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Odoo Consulting: What eCommerce Businesses Need to Thrive

It is to no one’s surprise that even a multifaceted program like Odoo has certain limitations. These limits are the reason why, without the right knowledge and direction, you can lose a lot of time, effort, and resources in your Odoo implementation process. Don’t worry, BSS Commerce’s Odoo Consulting Services is here, and ready to save the day.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about Odoo Consulting services. Without further ado, let’s start with a quick introduction about our focus, Odoo. 

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Odoo – A Must-Have System for eCommerce Companies

What is Odoo?

What is Odoo

If you are reading this article, it’s likely that you are already familiar with Odoo. In case you are not, however, here’s a brief explanation of what Odoo is, and what it can do.

Well-known as one of the most advanced open-source ERP software available nowadays, Odoo is a complete package of business apps that can help solve most of your eCommerce problems. Therefore, Odoo is a go-to choice for many small and middle-sized companies in need of a powerful eCommerce platform.

Source: Odoo

A great advantage for Odoo users is that the program can be scaled up and integrated further as the technology develops. Odoo releases a new version every year, which keeps its software relevant and highly updated. The latest version, Odoo 15, will offer you every function your company’s needs might demand.

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Why Odoo is the trending system in the eCommerce world right now

Having reached a new record of over 4 million users around the world, Odoo is now officially the trend within the eCommerce industry. Many new users find this surprising, and wonder: why is Odoo so well-loved?

Why is Odoo loved

The first reason would be Odoo’s incredible flexibility and range. Odoo comes with a huge number of modules, features, and applications. This means its users can easily tailor their own version according to what their brands have and need. Additionally, Odoo offers a comprehensive experience, including most functions a digital business might need such as Accounting, Marketing, Inventory, CRM, etc. Odoo, therefore, is perfect for all types of companies, from small online vendors to corporations. 

Another reason that would put Odoo on your wishlist is its low-cost aspect. It’s not expensive at all to develop an Odoo system of your own. Your company can lower the expense significantly while implementing Odoo. No matter how big or small your business is, this is always a desirable factor.

Complex, handy, yet easy to use, and cost-effective to implement – it’s quite obvious why Odoo has earned its place as the top system for the worldwide eCommerce community.

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Possible challenges with Odoo

odoo challenges

Of course, just like with any technology, you might stumble into certain obstacles while working on an Odoo-based system. So what are the most common problems, and why do they happen? The answers are right below.


odoo customization

This is perhaps the most common Odoo issue we have encountered over the years. While Odoo is indeed handy and capable, it can still be overwhelmed by too much customization. It is especially so if the business and developers are not clear on the implementation direction, and end up risking the whole project. This problem might lead to wasting time, money, and effort on all sides, and of course, will lower the Odoo performance vastly.

Failing to plan at the early stages

The main cause of a directionless Odoo project is the lack of strategy right at the beginning. Just like with any other work, you should always map out a proper plan, line up the goals and organize the resources. That way, you can manage the whole process, and control sensitive factors such as money or deadlines more easily. Without this essential step, there’s a chance your entire project might go to waste. 

Inexperienced project managers

Hiring an inexperienced project manager to monitor your Odoo implementation is much riskier than you might think. 

It is typically necessary to have dedicated and informed project managers on tasks that involve in-depth software knowledge. If your Odoo performance is having problems, keep in mind that they can not simply be resolved by any ERP expert. The project manager you are looking for should be a functioning leader, who espouses expertise, transparency, accountability, and the ability to respond according to each situation.

Maintenance Issues

odoo maintenance

These problems often happen to clients who do not take regular Odoo performance tests seriously. When budgets are tight, or human resources are low, many businesses reduce the number and depth of tests, being totally unaware of the importance of testing the Odoo implementation at hand. This will affect the maintenance procedure as a whole since testing is the only way to find out whether the system is up to standard or not. While reducing testing may not leave defects undiscovered, it increases the risk that the Odoo platform misses important functions which will likely result in future performance issues.

Pricing Miscalculations

odoo pricing

Source: Odoo

Odoo’s pricing can be complicated to brand new users. Therefore, many business owners are confused about how it works, or make mistakes during the planning and paying processes. This can lead to increases in the application’s expenses. There’s hardly any other way to solve this other than being careful, and reading through the policies and guidance of Odoo. Or, you could always count on another amazing option: Odoo Consulting Services.

