Odoo Community vs Enterprise

The differences between Odoo Community vs Enterprise


Are you finding the difference between Odoo Community vs Enterprise? You do not know how to choose the better edition of Odoo for your business? Let’s explore the answers from BSS Commerce! We hope that you can find something interesting and useful for your business.

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About Odoo and its history

Odoo is known as an open-source business management software. It is web-based software. Formerly, it was OpenERP – which was a traditional ERP player. As an open-source application, Odoo can be free to download via the internet without having licensing fees. Now, Odoo is available in the cloud and on-premise and it can be used by all sizes of businesses.

Open ERP has built a network of more than 500 partners all over the world. In 2013, they served around 2,000,000 users worldwide. With the urge to establish a large network and reach more customers all over the world, OpenERP decided to change its identity from an ERP software to an all-in-one business management software. 

Then Odoo starts to build a partner network along with investing in R&D to improve their product. Finally, they decided to change their business model from a service company to a software company.

Odoo Community vs Enterprise

Odoo Community vs Enterprise

In the beginning, OpenERP concentrated on becoming more and more popular among other ERPs. The earlier business model of it was services-based, so they may not be able to invest time and effort in improving their product which made them have to think that it was time for them to make changes.

So, OpenERP releases open-source CMS, eCommerce as well as business intelligence engines along with a suite of applications. However, the functions of ERP are unchanged, the main highlight was management applications such as accounting, CRM, and inventory,…

Gradually, Odoo became one of the fastest-growing companies in Belgium from 2002 to 2011. Then Odoo also became one of the management software with around 1000 installations per day.

Every month, Odoo can release a number of 60 modules. This made them become the Wikipedia of management software.

Currently, Odoo/ OpenERP has two versions: Odoo Community vs Enterprise. So, let’s take a look at those versions.

About the Odoo community 

In the past, Odoo just had only one version and it was free, open-source, and supported by the Odoo community. However, it was not accessible to mobile-friendliness as well as advanced features and modules asked for the smooth functioning of many large businesses.

It is one of the basic versions of Odoo with minimum features. However, in order to overcome the hurdles and improve the business functionalities, Odoo released the enterprise edition.

About Odoo enterprise 

In 2015, Odoo released Odoo enterprise. There was a big change when releasing the Odoo enterprise for the first time. It was installed with many advanced modules and features at many additional costs.

While the community version is open-source, which is free, the enterprise version has added many commercial features and services such as iOS and Android apps. The most important point is that the Odoo enterprise model is not open-sourced, and the code is given only by official Odoo partners and Odoo itself.


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The differences between the Community Odoo vs Enterprise

User Interface

The Odoo Enterprise Version is available on mobile and desktops, and the Odoo Communication Edition is available on desktops. In addition, the Odoo Community version uses a standard interface, while the Odoo Enterprise version uses nice and quick navigation.    

Studio Access

You can freely customize your system directly inside the application. The users of Odoo Enterprise Edition could work with Screen Customization, Report Designer, Menus Editor, and Apps Creator. Those features are not just available to CE users and impose a bit of limitation on Odoo customization. Therefore, when you use this module, you just can modify the database, not the system code.


The accounting app can easily be accessed by not only Odoo Community vs Enterprise users, however, but the users from those versions are also limited to taking payments and invoicing modules only. At the same time, just the Enterprise Edition users can get access to the accounting suite.

Project Management

While the Enterprise Edition has provided features like employee timesheets and forecasting. The Community Edition has not kept these features since small businesses at the essential level do not prefer the functionality of forecasts and employee timesheets.

Sales Management

Both Odoo Community vs Enterprise Edition users can get access to CRM, Customer portal, and Sales. The Enterprise Edition users can access VoIP integration, subscriptions, digital products, helpdesk, and e-signature.

Human Resources

Both two versions of Odoo can use essence HR functions such as employee database, expenses, leaves, and recruitments. In addition, the Enterprise Edition users can hire Odoo developers in order to get modules for appraisals and department-level dashboards for their employee insights.

