A Bevy of Reliable Magento Resources – Even The Savviest Must Know

by Stephanie Greene

The fact that Magento is rich-featured and fully-customizable helps this platform stand out in the eCommerce world. However, it also means an ocean of knowledge you might swim in. Understanding all Magento 2 features, let alone making the most of them for your business, is such a challenge that can take years!

Sound like a headache you just want to get out immediately? – Hold on a second!

We give you a shortcut to access the best Magento resources. No need to search around all day wondering which to read. Just save this article to digest pieces of valuable knowledge whenever you have time.

All Magento resources are listed in order of the necessity of whether you are merchants or Magento developers. Also, the documents will somewhat Magento 2 – oriented.  

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Official Magento Resources

First and foremost, the Magento team knows their platform rather than anyone else. If you are looking for the most basic and high-quality documentation about Magento, set your search at Magento official resources.

1. Magento User Guide

Magento releases user manuals for all Open Source and Commerce versions with merchants in mind. It means if you are store owners, those tutorials must be your very first reads. In case you are developers, this Magento resource is also for you to know what Magento supports and what to improve.

Magento User Guide covers every functionality in Magento backend and frontend with step-by-step instructions, comprehensive explanation, visible screenshots, and reliable references.

Although both online and offline are available, we strongly recommend you to visit HTML links below. Do not bother going deep insight all features right from the start; you might get lost! Take a quick tour, here and there. The importance is you have an overview of Magento, know where to access your desired information; then come back later for more.

2. Magento Installation and Upgrade

You must refer to this Magento resource to update yourself on the newest Magento 2 installation and upgrade guide to build a productive site from the ground up, join the extension developer’s environment, or contribute to the Magento code base.

Honestly speaking, Magento Installation and Upgrade documents are suitable for developers or tech-savvy merchants. If you are not among those, just skip them.

3. Magento Developer Resources

Compared to other platforms, being a Magento developer will cost you more time to get accomplished. But believe us, you will feel far more passionate and involved.

Magento DevDocs is a developers’ resource to relieve your workload. “How-to” knowledge about extension development, frontend or backend design, installation, and configuration, etc. is available to deploy at all time.

4. Magento Release Documentations

Magento team must be thanked for their continuous effort to improve the Magento platform to be better and better with Magento release information and Magento patches. The release often includes multiple enhancements to Magento security, plus bug fixes, technical bulletins, and backward incompatible changes.

Remember to check the latest release frequently and get upgraded if needed.

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5. Other Resources

The following Magento resources are not urgent to read, but very useful to broaden your knowledge.

  • Magento Resources Library: Address your business needs by exploring webinars from Magento experts, videos on the trending eCommercial topics, and white paper publications.
  • Magento Blog: Favorite places for merchants and marketers to stay informed of the latest news, tips, advice, etc. and get inspired by successful customer stories.
  • Magento U: You can absolutely learn Magento freely using our recommended Magento resources. Or, save your precious time and effort by taking online courses with specialists. You have to pay in return.
  • Magento Certification: Mark you efforts and highlight the Magento 2 developer career with several cool badges. Take the challenge, study for it, and get certified!
  • Magento Channels: Navigate your way to Magento website, Magento Marketplace, Magento Community, Magento Forum and enjoy your interest.

Magento Resources on Contributors’ Websites


When searching for Magento, you can see thousands of sources writing about Magento. They are from dedicated members of Magento Community.

Currently, there are hundred thousands of participants from all over the world, and such the figure will definitely stop expanding.  Since those Magento resources are based on practical experiences with Magento, they are worth being taken into account. You even possibly obtain valuable knowledge that you cannot find in official Magento resources.

The question now coming to your mind: Among thousands out there, start where?

1. Blogs about Magento  

  • BSSCommerce Magento Blog: Why don’t you start right here with us? Articles under every topic are available at your fingertips: Magento Ecommerce, Magento Instruction, News & Updates, Magento 2 Extensions.

Try tasting our latest Big Idea, and you will love it right away: Everything You Need to Know about Magento.

