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What is Odoo Saas? How can it help your business?

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Are you looking for an effective Odoo Saas Kit to begin your own Odoo Saas Services? Are you researching how Odoo Saas can support your business? Those questions will be answered in this article. Keep reading, and you will learn useful information about Odoo Saas, its features, and the benefits of using it.

About Odoo and Odoo Saas

Odoo Saas


Odoo is a versatile and highly flexible resource management software all over the world. Besides, this single application is established upon modules/apps that provide users with the permission to run, track and control different operations in their own business.

The applications can be quickly and easily installed in the Odoo ERP application so that the system can easily realize the plethora of operations, including sales management, customer management, inventory management, purchase management, email marketing, and much more.

Odoo Saas

Currently, Odoo as a Saas can provide the users with the same Odoo ERP software via the Internet.

Odoo Saas is known as a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and provides access to users via the Internet. In addition, Saas stands for Software As A Service which is a budding concept today, and this trend tends to soar in the future.

This Saas Kit of Odoo is a well-tested and proven site management system that allows PayPal payments. There is a framework for establishing membership-based applications combining account upgrades, tiered pricing levels, and multi-tenant data security in just a single database. So, let’s explore more about the Odoo feature.

Features of Odoo SaaS

Odoo Script Software as a Service offers many features. Let’s explore its features with us!

Odoo Instance

  • Whenever you need Saaskit, a new Odoo instance will be created
  • The new Odoo instance will be created manually by the user or a scheduler. It can be used with the aim to create instances for all the orders
  • Providing Odoo instances with all Odoo features for the modules in a purchased plan
  • Automatically sending the detail about the login to the email address that is registered by the customer.
  • Log in to the customer’s Odoo Saas instance via his/her Odoo website account.
  • The customer can also use the instance in order to run the module during the subscription plan.

Odoo As a Service

With this module, Odoo will be offered as Saas to customers. This is mainly done in the form of instances.

In addition, this module will provide a subscription-based service structure for the users. This also can allow the users of Odoo to sell its official modules/apps by using Odoo instances as a subscription-based service to their customers.

Subscription Plans

Nowadays, this module offers two subscription plans. Those are yearly and monthly subscription plans. In order to start the subscription, the customers have to purchase the Saasket plan. In addition, before buying the Saaskit plan, the customers should have the option to undergo a trial run. 

Database Details and Adding Users

In this module, Odoo will get a detailed description of the database as well as its users. Through this module, the flexibility of adding more users will be possible.


Tenant Database List

When you select a module, it will have a popup window in which the users can choose the suitable report that needs to be created.

In the Saas master database, the user will have a directory name and path where the SSL certificates of the customer will be stored. You also can provide an Apache configuration file path there.

Besides, once creating a tenant database, it will be accessible on the browser using subdomain functionality. 

Scheduled Database Backup for Tenant Databases

Operations users can define the frequency to take backup of all tenant databases.  You can access those backup databases on the same server or on the report location. So, you can set the restriction to the number of days that backup should be kept.

User Increase Notification Template

Whenever there is a request for an increase in the number of users, then the system will send an email notification. Therefore, it will include all details about the number of users, related databases, and the requested date and time.

User Increase Notification Template

User Increase Notification Template

Trial Period and Payment Options

In addition, it can provide many additional features for choosing a trial basis or proceeding with the configured payment gateways.

Database Details and Adding Users

Portal users can see database backup lists on their respective logins and can download the backups on the local disc.

Importing of Custome Modules From Odoo Frontend

Thanks to this feature, it is not necessary for the users to log in to the backend to import a new custom module. Besides, this module will provide functionality in order to import modules from the frontend itself.

Bulk Module Installation in Tenant Database from frontend

In this module, the user will have chances to install or uninstall modules from tenant databases from the frontend itself with just a simple interface.

Other Basic and Advanced Features of Odoo SaaS

When you work with Odoo Community and Enterprise Edition, you will experience some basic and advanced features of Odoo SaaS, such as

  • The ability to control the database system-wise
  • Ability to raise or decrease the number of users for each database
  • Allow the users to reset their passwords
  • Support gateways, such as PayPal
  • Sub-domain URLs with a single database listing. Therefore, it can isolate the users from seeing other databases.
  • Support for SSL by a digital certificate
  • Providing a separate URL to the administrator to generate databases
  • Ability to send invoices each month automatically
  • Sub-domain support with many customers to get their domains.

