Wanna Run Magento 2? – Meet System Requirements First!

magento 2 system requirement

Wanna Run Magento 2? – Meet System Requirements First!

Before the installation of Magento, it is critical to ensure that Magento 2 system requirements are met. Hence, you should read this article carefully to well prepare for running your stores smoothly and bug-freely. In general, there are three Magento 2 requirements you need to take into account: They are technology stack, support web browsers, and TLS – Transport Layer Security.

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Now, it is time to discuss today highlight “Magento 2 system requirements.”

1. Technology Stack Requirements

  • Operating system: Linux x86-64.

*Note: From our experience, CentOs is the most user-friendly Linux distribution to install, configure, fix errors, or migrate. Other alternatives are Ubuntu, Redhat, Debian, etc.

  • Memory requirement: at least 2GB of RAM recommended.

*Note: In case your current system is not large enough, please create a swap file Or else, you might sometimes encounter errors due to running out of the physical memory.

  • Composer: the latest stable version is your preferred choice.
  • Web servers: Be ready to Magento 2 Nginx as part of system requirement since Nginx has focused on high concurrency, high performance, yet low usage of memory. Apache 2.2 or 2.4 of Nginx 1.8 or the latest mainline version is the right for you.
  • Database: MySQL 5.6 APIs
  • PHP: PHP is the framework of Magento installation and configuration.
  • enable PHP distributions.
  • PHP settings: configure particular PHP settings, check here.
  • SSL: a valid security certificate for HTTPS
  • Mail server: Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) or an SMTP server

*Note: php_xdebug2.2.0 is optional but recommended since xdebug that can affect Magento installations or access to the storefront or Admin Panel post installation.

*Note: There are several differences in PHP system requirements for each Magento versions, as follow:

magento 2 system requirements

2. Magento Supported Browsers

The second of Magento 2 system requirements, of course, not the least is browser support. Please keep in mind that different browsers render websites in different ways. And, online customers nowadays use all kinds of browsers. Hence, the more browsers your site become compatible with, the wider your reach is.

To make it easier for you to prepare system requirements for Magento 2, we gather all recommended browsers in the following table.

magento 2 system requirements

3. TLS – Transport Layer Security Requirements

TLS protocol is required to ensure the privacy and data integrity between two communicating applications.

  • For repo.magento.com: Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.1 or later
  • For PayPal: Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2

Important notes: From June 2017, Paypal updated its services to require TLS version 1.2 for all HTTPS connections. If you do not want to be refused by this popular payment gateway provider, then pay your tight attention to this Magento 2 requirement.

Final Words

Please read carefully to ensure that you do not miss any Magento 2 system requirements before installing this platform. Also, feel free to leave comments about what you want us to go deeper inside any requirements, say, Magento 2 server requirements, Magento 2 hosting requirements, how to install Magento 2 composer or Magento 2 command line, etc.

Bonus: Security is the essence of online business, hence, read later: 

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