New Released Magento 2 Extensions in June

New Released Magento 2 Extensions in June

New Released Magento 2 Extensions in June

In the continuous flow of Magento 2 extension breakthrough, BSSCommerce is very glad to launch three excellent Magento 2 modules to help store owners to enhance the shopping experience for customers as well as improve management process.

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Order Delivery Date for Magento 2

One of the biggest drawbacks of Magento 2 default is not allowing customers to choose delivery options such as date and time to receive orders, which causes much inconvenience for customers when they want to customize their delivery. Therefore, Order Delivery Date for Magento 2 is a useful tool to help store owners optimize their shipping process to consumers.


Outstanding features of Magento 2 version:

–  Add delivery options into Shipping Method for customers to select: Delivery Date, Time Slot, and Shipping Arrival Comment. Customers can easily choose their most suitable delivery date and time for their orders

–  Set up time and dates and also disable delivery date in the backend at ease

–  Show Delivery date information in Order, Shipment and Credit memos

– Add delivery date information into email templates

To experience Order Delivery Date for Magento 2, let’s try the demo to get well about it.


Configurable Product Grid Table View

If you are looking for an extension to bring a better display for configurable products in Magento 2, Configurable product Grid Table View is an ideal choice for your store. This module will replace the default drop-down list by showing simple products in a table with other necessary information such as product availability, price, quantity, and subtotal.

alt="configurable-product-grid-table-view-for-magento 2"

You can see more detailed features as below:

–  Display children products of the configurable product just in a simple table instead of the drop-down list as Magento default.

– Add multiple products to cart simultaneously with a single click

– Show product price range

– Disable module for some specific customer group as your demand

Try the demo to find out all of these above-highlighted features:



Auto Invoice

If you want to save time for your own in the order management process, take consideration of Auto Invoice for Magento 2 as a useful tool to automatically generate invoice or shipment as well as send invoice and shipment emails to customers right after they finish their orders.


Three excellent features of Auto Invoice for Magento 2 include:

– Automatic invoice and shipment generation

– Automatic invoice and shipment emails

– Support multiple payment methods

– Save management time for administrators

Try the following demo to understand this module: 



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