Odoo CRM: The Solution To Managing Your Customer Effectively

by Ella Tran


Within the Odoo platform, Customer Relationship Management is known as Odoo CRM. Literally, Odoo CRM enables you to find your potential clients and potential chances in one location and control them throughout all the stages, and rate your performance. In any business nowadays, Customer Relationship Management plays a crucial role where companies are experimenting with new marketing strategies and promotions to attract more and more customers. 

In particular, Customer Relationship Management can assist your executives in being more attentive to generating business opportunities and sourcing leads from various areas of business. Furthermore, these customer relationship management tools have become critical components of many firms, with the majority of their revenue coming from them. In short, Odoo CRM is a dedicated management module that allows you to easily manage your company’s customer relationship operations. Odoo software provides a CRM application that is fully integrated with all company data and other Odoo apps. It’s one of the best business apps in Odoo. This blog will walk you through the great features offered by Odoo CRM and how to utilize Odoo CRM to optimize customer management.

Overview of Odoo CRM

What is Odoo?



Odoo is a business application suite that includes sales, customer relationship management, project management, warehouse management, manufacturing, financial management, and human resources, to name a few. Moreover, Odoo is a cloud-based or on-premise software that is ideal for organizations of all sizes and contains over a thousand modules. Besides, Odoo is one of the most widely used open-source systems, with over a thousand downloads/installations every day. It has a thriving community, is adaptive to your needs, and is thriving. It can be easily put into production and is simple to run due to its modularity.

Odoo 15 was launched in early October 2021. It offers many additions that are intended to make this already useful program even more useful for both small and large organizations. Besides, Odoo 15 is jam-packed with novel business operations management features and tools that will pave the way for enhanced operational performance, increased corporate management efficiency, and complete control over your operations.

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What is Odoo CRM?

Odoo CRM is a lead and opportunity tracking module. Odoo CRM uses a variety of data sources, including emails, marketing information, accounts, and the company’s website, and one of the essential aspects is the ability to manage clients’ pipelines.

Using the Odoo CRM, businesses may learn more about their target customers and how to suit their needs. In today’s advertising and sales environment, sales professionals need a simple way to track their opportunities, and they need all of the information in one place. Furthermore, administrators need access to their sales pipelines and salespeople’s operations. Both salespeople and executives gain benefits from Odoo programming since it reduces their burden, improves their proficiency, and provides them with readily segmentable, well-planned data.

What makes Odoo CRM the best?

In the previous few years, Customer Relationship Management has advanced significantly. In addition, the Odoo CRM solution can help you streamline various parts of your customer interactions. And Odoo CRM module is suitable for small and medium-sized organizations. It’s a simple and direct platform with numerous applications. Below, BSS Commerce will give you an overview of what features you can get from Odoo’s CRM platform.

Sell faster

Odoo CRM gives companies a fully functional dashboard with a simple user interface. You can get valuable information from your customers anytime you need it. With Odoo CRM, you can get access to visual and configuration tools for operational readiness. Moreover, essential information is distributed in the form of lists, graphs, pivots, and activities which makes it easier to understand. 

Your sales teams are responsible for numerous contacts and activities. To perform all of this, the sales department needs software that is simple to use, intuitive, and up-to-date. Odoo CRM, fortunately, allows you to achieve this, as well as much more… To keep track of his team’s work and participate in activities, the marketing director requires useful tools like Odoo CRM. You can also configure and install your Odoo CRM to reduce the time it takes to sell products using helpful recommendations and best practices.

Besides, The large screen view provided by Odoo CRM can optimize the user experience. You can get easy access to the opportunity form on the left and a scrollable chatter on the right.

Odoo CRM Dashboard

It is much easier for salespeople and managers to keep an eye on crucial lead and opportunity KPIs thanks to clear illustrations in the form of graphs, charts, and Odoo CRM’s bespoke dashboards. Besides, Odoo CRM provides users with helpful reports and data. In addition, this allows your employees to segment leads and opportunities by country, lead source, and other factors. As a result, you can develop knowledge of sales and marketing activities. You can also examine missed/won opportunities to spot patterns and boost conversion rates.

