13+ Magento 2 Quick Order Extensions to Fasten Checkout Process

by Librah Do

In shifting offline to online, B2B businesses have to deal with a lot of challenges in ensuring an order placement process that flows well with the customer’s mindset. Although Magento 2 Quick Order extension is one of the Magento B2B solutions that many people find, not everyone knows clearly which benefits it brings for their business and how to choose the most effective product for their website.

Hottest Magento 2 Quick Order Extensions You Should Grab

When B2B eCommerce is increasingly popular and brings enormous profits to businesses, expectations, feelings, and requirements of wholesale customers also become stricter and more different compared with traditional methods.

Gradually, they’re expecting a self-service ordering experience as simple as B2C’s yet still full of B2B’s professionalism. The more effort you put into upgrading the order process, the easier it is to seal the deal.

Here, we’ve done the research and compiled the best-selling Magento 2 Fast order extensions on the market in 2022. The modules below are ranked at different price points, so you can always make a perfect choice depending on your budget.

Let’s explore and savor the best solution to the B2B order placement!

1. BSSCommerce Wholesale Fast Order for Magento 2 ($119)

Set at a reasonable price, the Magento 2 Wholesale Fast Order is truly a comprehensive tool for store owners with an average budget. If you’re having trouble getting yourself a useful extension at an affordable price, don’t skip this.


Magento 2 Wholesale Fast Order by BSS Commerce aims to optimize the customer ordering process by facilitating them to purchase quickly. Clients regard the module as a sharp weapon for B2B ecommerce sites. 

Obviously, without Magento 2 Wholesale Fast Order, B2B customers would have had to go through extremely complicated and slow actions of ordering with a long and lengthy product list.

Now, your customers can experience a more straightforward order and checkout process than ever. Gone are the days when customers had to visit each category to take targeted products.


Notably, a lot of users trust this module from BSS thanks to its unique Pre-populated products feature. The BSS pioneered the development of this function, which was a competitive advantage over the competition.

For more details, the algorithm helps display multiple products based on a customer’s purchase history whenever they access the fast order form. Not only does it help speed up order placement of B2B customers, but also increases sales volume for Magento store owners.


The pre-populated configuration will display a list of best-selling items on Fast Order form for first-time visitors. The point is admin users can modify this list; so it lets you add products that need a hard sell as a suggestion for B2B customers.

Using the extension, you’ll be fascinated by the multitude of benefits it offers. Magento 2 Wholesale Fast Order extension is really a must-have because it helps ease the B2B customer experience from site discovery to order process right before checkout, speed up purchasing decisions, reduce the burden on admin order management, and minimize seller’s support costs.


Outstanding features:

  • Search products by name and SKU;
  • Add multiple products to cart simultaneously in the blink of an eye;
  • Fasten searching by autocompleting keywords and supporting AJAX when customers type some characters on the search box;
  • Choose to open Fast Order form for certain customer groups; 
  • Allow admin users to customize the design;
  • Ensure maximum convenience for fast order with CSV import function;
  • Work with almost all Magento 2 product types, including simple product, configurable product, grouped product, downloadable product, virtual product, and simple product with custom options.

2. Quick Order – Dckap ($249)

Coming first at our list is a product from Dckap – a company specializing in digital commerce development. Their quick order form can be considered quite unique and eye-catching. 


While competitors place a fast order link to another page, the Dckap extension presents a quick order table on the popup, which minimizes the loading time and unnecessary redirection. 

As such, B2B customers can search and order products as quickly as possible without diving into all categories to find targeted products. 

Outstanding features:

  • Search and place the products right on the quick order popup, without redirecting to other pages;
  • Easily add products using dynamic rows in the popup;
  • Add multiple products quickly by specifying the SKU and the quantity of the products in a text area in the popup;
  • Configure the number of rows to be shown in the popup;
  • Change the no. of characters for product auto-suggest to work in the popup;
  • Allow admin to add quick order on any CMS Page using a widget option.


  • Be unable to view product images on the form;
  • Support only simple and configurable products;
  • Limit table customization in the backend settings; 
  • Quite expensive. 

