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Top 5 Outstanding Odoo features for the best eCommerce Odoo Integrations

by Jayden Nguyen


If you are an eCommerce veteran, you are probably already familiar with Odoo and Odoo features. If you are not, then here is a quick introduction: Odoo is a popular open-source ERP and business software. These two main sides have been merged into one management solution, and it is incredibly capable. Such Odoo integrations are what make the whole system highly adaptable and powerful. Odoo, therefore, is a very attractive candidate for your technology journey in the eCommerce field. 

In today’s article, we are going to show you the top 5 most significant Odoo features that will turn your platform into an ideal eCommerce website. Scroll down to start reading!

Do you know Odoo 15? 

Introducing Odoo 15 – The latest Odoo version 

odoo 15

With the reputation of being a global-scale ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) suite, Odoo is always expected to bring out the top technology. And oh does it deliver: The company releases an upgraded version along with appropriate variations and fixes every year without fail. Following the tradition, Odoo introduced Odoo 15 in October 2021 and blew the eCommerce world away at once with this new version’s quality.

What’s So New About It?

If the Odoo 14 – released in the previous year – was already an impressive technology advance, Odoo 15 is by far the speediest, most advanced, and most high-performing tool ever made by the company. Additionally, in this latest version, Odoo included many new Odoo features, modules, as well as amazing functions. According to experts, with many advantages like that, Odoo 15 will “allow businesses to run more efficiently and effectively.”

Now, this is time for us to look at the 5 best Odoo features and Odoo integrations available in Odoo 15. Maybe you are planning to move from Odoo 14 to Odoo 15, maybe you are a total newcomer – it doesn’t matter here. The next sections will convince you to get Odoo a.s.a.p. 

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Top 5 Odoo Features, Ranked by BSS Commerce

Not to brag, but we at BSS Commerce know our tech pretty well. Using the knowledge and experience, we’ve put together this list for you only. These wonderful Odoo features are all must-haves that will transform your eCommerce website. Don’t trust me? Let’s dive into it right now.

Website Builder

odoo website builder


Perhaps one of the most well-known Odoo features of all time, Website Builder is the perfect tool to, well, build the website. But it’s not a regular website setup tool: Website Builder is gorgeous, highly capable of most themes, time-effective, and especially easy to use. 

This website designing aid is displayed in a grid layout, which looks friendly to users and also allows them to simply try options out. All you need to do is to click and drag the ones you choose to their place, and ta-dah, you are finished. The View Demo function is always ready to generate a preview of what you have done so far so you can fix or change things in time. This way, even if you are not a professional developer or designer, creating a stunning eCommerce website is no longer an unachievable task.

The contents Website Builder provides you with are very diverse. There are animations, background color, images, etc. In short, anything you can think of to make your dream website look great, Odoo’s got it. And if you want to change or add more Odoo features later, the settings area of the website is where to go: Click there, pick what you want, and leave it to Odoo to handle the rest. 

Two of the most attention-worthy Odoo features and Odoo integrations you should consider getting are the Google Map addition and the Multi-Languages option. These two works perfectly for both small-to-medium businesses and giant corporations.

Website Builder and its functions also highly benefit developers. Odoo 15 can automatically manage the coding in the background, which means all the designing on the surface can be done without further worry and complications.


odoo multi website

Every eCommerce website manager knows the struggle of running multiple platforms at the same time. How do you maintain consistency? How do you make sure they all generate benefits (preferably) at the same pace? It’s a huge challenge, even for the most professional people within the industry.

Therefore, Odoo offers Multi-Website as a solution to assist managers in managing all of their websites from one database only. Besides the obvious benefit, this also gives the admins the choice of putting what products on which sites particularly.

Multi-Website allows you to manage several websites in a single admin’s position. Every other detail like product records, orders, feedback,… is going to be kept at the same place too. Don’t worry about making mistakes though, because this awesome function still makes sure you can separate and apply unique UI, domain names, payment methods, price lists, and beyond. 

Creating and managing a whole network with one simple click? No wonder why Multi-Website is one of the best Odoo features ever!

SEO Optimization

odoo seo optimization

Smooth SEO optimization has always been a strong point of Odoo integrations. With Odoo 15 and the latest Odoo features, this is even more accurate. 

Using SEO Optimization, users can set up the necessary attributes like main keywords, meta description, etc., easily from the frontend of the site. There are many other tools to apply here, with no complexities involved of course. Some of our favorite options are Social Network and Social Share, Image Optimization, Browser Caching, Odoo Mailing, and Language Annotation. Super helpful for all marketing masters out there.

SEO Optimization does not only manage the frontend, it also runs the backend with incredible efficiency. It tracks your website performance diligently with Google Analytics, which helps a ton with controlling the coming data and utilizing it for further business decisions. By perfecting the content relevancy and feedback in real-time, Odoo SEO Optimization is what you need to aim for the right products, services, and audiences.

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Real-time Product Update

odoo real time product update

Up next on the list is Real-time Product Update, a game-changer in the supply chain game, brought to you by Odoo eCommerce. Being partly an ERP module, Odoo is familiar with the importance of displaying products and lining up potential updates. With that in mind, Odoo Real-time Product brings out the multi-location concept, which allows the admins to control their warehouse-wise stocks uniformly.