Modern User Interface

Odoo CRM offers an intuitive user interface designed for sales. Thanks to its attractive dashboard, companies can get a better overview of the sales activities.


The Odoo CRM holds a dedicated menu on the dashboard to describe the sales operations related to the CRM activities.

  • Larger screen view of opportunities
  • Mobile view on sales operations with CRM
  • Dedicated customer address and information window
  • Manage CRM operations based on sales teams

Reduce data entry

Users of Odoo CRM can automatically generate leads from emails and VoIP calls. Furthermore, Odoo CRM can issue quotes in a matter of seconds, manage your pipeline with drag-and-drop, and more. As a business manager, you can manage your phone calls through Odoo CRM using its VoIP feature, generate quotes and invoices, use email marketing to drag-and-drop elements into a responsive design, and manage it all on the go. Thus, there’s no reason not to take on this powerful, easy-to-use sales management tool.


Odoo has numerous capabilities for acquiring, tracking and managing leads in order to increase sales. Sales teams may use Odoo to create lead nurturing programs, track the progression of their leads’ interest through scoring, and communicate with them using the integrated chat.

Management of leads through nurturing (automatic email campaigns based on lead behavior). A scoring system is used to track leads. With the application of assignment rules, fresh leads are distributed to the sales team. For sales teams, lead management is the first step. This stage is critical since it enables us to produce new revenue and convert new clients. However, because lead management takes time, it is not often the favored activity of salespeople.

This step is made easier by the Odoo software. The software allows you to send out automated email campaigns to leads and track their progress through scoring, for example. Sales representatives can then contact leads at the appropriate moment. In Odoo, the sales team determines what score must be achieved before a sales professional can contact the lead.

Generate leads from various sources


It’s best to produce a broad list of leads before deciding which prospects to target so you can limit it down to the best leads. Moreover, Odoo CRM allows you to expand your business chances by generating leads from a variety of sources. On the other hand, companies can create leads from websites, eCommerce platforms, and inbound emails using Odoo CRM. Furthermore, marketing initiatives and promotional programs can also help you find new customers. Therefore, outbound lead generation from diverse sources can provide the sales staff with more opportunities to engage and convert leads into income. 

With the help of Odoo, you can obtain tools like lead mining, lead generation, lead enrichment, and follow-up on leads where you can schedule activities, deduplication, and lead importing. Below, we will dive deep into every tool on leads from Odoo CRM.

Leads Nurturing

When it comes to lead nurturing, Odoo CRM can help you set up campaigns that send emails to leads based on their segment and activities. Thus, you can contact the target market to inquire about a potential sale.

Lead Scoring


Your leads are scored by Odoo CRM based on both explicit and implicit criteria (on pages viewed, localization, time). Furthermore, based on lead score and team assignment rules, Odoo apps can define alternative actions. Thanks to Odoo CRM, you can pick and choose which total score deserves to be transformed into an opportunity. Odoo CRM, in particular, allows you to score leads based on your chosen criteria. This can be used to prioritize your time and schedule certain actions based on the quality of the lead. The lead score is represented by the number of stars in the graphic above. A larger number of stars indicates a better opportunity.

Import Leads

Odoo’s column matching tool makes it simple to import prospects’ files. You can manually enter leads one by one or in bulk into the Odoo CRM module. You can also connect the system to your online contact forms and/or VoIP phones to automate lead entry. The IP-address lead generation tool in Odoo CRM allows you to create rules for generating contacts based on website visitors. These leads are also uploaded to the CRM module automatically.

Odoo CRM Lead Management


You can assign a lead to a certain salesperson after it has been entered into the system. Fortunately, the salesperson can easily drag and drop the lead from one step to the next throughout the sales process (for example, from New Lead -> Qualification -> Proposal -> Won Opportunity). By clicking “Add a Column” on the right-hand side of the page, you can quickly personalize and add additional stages for your business.

Online Acquisition

Users of Odoo CRM get access to more than 30 marketing apps, such as a search engine optimization tool and form builders, to help increase lead acquisition from your website.


