes and added to the cart in one go. 


4. Advanced shipping options

In B2B e-commerce, your delivery options need to be as adaptable as your customer needs. For example, some customers might want products to be shipped to more than one location. In this case, offering a split delivery option will make that customer happier with the shopping experience. 

Tips to advance B2B features: 

Because default Magento 2 B2B Features offers only “one order one address” shipping, it’s time to upgrade your system with a Split Shipment module available in the marketplace. 

5. Keep product pages detailed

A product page plays a significant factor to drive conversions. Therefore, a product page should cover full of the necessary information to convince customers and to answer every question that they might have about your item. 


Here we recommend what details you should include on your product page: 

  • A short but appealing description
  • SKU
  • Inventory quantities
  • At least five images that can be zoomed
  • Technical specifications
  • Materials
  • Attributes
  • Attachments (spec sheets, manufacturer documents, etc.)
  • Compliance and regulatory information
  • Accessories
  • Alternate / equivalent products
  • Related products

6. Improve navigation on Magento 2 B2B Features

Navigation is one of the most important things affecting on-site optimization. Sites with a deep structure can make it complicated to navigate. As a consequence, customers may have difficulties in finding what they want to buy. 

In B2B, websites are often more complex and technical. So, give visitors the simplest way to explore your B2B website with clear dropdowns, categories, subcategories, and granular data presented in a linear and logical way.

Tips to advance B2B features: 

  • Make sure you organize and categorize products properly. 
  • Use breadcrumbs to let visitors know where they are in your store.
  • Get support from Layered Navigation for Magento 2 for a smart filter. 

7. Optimize on-site search

When a customer really needs a product, they will directly search by the keyword related to that product on your store. In this case, your on-site search and filter should be optimized so that customers can perform a search with ease to find out the right item they want. Even if you have the best products, the poor searching function can make it nonsense. 

(BSS Commerce)

Tips to advance Magento B2B features: 

  • Put the search box where visitors can see easily a “call-to-action” sentence such as “search by product name or SKU.” 
  • Make this search box visible on all pages.
  • Support filtering with attributes like Colour, Material, etc. 

8. Make it mobile-friendly

“57% of mobile users say that they won’t recommend a business with a poorly developed mobile website.”

Mobiles have always increased in the number of users and become inseparable from everyone. Most of the time spent browsing the Internet, they use their mobile. If you don’t want to miss valuable customers, you must ensure visitors can surf your website smoothly across any device (mobile, desktop, and tablet). 


9. Integrate a chatbot

Chatbots are extremely useful and trendy in e-commerce which helps store owners to upsell and cross-promote products. Moreover, they can respond to your site visitor’s questions or concerns 24/7.


A chatbot motivates customers to leave their problems and interact more with your website. According to research by Genesys, a chatbot feature done right can result in a 50% reduction in customer cart abandonment at critical points in the customer journey. 

10. Optimize your site for search engines

Last but not least, good SEO practice is essential to make your online store friendly to both users and search engines. (Have a quick look at the Magento SEO Checklist for 20 notes in SEO.) 

Your product catalog is a powerful SEO booster you might not realize. Many B2B eCommerce sites hide their product catalogs behind login screens so only registered customers can see them. This mistake harms their SEO by preventing Google from indexing those pages.

If you have that mistake on your website, immediately tell your developers to make the product catalog indexable by Google and visible to non-registered users. 

Wrapping Up About Magento 2 B2B Features 

One very small improvement sometimes brings an amazing result. By applying any techniques above, your website will get closer to your customers’ hearts. 


In addition to those techniques, Magento 2 B2B Extension is a handy module for advanced Magento 2 B2B features you must know. By installing the package, your store will be supported with:

  • Access restriction
  • Price management
  • Ordering process
  • Time-saving refund
  • Quick reorder 

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