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Magento Vs. Vtex Comparison: What Are The Differences?

The rapid increase of E-commerce results in the development of numerous store-building platforms. These platforms started to gain their reputation for the versatile features they offer. In this article, we would like to mention two famous brands, which are Magneto and VTEX. So which one is more preferable: Magento vs VTEX. Let’s dive in to find out in the comparison details below.

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Magento vs VTEX Overviews

Magento 2


Introduced in 2008, Magento gradually became one of the most famous E-commerce platforms due to its ability to self-host on any PHP hosting. Magento is preferred among large retailers like Samsung or Nespresso and thousands of small Ecommerce operators. With Magneto, users can get a wide range of features, from basics to advances. 

Besides, Magento is generated to handle versatile tasks, traffic flow, thousands of products, and large sales figures. In other words, if you already have a solid e-commerce model and experience in website development, this platform is for you.

Gaining outstanding success with Magento 1.0, Magento introduced Magento 2.0 in 2015 and Magento 2.4 in 2020 to the market. Some significant changes in this latest version include PHP 7.4 support, MySQL 8.0, new Elasticsearch 7X, and Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

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1.2. VTEX 


Operated nine years earlier than Magneto, VTEX is one of the leading commerce platforms that serve versatile tasks for enterprises in one solution. Since 1999, VTEX has provided a powerful E-commerce platform to more e-commerce giants like Walmart, Sony, Coca Cola or Nestle. 

VTEX has had over 3000 users in around 40 countries over the years. They help retailers have a better online platform to appear on the top page, sell more products on large scale, eliminate the inventory and expand product categories.

Magento Vs Vtex Comparison – What’s The Difference? 

2.1. Platform

VTEX VS Magento 2 may be initially different in software, which is open source and SaaS. 

When it comes to open-source innovation, Magento is one of the leading industry leaders among E-commerce enterprises. It acts as an open community to extend new features. The website owner can modify, enhance and have more control over the program. We can address security patches, site hosting, and guarantee that the core of Magento software stays healthy. However, the accessibility of Magento sometimes can lead to unexpected maintenance.

Unlike Magento, VTEX uses SaaS (Software as a service). It is a cloud-based program to deliver applications over the Internet as a service. The core software is under the control and maintenance of VTEX, which is operated by the SaaS provider’s servers. It means that SaaS service can reduce the unpredicted problems that open-source platforms may face up to. You can let VTEX do tasks only by accessing the program via the Internet.

2.2. Licensing 


Magento offers three paid licensing types: Commerce Cloud, commerce and open source, while Magento Community is completely free. The price of these three types varies from $0 to about $200,000 per year. Also, Magento Enterprise license fees start at $20,000 or more per year. 

VTEX is priced on a sliding scale. The price starts at $250 + 3% revenue sharing and goes low as 0.5 percent revenue sharing for larger enterprises. With the price that VTEX offers, customers are free to experience a wide range of significant features like security. 

2.3. SEO & marketing

magento vs vtex comparison

One of the great things about Magento is that it provides a convenient marketing kit to get everything you want, from standard to advanced tools. Like advertisement and Email marketing on the site, for example. No extra marketing tools are needed.

Besides, Magento 2 can automatically generate standard SEO tools and also allows you to change some features yourself. Both versions of Magento are upgraded to provide mobile optimization to customers. Your website can show up nicely on smaller devices like mobile search pages and top pages of search engines. For quantity discounts, Magento also offers multi-tier prices and a solid email marketing platform that encourages customers to buy more with these discounts. 

While Magento introduces an all-in-one marketing software, VTEX uses one platform for both marketplace and commerce. VTEX is open to B2B, B2C, and local stores by automatically synchronizing products and onboarding new vendors as well. Your enterprise can expand product assortment, as well as gain more sales, and cooperate with channels over all customer touchpoints. Additionally, SEO is well-optimized for both short-term and long-term strategies for sustained growth.  

2.4. Security 


Now let’s take a look at the other comprehensive Magento vs VTEX feature comparison. Here, we can compare genuine information about the security features of both platforms, which will help you make a better rational decision.

When it comes to your site protection, Magneto 2 offers various great security functions. They even operate a Security Center to resolve the protecting problem. Unfortunately, the security function does not work if you use Magento as an open-source store. During the time between the issuance of a new security patch and installation, your site can be at risk of malicious actions like server attacks, or site defacement. You better update your software to the latest version for better protection.