With Odoo apps, you can detect countries, states, and cities of leads automatically from your visitor’s IP address. Besides, an essential field of business nowadays is based on location.  As the mobile industry, particularly smartphone app technology, improves and expands, having correct location information available to customers is crucial to the success of your business.

Live Chat

Set up Odoo Live Chat on your website to communicate with visitors and convert them into leads. Besides, create rules for important countries or pages. Because good communication is essential for establishing and maintaining long-term consumer connections. Moreover, live chat is an important aspect of a successful customer service toolbox since it allows you to engage with consumers in real-time while also increasing satisfaction. In fact, customers prefer live chat because it connects them with sellers promptly.


When transforming a lead into an opportunity, get a list of leads to merge. Create contacts based on leads automatically.

Assignation Rules

Create your own rules for allocating leads to the appropriate sales team or individual based on quotas and segmentation.


Use Odoo’s five call-to-actions and a/b testing tools to improve lead generation.

URL Trackers

In all of your marketing activities, use UTM trackers to trace the source of leads.


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Through the planning of activities and calls, as well as pipeline management, sales teams may manage opportunities with this fully integrated Odoo Open source. Furthermore, everything can be customized and configured in order to efficiently monitor and support the sales force’s work. Therefore, the excellent user experience will boost your success rate.

Activities and calls management

Companies and organizations can use Odoo CRM to schedule tasks and organize a sequence of activities per opportunity. With predetermined actions, you may promptly log every activity in the opportunity’s chatter. Finally, you can keep track of, log, and analyze your team’s activity.

Pipeline management


Thanks to the pipeline management feature from Odoo CRM, you can get a comprehensive picture of the opportunity pipeline. The drag-and-drop interface allows you to work more quickly. Besides, you can create distinct stages for each sales team as well. You have the ability to divide processes into sub-stages for better organization. Lost opportunities are automatically archived. Other opportunities are manually archived. Lost is no longer a stage, but rather an independent field, allowing for a more powerful pipeline analysis.

Customize stages

You can easily add stage descriptions to personalize your pipeline. The CRM module’s pipeline can be customized to fit your customer relationship management processes. Under each lead, you can build custom stages and schedule activity options. 

Schedule Meetings

Schedule meetings based on the customer’s availability. Sync with Google Calendar and mobile phones.

Plan Next Actions

Plan your next steps and organize your day around the most critical opportunities and tasks.

360° Visibility

Include all relevant information in the opportunity, such as pages visited on your website, emails, meetings, next steps, previous orders, and so on.

Log Calls

In only a few clicks, you can record calls or initiate VoIP calls. Odoo suggests that the following step be scheduled automatically after the call.

Lost reasons

Examine lost reasons for missed opportunities to boost your sales performance.

Customer Management


The software’s organization places customers at the center. All customer information and history are freely accessible to sales teams. Besides, the customer is always king in a business, and the company’s success is determined by how well it manages its customers. Hence, you can easily use project management with Odoo CRM to improve the quality of your service. 

Address Book

Create a common address book for your salespeople. Thereby, they can define the locations of your company’s customers and meet their demands better.

Customer Preferences

Set customer choices for language, delivery methods, financial data, and more with ease. It is such a significant feature because you can define customer segments by categorizing them meticulously.


A single corporation might have many addresses and contacts.

Full History

Get the whole history of any customer’s activities, including opportunities, orders, bills, and total due.

Efficient communication to be connected with customers


This Open Source ERP stores all customer data as well as a complete history of all client activities and actions. The sales staff will have complete customer information. Especially, the interface displays the customer’s whole history, as well as his contact information and preferences.

When salespeople call or make an appointment with a customer, for example, they may quickly find the person’s details. Knowing your customer well is essential for maintaining a positive relationship with them and encouraging them to conduct more business with you.

Communication is an important part of lead generation and opportunity generation for business operations.

Emails Templates

Make an email template for the most common communications with clients or prospects.

Email Gateways

All of your email communications automatically link with the appropriate opportunity. Create new leads based on incoming emails automatically.

VoIP Integration

Create a dial queue for customers or opportunities, and call them automatically or manually from the browser. Automatically log calls, open the client form, automate the following steps, and so on. For missed calls, reschedule or send an email. For receiving calls, an auto pop-up can handle this. Asterisk v13.2 VOIP server is available.