Inventory management

Both Odoo Community and Enterprise can support inventory management and purchasing management. However, Odoo Enterprise Edition users can get access to many additional modules such as barcode support, and integration with the main shipping companies such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

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Inventory management


Odoo Community and Enterprise can support MRP features. In addition, Odoo Enterprise Edition also can support PLM, Quality, Maintenance, and shipping integration.

Website Builder

Users from two versions can access basic website building factors, blog templates as well as presentations. In addition, Odoo Enterprise Edition users can also be able to access Call – to – action Blocks, Form Builder, Versioning, and A/B Testing to improve visitor engagement.


Both versions give the users the admission to build full-scale eCommerce stores. In addition, Odoo Enterprise Edition users also support extra features such as eBay connector, payment integration, and Amazon connector.


Odoo Community Version and Odoo Enterprise Edition support feature like Event, Live Chat, email marketing and Expresses. However, Odoo Community Edition users can not access marketing automation, lead scoring, and email marketing templates.

How to choose the better version for your business?

Before implementing Odoo ERP,  you should think carefully about the version you choose. In addition, you should make a comparison between the two versions: Odoo Community vs Enterprise.  To choose the right ERP version, you should find out the answers to the following two questions:

  • Define the scope of the ERP implementation. Which Odoo modules/apps do you want to apply for your business?
  • Determine your business situation: How many employees does your business have? What is your budget for ERP implementation? What is the working quality of your team?

In case you are still hesitant to implement Odoo Enterprise for the first time, you can start with the Odoo Community edition first. In the future, you can completely upgrade to the Odoo Enterprise edition when you can afford it. 

However, if you still have problems with choosing which version is more suitable for you, BSS Commerce can help you to deal with those problems. You just need to contact us and all you need to do is wait for our solutions. This is extremely important because the version of ERP you choose will stay with your business in the long run.

BSS Commerce – a reliable e-commerce solution provider

When you choose to cooperate with us, BSS Commerce can ensure to find out the simplest and the most effective solution that can centralize your business into one place at all times.

BSS Commerce - a reliable e-commerce solution provider


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Currently, we have provided many Odoo development services:

  • Consulting: our business analyst will identify the optimal management system for your requirements. In addition, during the Odoo consulting, our experts can resolve any problems and improve the current operation to become more effective.
  • ERP Development: Are you finding the agency to integrate Odoo POS, CRM, eCommerce, Inventory, and Accounting into one place? BSS Commerce will provide you with the services of the highest security during the process of development in order to protect your data and internal access at any expense.
  • Module Development: We are confident in developing Odoo apps/ modules which are user-friendly and versatile products. In addition, we believe our effort to develop the module will prevent your business from any website performance risks.
  • Website Development: We commit to providing you with an optimized UX/ UI website design and a huge resource of website development in order to enhance the customer journey. In addition, we also apply the most modern technology to have an adaptable and scalable website that can develop your business.
  • Theme Development: We can build a frontend theme to enhance your brand identity and a backend theme for your team to navigate the system faster and faster.
  • Customization: If you want to accelerate your store, BSS Commerce will be one of your most effective solutions as we can customize the features for a customizable customer experience that will surely speak for your image and optimize your workflow.
  • Implementation: We can support you in the process of migration and writing data to the latest version of Odoo. In addition, we also ensure to protect your database and avoid any risks related to data loss. After the migration process, we also support you in the development, customization, and integration process for your new home.
  • Integration: It is easy to understand that integrating the Odoo ERP system with the available eCommerce platform is quite difficult. So, to deliver an integrated management system for a store, we have to implement the Odoo integration so smoothly to make sure that there will be no gap between those solution providers.
  • Maintenance: Our expert will ensure your Odoo system performs at its peak at all times. In addition, we are always available to support our customers in a timely manner in order to deal with any issue with minimal consequences. We also notify the risks and give the solutions to deal with any arising issues.

If you have any problems related to Odoo, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be available to deal with any problems from your business at the most competitive cost.

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