3. Quick Order Extension – LandOfCoder ($199)

The second vendor offers premium-quality extensions, plugins, and apps for favorite platforms, including Magento and OpenCart. 


With the second-highest price on our list, the Landofcoder Magento 2 Quick Order extension ensures the most important features such as fast search, bulk order by SKU, and CSV file upload support.

Plus, if you’re looking for a module that allows you to design a few small sections of the fast order page, then this is for you. One feature that makes the extension sell at such a high price is the ability to order all Magento 2 product types in a single fast order form.

Outstanding features:

  • Experience AJAX, Elasticsearch & Bulk Order at ease;
  • Search for products by names or SKUs;
  • Allow to upload CSV file;
  • Display quick order field to type multiple SKUs;
  • Quickly order all Magento 2 product types, even simple products with custom options;
  • [HOT] Live update in quantity, price, and subtotal without loading;
  • Compatible with simple products (custom options), and bundle products.

4. Quick Order Extension – Evincemage ($159)

The main strength of Evincemage’s Quick Order module is allowing B2B customers to find products with SKU fast and conveniently. 


Moreover, admin users can add a limit for the number of products on each bill and enable the extension for specific customer groups.

Outstanding features:

  • Use SKU to find products;
  • Select and edit product quantity & attributes;
  • Remove selected product;
  • Set maximum results displayed when typing in the search bar;
  • Enable extension for customer groups.


  • Limited functionality at a high price point

5. Quick Order extension – Magezon ($129)

For anyone who wants to be able to customize the quick order’s design, it’s a good option. Using Magezon’s extension, you will be able to change the color of the heading and button, as well as allow customers to order all kinds of product types.


Frankly, not all of the Quick Order Magento 2 extensions we listed here work with all types of Magento 2 products. Therefore, this is a huge advantage that makes customers love it.

Outstanding features:

  • Enter Multiple SKUs and change quantity simultaneously;
  • utilize  the quick CSV import function for all product types;
  • Enable B2B customers to order all Magento product types in the form;
  • Setup the color of headings and buttons as you wish;
  • Display Quick order form for specific customer groups;
  • Save previous user actions in case they accidentally reload or go to another page. 

6. Magento 2 Quick Order by SKU – Amasty ($199)

Our next candidate can be considered as a prominent module among Magento 2 Fast Order providers. With must-have features, wholesalers can add products to cart by entering name or SKU without visiting countless product pages, or uploading a file of product lists they’ve compiled before. 


Yet, we appreciate the most the intuitive CSV file drag-and-drop tool on the form, which increases user interaction and saves time.

In short, this module has a wide range of premium features that can steal your heart. 

Outstanding features:

  • Activate instant product search by SKU/Name;
  • Put multiple products to the order list at once;
  • Let customers place quick orders via CSV and XML files;
  • Support visual drag-n-drop;
  • Enable buyers to choose custom product options;
  • Create an unlimited number of quick order lists.
  • Allow placing quick orders from the category pages

7. Quick Order – Wyomind (from €90)

Choose Quick Order of Wyomind if you’re seeking a tool that has advanced features like allowing users to add products from a text area. 


Similar to other competitors, standard functions, such as uploading CSV files and adding various products at once, are also included in this extension. Then, admin users can export the order list for future orders.

Outstanding features:

  • Quickly search products by SKUs and names;
  • Provide instant search results with autocomplete feature;
  • Accept filling multiple SKUs in the text area and quantities at the same time;
  • Process bulk orders via a CSV import file;
  • Export the list of your current products for future orders;


  • Lack of design solution to Magento 2 fast order form;
  • Unattractive frontend visuality; 

8. Magento 2 Quick Order Extension – MagePlaza ($199)

Not inferior to the competitors, This extension from Mageplaza also climbs quite high on the feature ranking chart.


At the shopping section, this extension can duplicate a row to select multiple products with various attributes. Then, you can change the design to match the store’s theme and grab customers’ attention.

Outstanding features:

  • Support API/GraphQL
  • Allow customers instantly search for products by names or SKUs;
  • Add products to the cart in bulk directly or via a CSV file;
  • Duplicate a row to select multiple products with different attributes;
  • Customize the design to match the store’s theme;
  • Custom URL & Page title;
  • Provide fast order link position;
  • Allow you to set up quick orders for groups

9. Advance Quick Order Magento 2 Extension – Setubridge ($59)

This is also a not bad suggestion for tight budgets that you shouldn’t miss.