You may greatly boost efficiency by integrating your Odoo platform with VoIP solutions like Asterisk or OnSIP. When you receive inbound calls from a client/lead in your system, for example, your screen will automatically populate with the client’s information. Furthermore, you can not only make outbound calls from Odoo but also set up an automatic call queue to call a list of leads.

Custom Alerts

With just one click, you can keep track of crucial opportunities and receive alerts based on relevant activities.

Analytical reports


The Odoo platform enables you to provide comprehensive analytics and quantitative reporting on customer relationship management operations.

You can quickly generate reports on leads, pipeline operations, activities, and partnerships with Odoo CRM. Furthermore, Odoo CRM provides both default and custom filtering options. Users can grasp the reports with the help of illustrations.

It’s simple to track sales progress with a thorough dashboard. This Open Source ERP stands out with various integrations and centralizes all business data. As a result, having all of the information about the business (in progress, won, lost), leads (new, converted), and activities are simple (number of appointments made per salesperson, number of calls made per salesperson, business won per salesperson, etc…). It’s simple to use and will meet your CRM requirements. The sales manager will have all of the information he or she needs to make the best decisions for the organization.


Use pre-built dashboards or use the powerful reporting engine to create your own. Share your filters with your colleagues.

Opportunities Analysis

Analyze your pipeline of prospects with powerful filters, grouping, drilling down, and more.

Cohort Analysis

Keep track of how your KPIs have changed over time and look for patterns.

Leads Analysis

To measure the ROI of your marketing activities, gather data on your lead sources.

CRM Dashboard

At a glance, see your sales team’s KPIs.


The only way to increase productivity is to do more tasks in less time.

Odoo CRM integrates seamlessly with sales, purchasing, accounting, and other critical modules. In addition, you may bring together all departments and teams, track each business interaction, and implement an automated business model.

Everything is successfully integrated, from the initial call with a client through organizing a demo, preparing quotations, following up, getting on board, delivering services, and generating invoices.


In only a few clicks, turn opportunities into quotes. Get a full picture of the customer’s history.


Incorporate product availability information directly into the quote. Orders can be triggered and the status of the order can be checked.

Powerful API

With the API, you can link Odoo CRM to other apps, automate lead generation and more.

Google Docs

Link any document to your opportunities using the Google Docs integration: qualification forms, complex pricing tables, etc.

All sales channels

Integrate all of your sales channels, including e-commerce, CRM, and in-store sales (Point of Sale).

Marketing Apps

With Odoo’s marketing applications, you can increase lead acquisition and nurture by using email marketing, events, URL trackers, landing pages, and more.


Overall, Odoo is an excellent CRM solution for small and medium-sized organizations. Moreover, Odoo CRM provides a lot of fantastic tools and features that you may discover in addition to its great pricing. It’s simple to link with other apps and can help you learn more about your customers. Because of its features and functionality, Odoo is now one of the top CRM options for service firms.


You can personalize your pipeline with Odoo CRM by creating particular stages and substages for each department. In addition, based on possibilities and duties, you can organize activities and meetings for daily work.

To conduct opportunity and lead analysis, get 360° visibility at each stage and get real-time reports. In a nutshell, you can manage everything under Odoo CRM, whether it’s leads or future clients.

Consult with our specialists for a business evaluation if you want to adopt Odoo CRM for your company. With a long history of operation and good reviews from our clients, we are confident to provide you with the best Odoo solution at such a reasonable price. Besides, we are proud to have carried out over 500 successful projects and gain satisfaction from over 21,000 worldwide clients. Therefore, BSS Commerce offers businesses of any size full Odoo services with immediate support including:   

  • Consulting
  • ERP Development
  • Module Development
  • Website Development
  • Theme Development
  • Customization
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Maintenance

Take a look at our full Odoo development services right here: https://bsscommerce.com/odoo-development.html 

Contact us to work with our Odoo certified experts. BSS Commerce has extensive expertise in providing top-notch Odoo development services for both large and small businesses. You can contact our staff to learn more about Odoo’s CRM and how you can integrate it into your company.

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