7+ Magento Extensions Store To Boost Your Online Performance

Magento extensions store comes with pre-installed functionality to help you quickly set up a user-friendly store. On the other hand, these features are intended to get you started and may be limited in scope and capability. Magento extensions store and plugins extend the capability of the platform. They enable you to design a user-friendly store that provides your clients with an enjoyable buying experience.

The following are some features that all user-friendly online stores have in common:

  • Accessible from any device, including a PC, tablet, or mobile phone
  • A basic menu for easy navigating that works on any browser
  • Good product presentation, well-designed sites, and well-organized content
  • A well-thought-out user experience from product to checkout
  • Forms and communication methods that are simple to use

Magento 2 Product Labels – BSS Commerce

Zara has mastered the art of keeping customers engaged in an era of rapid fashion and constant change. They are a fantastic example of a firm that maintains the freshness of its products!

According to a Forbes case study of H&M and Zara, their strategy is brilliant. Every two weeks, the business publishes new garments labeled “new arrivals” or “limited edition,” while rotating previous clothes in its stores to outlets. Zara has become synonymous with this tactic for many people.

And, of course, their clients appreciate it. Even those who aren’t Zara devotees are enthralled by the brand’s ever-changing range. This apparel company tailors both the basic products and the covers for them.


Product Label is a unique Magento 2 feature that allows merchants to create custom labels for their products. It is handy when you need to highlight a set of products with promotions or special offers. The labels can be made unique for stores and customer groups as well.

For merchants, increasing sales is a challenge. Thankfully, there is an easy way to make that happen. Magento 2 Product Labels extension allows you to highlight any product in a way that is most noticeable to users. It enables you to quickly build a label containing special offers, featured products, and more.

  • Freely upload your custom product labels for Magento 2 to use.
  • Drag and drop labels to choose the position.
  • Show various labels on one product.
  • Choose to show labels to targeted customer groups and store views.
  • Apply labels to multiple products by conditions.
  • Have full support for GraphQL API. Check out the user guide for more detail.

Magento 2 Pre Order – BSS Commerce

What will you do if some products on your website are temporarily out of stock or will be available shortly, and your customers have a strong urge to purchase them right now? The best solution is to create a Magento 2 pre-order function for these products. You won’t miss out on a lot of potential customers, and you’ll be able to expand sales without sacrificing earnings.

Magento 2 Pre Order extension will make pre-ordering with Magento 2 easier than ever for both store owners and customers!

  • Allow pre ordering out of stock and upcoming products
  • Be able to pre order product on category page
  • Replace Add to Cart button by Pre-Order button
  • Display notes and messages for pre-order products on product page, shopping cart and order details page
  • Edit Magento 2 Pre Order notes, buttons, and messages to be shown in the frontend
  • Manage previous orders  conveniently in the backend
  • Work with Multiple Source Inventory on Magento 2.3.x – 2.4.x


  • Code Optimization
  • API Support 
  • Compatible with SEO, Checkout Custom Field, Product Label Extension.

Slider Revolution Responsive Magento Extension Store

Slider Revolution 6 is a brand-new approach to create dynamic and rich content for your websites. You can build modern designs in no time with our sophisticated visual editor, and you don’t need any coding knowledge.

With great Add-Ons, you can make Sliders & Carousels, Hero Headers, Content Modules, Full Websites, Dynamic Solutions, and Special FX.

Our online library has over 200 templates. Designs that are cutting-edge. It’s simple to customize.




Our goal is to provide our loyal customers with the best possible experience. The Slider Revolution has reached version 6! So you can work faster, WordPress Builder includes an optimized editor with all choices grouped intuitively.

  • Improved usability
  • Work more quickly and efficiently.
  • Dark user interface that is easy on the eyes
  • Faster loading time

Instead of only allowing layer in/out animations, the Slider Revolution WordPress Builder has the ability to add multiple animation steps to each layer animation.

  • Easy to understand structure
  • In-depth animation settings
  • New easing types
  • Animation presets

 Magento Email Templates – Magento Extensions Store

 Are you tired of receiving boring emails after you complete a transaction? Your clients are in the same boat. Say welcome to stunning and colorful Magento email templates that are responsive and adaptable and language support.

Orders, invoices, registration, and more are among the twenty email template styles included in this plugin. Images, words, colors, and fonts may all be customized to fit your store’s aesthetic. It allows you to send emails with product images and links.

Magento 2 Popup – BSS Commerce

According to Forbes, even the father who devised light up or popup ads has apologized for the annoyance it causes, mostly because it interrupts harshly, or, at its worst, reluctantly pushes users to see what they do not want to see. However, it can also be attributed to the tool’s true ability to compelling users’ attention, which is powerful yet simpler than most tools.

In truth, retailers’ use of popups on the site could have a lot of good effects. It’s a must-have tool for blocking customers, showing them marketing messages, guiding them through promotions, product catalogs, or collecting their mailing addresses in one way or another. Back and forth, it’s a question of how relevant communications are and how they’re delivered that elicits positive or negative responses from users.


Nikki McGonigal, for example, reports that utilizing a popup form generates 1,375 percent more sign-ups than using a sidebar form. Finally, popups play an essential part in e-commerce and are regarded as a must-have marketing tool. Regardless, Magento does not support the creation of one by default.

Own this charming extension to create stunning Magento Popup for your sites! 

  • Create different types of popup
  • Set up display rule and pages
  • Target popup to customer groups and store views.
  • Visible on pages up to 6 positions
  • Offer 6 fascinating animations for pop-up
  • Config valid date, cookie expires, timer for popup display
  • Responsive on all devices
  • Free REST & GraphQL API support is coming soon

New updates!

  • Now support exit-intent triggered popup! Keep customers stay and engage with your online store!
  • 5 hottest Popup templates NOW ready to load and further customize!

Magento City and Region Manager (Magento1 and Magento2)

You may add states, cities, zip codes, and postal codes from all nations to your Magento store with this Magento 1 and Magento 2 extension. Customers will be able to easily select and add their own state, city, and zip code. On all front-end forms, such as the checkout billing address step, shipping address step, customer address step, and so on, these elements will be presented as dropdown list items.

Magento 2 Product Slider– Magento Extensions Store


You may use the Magento 2 Product Slider to display hot deals, specials, clearance products, bestsellers, and more. It has a built-in visual builder that lets you modify slider settings and tweak minute details on the fly, as well as see how they look in the live viewer. The plugin is compatible with mobile devices, touch devices, and a variety of screen resolutions.


We just looked at a few of the premium Magento extensions store that will extend or add new features to your store, making it more engaging, dynamic, and user-friendly.

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