Using Odoo Real-time Product, you can add products and manage the inventory for your eCommerce vendors. Other side tasks such as uploading sample photos, setting stock levels bulk-import all products from other databases, and many more, are never easier than now.

The admin of the site can also speed up the shipment process and track packages via Odoo integrations with famous shipping providers like UPS, DHL, USPS, and FedEx. Thanks to the high performance from Odoo, it’s simple to keep track of every package’s status, analyze the order history, which will for sure strengthen your customer relations.

Payment and shipping functions

odoo payment and shipping

Payment and shipping is the last step in an online shopping experience. This is why this step is very important, and every business should pay attention to it. With that being said, we are coming to the last one on this top 5 list: The impressive Odoo integrations of Payment and Shipping Methods. 

In Odoo 15, customers can pay and pick shipping options through Customer Portals or from an Odoo eCommerce Website. The options for both are super diverse. Buyers can easily hop from payment gateways PayPal or Adyen to Buckaroo and Ogone and more. When it comes to shipping, Odoo partners up with pretty much all famous delivery companies like FedEx, USPS, DHL, etc. Odoo customers, therefore, are always blessed with an easy checkout process. 

This is, needless to say, a huge Kudo for a business’ user experience. Who doesn’t love responsive, user-friendly, and speedy payment and shipping? Additionally, the website owner can customize this entire section however and whenever you see fit. Odoo integrations are always here to assist even with different payment systems, delivery methods, cross-selling, and beyond.

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Wait, there’s more!

Besides these 5 Odoo features above, Odoo 15 also introduced remarkable updates that will work wonders for your eCommerce site. Check them out!


Sales and POS

odoo pos

One of the updates targeting the eCommerce scene specifically, Odoo 15 Sales and POS offer many handy functions. Besides entirely fresh page layouts and a new promotion program, users can also expect improved gift card support, a product filtering system, add-in customer signature, and securing options for orders and shipping. 


Increased functionality

odoo functionality

Odoo 15 allows users to edit charts and data views through the Odoo studio. That means you can import products, update spreadsheets, and adjust details like real-time collaboration, edit bar, formula assistant, etc. all in one place.


odoo accounting

In Odoo 15, website owners can generate CSV files and up to 1099 reports in bulk. Furthermore, this function also allows NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association) files generation, which is incredibly helpful for payment. This is especially true if your company scale is big.  


Inventory Adjustments

odoo Inventory Adjustments


The inventory aspect of Odoo 15 comes with new filters, which can discover negative data. Another significance is the cycle counts on inventory locations, automatically activated based on a previously set up schedule. 


Social tools


It’s 2022, and social media is as big as ever for worldwide businesses. Odoo 15 has included Instagram in its Odoo integrations. Now, you can easily switch between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram without any bother. 

How to implement Odoo?

We’ve been going through some amazing Odoo features and Odoo integrations. For the impressed readers, the natural question at this point would be: So how can we kickstart an Odoo eCommerce website? Here’s a fool-proof 4-step Odoo implementing instruction. 


odoo planning

Just like with any other technology project, planning is the first task to tackle. During this process, you and your developing team need to sketch out the main objectives, existing resources, and a basic framework of actions. Current data are also something for you to analyze, calculate and formalize to prepare for the setting up later.


odoo designing

Designing is the part where your specific needs, requirements, and vision are examined. Based on the result, developers will work out certain short-term planning documents, user instructions, operational processes, etc. so that you can always follow the project closely.


odoo building

We’d like to call this part “get down and dirty.” All the heavy liftings lay here: developing a core system, controlling its performance and capability, customization, data migration, etc. There are a lot of things to do to make sure an Odoo eCommerce website can operate smoothly later. In some cases, developers will even need to go over (and do over) everything, again and again. 

Test & Publish

odoo test

After developing successfully, the team will run the standard tests to check if there are any bugs or problems that need fixing. They will also focus on user training as well as finishing up data migration. And that’s the end: Now you have a new, shiny Odoo eCommerce website ready to be up and running!

Reach out to BSS Commerce Odoo services

The above quick breakdown of an Odoo implementation may seem simple, but without professional hands, it could be very challenging. Being a multi-purpose platform that offers incredible modules and features, Odoo deserves to get done right by a good agency. If you are searching for one, BSS Commerce is one of the best choices available on the worldwide market. 

With BSS Commerce’s Odoo Development Services, the most integrated, professional, and efficient eCommerce solution is no longer too far away. Our experienced team of experts guarantees to deliver the best only at reasonable prices. Furthermore, our services have already included full-time support, strict data privacy, and the right amount of time for your business to grow. 

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To sum up

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Odoo is a superior eCommerce platform. Odoo, with the assistance of Odoo features and Odoo integrations, can empower your system like nothing you’ve seen before. That is why understanding these features and how to use them are very important to boost your eCommerce site to the next level. 

Our article has supplied you with the most necessary info about Odoo’s current top features. Now it’s time for you to shine. 

If you find yourself needing help to get there, you know where’s to look for us: https://bsscommerce.com/contact

Don’t forget to follow our blog and enjoy our diverse articles on all eCommerce topics. Until next time.


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