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Odoo Consulting Services – The Leading eCommerce Solution 

What is an Odoo Consulting Service?

odoo consulting services

As the name suggests , Odoo Consulting Services, or Odoo Consultancy, are created to offer advice, guidance, and support to businesses with Odoo-based systems. Odoo Consulting Services provides help to companies at all stages of their management software implementation, with the primary goal is to assist them and increase their profits.

Choosing Odoo Consulting Services means you will work directly with Odoo consultants. They are experts within the Odoo-based technology  area, as well as business management in some cases. They are armed with knowledge, experience, and dedication, and will always do their best to improve your Odoo technology. 

Types of Odoo Consultancy

Functional Odoo Consulting Services

With the functional consultancy, you will gain the most constant and updated contributions regarding Odoo applications and plugins. Your Odoo consultant provider is responsible for assisting your specific needs and finding the best ways to implement those features to help your business reach its well-deserved peak. 

Technical Odoo Consulting Services

Have complicated, technical problems somewhere within the system? Say hello to Technical Odoo Consulting Services. During the implementation and/or integration processes, these services are what patch the gap between literal business requirements to technical details. Contact your Odoo Technical Consultant to find out how exactly you should develop the perfect Odoo program that reflects what you need and want.

How Odoo Consulting can help with your business?

At this point, you may ask, “All in all, yes, Odoo Consulting Services are neat, but how necessary it is to my business?” We have created here a short list of all the best factors you will gain with Odoo Consultancy. 

Odoo Consulting Benefits

  • Enhancing your Odoo performance to the max
  • Catering the Odoo system to your requirements, resources, and needs
  • In-depth knowledge and experience within the area from Odoo Consultants
  • Easy, quick implementation and integrations processes
  • Throughout training that will assist your team in the future management and maintenance of the platform
  • Cost-efficient options
  • Dedicated support from A to Z

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BSS Commerce’s Odoo Consulting Services

Introducing BSS Commerce

BSS Commerce Odoo Consulting Services

BSS Commerce is one of the leading worldwide companies to provide professional Odoo Consulting Services. With the experience of over 10 years within the eCommerce industry, BSS Commerce will no doubt be the best partner you can have on your Odoo journey.

Introducing Odoo Consulting Services by BSS Commerce 

Choose BSS Commerce’s Odoo Consulting Services, and you will get to enjoy the numerous advantages such as:

  • Experienced, passionate Odoo consultants always ready to help
  • Handy assistance in different fields such as eCommerce, Accounting, CRM, Inventory, etc.
  • Flexible, goal-oriented solutions
  • An expert development team working on your exclusively designed Odoo implementation/integration
  • Great communication between clients, consultants, and developers
  • An instant start of the working process as soon as you confirm the plan

Major Steps in an Odoo Consulting Project

BSS Commerce Odoo Consulting Services Plan

Although every Odoo project is unique and different, BSS Commerce always provides our Odoo Consulting Services with these seven steps. This ensures  we never skip any possible details and can do our best with your Odoo system. 

  • Identifying the Business Specifications

First thing first, our Odoo consultants will sit down with you and discuss your company’ requirements, goals, and vision. The three things we will focus on are your current data situation, business needs, and what you want for your Odoo customization.

  • Conceptualize Technical Solutions

Next, we will utilize the information we’ve just gotten to go a step further, and sketch out possible technical solutions. After clear discussions among all sides, we will put those Odoo speculations into action.

  • Prepare an Implementation Plan

Of course, you can’t start any project without a proper plan first. Don’t worry, we never rush through this step, and you will have a complete implementation plan prepared for you before we officially start working on the Odoo system.

  • Design infrastructure changes and integrations 

Infrastructure is another must-notice factor during a process like an Odoo implementation. Many of our clients struggle with it, since it’s highly technical, but then again, BSS Commerce’s experts are here to assist.

  • Set up Timeline and Scheduling the Deliveries

It’s certainly important to have a schedule so that every activity goes along with each other and does not slow the process down. We will set one up based on the details of your Odoo project.

  • Implementation

Our team of experts will be ready to realize the plan as soon as it is confirmed by you.

  • Support and Maintenance

Once the implementation is finished, you will still receive support and maintenance assistance from BSS Commerce anytime, anywhere.

To Conclude

An eCommerce business will no doubt benefit greatly from the assistance of Odoo Consulting Services. If you’re looking for a partner to help you get your vision of an ideal Odoo system off the ground, don’t hesitate to reach out to BSS Commerce today!

Hopefully, this article has provided you with all the information and support you require. We wish you the best of luck and hope to see you in the next article on BSS Commerce’s blog.



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