=> FIND MORE about the top 5 Odoo features here: https://bsscommerce.com/blog/odoo-features-integrations/#Do_you_know_Odoo_15 

How will Odoo Saas support your business?

There are many benefits that Odoo Saas brings to your business. Let’s explore why many companies prefer SaaS services over the traditional server model.

How will Odoo Saas support your business?

No Upfront Cost

One of the most important reasons that many companies opt for SaaS-based services is due to the fact that Odoo Saas Kit can eliminate the demand for building and maintaining a traditional in-house server.

As you may know, a physical server will involve a huge amount of upfront cost for most upcoming small-scale to medium-scale industries.

Therefore, Saas can eliminate this cost and provide a suitable working solution for your companies.

Subscription-based model

The subscription-based model is one of the most popular Odoo models. In this model, the customer can subscribe to access Odoo on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on the recurring fee.

In addition, the fees depended on the kind and the number of resources from the cloud server which can be changed according to the requirements.

The opportunity for scalability

In this Odoo Saas Kit, you will be provided the opportunity for scalability. Therefore, the business can scale up or narrow down the resource requirements as the demand arises by just changing their subscription plans and/ or the types of services.

By doing a similar amount of upgrades on an in-house server, you can add much to the pockets.

 The opportunity for scalability


The features of Odoo Saas will combine bigger products, a customer database, and dispel increasing server load. This will come as an increasing sale prospect for Odoo Saas services providers.

Customization options

There are many customization options for Odoo Saas. In addition, the Odoo can itself provide a high level of flexibility to generate many desired functionalities to fit the demand of the customers. 

By using Odoo As A SaaS Service, the customers will have the opportunity to access a huge number of innate modules on a time-based service without the demand to purchase them with a suitable license. It will also permit the customers to change and promote the plugins on-demand with available plans whenever the demand arises.

Final Thoughts 

About BSS Commerce

To sum up, Odoo Saas Kit is really an effective tool that offers many suitable solutions to the customers. 

Currently, BSS Commerce aims at offering suitable solutions for your complex business needs. So, whenever you have a plan to turn your Odoo into a Saas, BSS Commerce can be a suitable selection.

To introduce BSS Commerce briefly, we are one of the best successful solutions for commerce. Until now, we have more than 9 years of working in this industry with 22,000+ customers worldwide. Then, if you cooperate with us, we will make sure that you can access high-quality services and products in order to promote your business effectively

Currently, Odoo is a platform with a huge number of modules to upgrade your management System. BSS Commerce’s Odoo Development services, include turning your Odoo into a Saas in the simplest and most integrated solution by us to integrate your business into one place, at all times.

About our services

There are many Odoo Development services provided by us:

  • Website Development: We provide UX/UI website design and advanced features for website development in order to promote the customer experience.
  • Consulting: Our Business Analyst will figure out the optimal management system to fit your requirements.
  • ERP Development: We will support you to integrate Odoo POS, CRM, eCommerce, Inventory, Accounting,… into one place with the highest security during the process to protect your data and internal access at all expenses.
  • Module Development: Our experts will develop apps that can perfectly work for everyone.
  • Theme Development: We will build a frontend theme to promote your brand awareness and a backend theme to navigate the system easier and faster.
  • Customization: We are here to support you to accelerate your store. We create the features for a unique customer experience to optimize your business workflow.
  • Implementation: We will not only support your business to upgrade data to the latest version but also protect your database and avoid data loss.
  • Integration: We will implement the Odoo integration for your business so that there will be no differences among solution providers.

Odoo Saas

EXPLORE MORE about BSS’s Odoo Development Services: https://bsscommerce.com/odoo-development.html 

We are confident of proving that BSS Commerce is a good choice to boost your business. In addition, we desire to bring our customers high-level services with the most satisfactory experience. Besides, we are always available to deal with any problems of your business. Therefore, if you are planning to turn your Odoo into a Saas, please feel free to contact us. We are willing to solve your problems with the most competitive fee. 


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