  • Inchoo Blog: For those who might miss out on this fantastic Magento resource, Inchoo is the Full-Service Magento Agency with dozens of Certified Magento Developers and Solution Specialists. At this blog, you can find high-quality articles about Magento, Magento 2, UX/UI Design, eCommerce Talk, Online Marketing, and Dev Life.
  • Ben Mark’s Blog: Ben – the Magento Community Evangelist, is our favorite blogger. His devoted perspectives and insights get you updated on Magento work and trend, as well as inspire you new ideas contributing to Magento development.
  • Magenticians Blog: Whenever you bound into a technical problem, try searching here. You might find the answer available in easy-to-follow tutorials. Moreover, check frequently to get Magento news weekly updates and reviews from the community.
  • BelVG Blog: This Magento resource contains recent eCommerce news, professional opinions, expert experiences as well as observations shared by professional developers who have dealt with Magento for more than 7 years.

You can also refer to blogs of well-known Magento partners finding the right extensions and solutions to enhance your business performance:

  • Magestore Blog
  • Amasty Magento Blog
  • Aheadworks Magento Blog
  • Mageworx Magento Blog

2. Magento Experts You Need to Follow

Still, want to find other helping hands to get you out of information overload? Turn out; there are Magento superheroes who understand this platform in-and-out with a pack of hands-on experiences. Fortunately, in the age of social networks, their Magento wisdom is available right on Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.

  • @benmarksMagento Evangelist: Feel familiar, don’t you? Exactly right, we have already introduced you to his blog.
  • @guidoFounder of Dutchento: The author of the famous publications ‘What is Magento?” and “Persuasive e-commerce” as well as the owner of the “Community Builder Award” for his contribution.
  • @philwinkleMagento 5x Certified Developer: Phillips Jackson has nearly 6,000 fans on Twitter. Follow him to keep update on valuable knowledge.
  • @bobbyshawEcommerce Evangelist: This young man is the co-founder of Meanbee, an ecommerce development agency built upon Magento. You can get inspired by his dedicated career and useful advice on Magento.
  • @SherrierohdeMagento Community Manager: The lady with a warm smile is willing to support you on Magento Community as well as on Twitter.
  • @magentogirlPractice Lead at Magento Services: Kimberely Thomas is the well-known female Magento developer and speaker who will update you on Magento trend.

3. Best Books About Magento

If you are a bookworm, you might like keeping books to read at your leisure time, and we are glad to recommend you several names always available on Amazon.

  • Magento: Beginner’s Guide: This guide was built with the absolute beginner in mind. Without tech savvy, you can also explore how to install, configure, and manage your Magento store.
  • Mastering Magento 2: This book can make your first step in Magento much more relaxed with 11 comprehensive chapters covering the overall of Magento.
  • Learning Magento 2 Administration: Another publication by Bret William for those wanting to learn how to use Magento 2 from the backend.
  • Magento Search Engine Optimization: Providing excellently-written and well-organized tutorials, this book is ideal to get familiar with SEO in Magento.

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  • Magento 2 Development Essentials: It is a Magento resource for devs to create custom solutions, themes, and extensions effectively.
  • Magento 2 Developers’ Guide: A guide through the logic, file structures and setup of Magento 2 that is firmly aimed at PHP developers.

4. Communities to Hire Best Human Resources

Besides knowledge sources, Magento store owners also pay high attention to where to hire the best developers. If you have the same concern, congratulate you end the right place. Below are Magento resources to employ talented and dedicated human resources.

Find Developers:

  • Commerce Hero: Home to hundreds of Magento developers (heroes) who are available to work for your business.
  • UpWork: Another place to search for the top talent freelancers from Magento 2 developers, editors, designers, etc.
  • Stack Overflow – Jobs: Not only post any concerns about Magento technical issues, but you can also find freelance developers there.
  • Github – Jobs: Post a listing of the job requirement and evaluate the ideal candidates in a breeze. However, it will cost you $450.00 per listing.
  • Freelancer: Millions of freelance Magento 2 developers are ready to turn your ideas into reality.  

Find Agencies:

  • Magento Partner: Browse Magento partners (solution & technology) and pick your most suitable agency.
  • Magento Insider: Get supported for small Magento 2 development projects from the certified team.
  • Community Hero: Easily sort to Magento 2 developer agencies by ranking, location, partner type, etc.

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Wrapping Up

Above we have provided you a list of nearly 50 Magento resources. Take every documentation into account since all of them are useful. Obviously, you cannot read entirely within several days. Feel free to save this sharing on your browser to digest whenever you want.

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We wish you a nice working day!

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