Magento also offers PCI-compliant hosting to pass PCI scans. It is a must to follow the rules that make your site compliant itself. Other extensions and add-ons require security patches to strengthen security barriers. 

Also, VTEX provides a safer environment that secures your big data, from server attacks to payment history. It helps minimize your PCI Compliance footprint. VTEX helps reduce the risk of malicious attacks during installation time. 

2.5. Ease of use 

Unfortunately, Magento is only for technical experts. You can only use the platform if you have enough experience and knowledge of coding and web development. In other words, Magento can only operate, requiring a large budget of a solid and long-term business. The self-hosting is fast and easy to use, and everything is consolidated on the navigational menu, such as customers, products, promotions, sales, and reports.

VTEX aims at the same target customer as Magento, a large e-commerce enterprise. That is why it is also tricky to operate a website without experience. The drawback is that the inadequate software interface sometimes makes the basic task confusing. As a result, you better have a dedicated operating team who has knowledge and experience in website development to run this platform properly. 

2.6. Support 

Magento has a knowledge base, forums for chatting with other users, and all the resources to conduct your research, in addition to an informative blog. The drawback is that only the Commerce and Commerce Cloud edition can provide customer service, and there is no official support. Since you have to run the software on your own, it is a bit difficult for Magento Enterprise to come up with specific supports.

magento vs vtex marketing SEO comparison

Unlike open-source platforms, the software is under control and support as any other SaaS platform. They can more easily see your VTEX instance from the inside out, make suggestions, offer feedback, and also recommendations. 

2.7. Extensions

Magento offers about 3500 extensions that divide into various categories, such as Accounting & Finance, Content & Customizations, Customer Support, Marketing, or Payments & Security. All the apps and add-ons are customized and designed following Magento 2 standards. The price for each service may reach over $10000, and there is no charge for Magento integrations. However, it may have a monthly fee or outset costs. 

Alt text: Magento vs VTEX extension comparison 

In VTEX, apps and add-ons are created to integrate and connect closely with a merchant’s VTEX store, with the same methods as to how apps work on your mobile phone. You can easily activate extensions all in your VTEX instance with more VTEX support. VTEX always fixes and upgrades software infrastructure to introduce the best experience to their merchants. As a result, VTEX IO was born to take advantage of cloud-based software to provide apps and extensions to sellers. 

Furthermore, when it comes to enterprise-level, Magento knocks Vtex out. Magento has long been known as a hard-to-beat rival in the B2B eCommerce world, thanks to a plethora of crucial B2B features that can lift your wholesale online store to a whole new level. Apparently, Magento 2 B2B features outplay that of Vtex.


The Rundown Of Magento 2

For this VTEX vs Magento 2 comparison, the information is divided into various easy-to-follow categories. We can tell some of their advantages and drawbacks that include below.


  • An open-source platform that offers free install and download
  • Fast loading page
  • Various payment gateways
  • Larger capacity
  • Ability to secure
  • High scale that is suitable for big E-commerce
  • SEO friendly-use
  • Multi-store view


  • Needed experience and high-tech skill
  • Not the best choice for beginners or small business

The Rundown Of Vtex


  • Automatic maintenance and security 
  • High traffic flow conversion rate and scalability
  • The security is safer
  • serve the versatile requirements of large businesses in one solution
  • API based


  • Pricing is only based on annual sales 
  • Charge transaction fee for each sale 

More importantly, for merchants, you can’t miss the available B2B features of Magento vs Shopify vs BigCommerce – three giants in the eCommerce world.

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After the thorough Magento vs VTEX difference analysis, we have divided these features into 7 main components. Obviously, we can see that both platforms offer great features to their merchants. While Magento offers a convenient open-source platform, VTEX can be a wonderful option for those who experience SaaS. 

The in-depth VTEX VS Magento comparison reveals that VTEX has the best value for users due to its convenience. It is clear that VTEX provides a fair price to its merchants, which resonates with the features and quality pretty good. When it comes to SEO and marketing, the best terms are offered by Magento, while VTEX does not fall behind. 

In the end, the comparison of overall key features discloses that VTEX is more friendly-to-use. They are willing to listen to their customers and show credibility in this rapidly-changing field of e-commerce. 

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