Outstanding features:

  • Add multiple products to the cart with a single click;
  • Suggest product’s SKU to customers automatically;
  • Offer search suggestions and important search settings;
  • Accept CSV import to add all items to the cart;
  • Set the pre-populate rows.


  • Be compatible best with only simple products.

10. Quick Order for Magento 2 – Magedelight ($149)

It would be flawed when it comes to the mid-range module without mentioning the Magento 2 Fast Order extension from Magedelight. Bearing full basic features of a quick order module, their product helps your B2B customers order the desired products by specifying their SKU and quantity.


Outstanding features:

  • Search and order products using SKU from frontend;
  • Display ordered products’ details;
  • Add multiple products to cart using CSV file;
  • Target SKU feature to selected customer groups;
  • Activate/ Deactivate autosuggestion on SKU input;
  • Support all product types;
  • Allow Guests to use quick order feature;

11. Quick Order For Magento 2 – Webkul ($99)

Together we go through the list of supreme products, and the Webkul supplier once again lies among the top of our Magento market.


All operations from placing an order to navigating to another page happen in a snap through mouse clicks. 

In addition, this module can assist you in implementing effective marketing campaigns by limiting the product that customers can choose to encourage them to make a purchase again.

Outstanding Features:

  • Make checkout faster with a single click; 
  • Allow customers to search for products using SKU or Name;
  • Offer Ajax-based search for adding products to the cart;
  • Show basic details of the bulk order;
  • Upload mass products by CSV file; 
  • Allow both guests and logged-in customers to access the quick order form;
  • Support Simple, virtual, downloadable, configurable, bundled, and grouped product types.

12. Quick Order – The Commerce Shop ($49)

Our next bright star also helps create a satisfying shopping experience for B2B customers. Moreover, the strength of this module developed by The Commerce Shop is its reasonable price point. 


If you are looking for low-cost extensions with essential features like bulk orders, choose it.

Outstanding features:

  • Enable customers to add products to their cart massively;
  • Search products by name;
  • Work with simple, configurable and virtual products;
  • Be able to customize themes and layout design.

In-Depth Guide For Magento 2 Quick Order By SKU

How To Customize Design Of The Quick Order For Magento 2




Using the Quick Order for Magento, clients can stay on one page throughout their buying experience. They do not need to travel to other pages in order to pick product attributes. 

Retailers might benefit from the Magento 2 Default because they only buy in modest quantities. They frequently spend 10-20 minutes placing huge orders. It wastes a significant amount of time for internet buyers. Wholesale buyers can access the immediate search box and other functional buttons on the fast order page.



The instant search box plays a vital role in swiftly placing a purchase. Customers can enter one or more terms from the product’s name into the search box. A list of suggested goods emerges, complete with full name, image, and SKU. 

They can effortlessly select an object with a single click. Clients can add products to their cart or proceed to the checkout immediately if all product criteria, such as size, color, and number, are met.



With the quick order Magento 2 feature, it’ll attract your customers through instant search and Ajax uploading. Moreover, this functionality also speeds up the ordering process, moving forward with a lower cart abandonment rate.



Because wholesale customers value their time, you can win their hearts if you can save them time.

By giving them a quick order experience, you encourage them to return and place repeat orders in your store.



B2B customers must regularly purchase a particular number of products in each order. Searching for every product to add to the cart can probably lead to some mistakes.

With the help of add to cart in bulk feature, buyers can quickly create an order easier and quicker by a CSV file. Therefore, it’ll reduce errors compared to adding a large volume of product SKUs. 

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Sum Up

In brief, it has always been a challenge for every store owner to ensure a seamless shopping experience at the order step. Thus, don’t miss any possible technique to improve this. 

Above is a complete list of the best Magento 2 Quick Order extensions at diverse price ranges so that any budget can find the perfect choice for themselves.

Our final advice is to carefully consider the necessity, needs, and affordability of your B2B online business. That way, you can make the most accurate and beneficial decision for your Magento store.

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