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Lessons For Odoo eCommerce Websites: 3 Case Studies and Customer Odoo Review

by Jayden Nguyen


Odoo eCommerce Websites have been no stranger to the industry in recent years, thanks to their incredible capabilities. But have you fully disclosed every potential of Odoo? We bet the answer is not yet. Hence, reading the upcoming Odoo review might be the very first step you need to start pushing your platforms to the next level.

In this article, we’re going through 3 eye-catching success stories with Odoo. With each of them, we’ll unveil their problems, and discover how Odoo’s solutions can be of help. This kind of information will certainly encourage and assist you in your own eCommerce journey. Now, get ready to be inspired in 5…4…3…2…1!

What do you know about Odoo eCommerce websites?

Odoo – A Brief Introduction

odoo introduction

Odoo is one of the most advanced ERP and business software available on the market today. As the description suggests, there are two major aspects within the same company: ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, and business development. Previously known as OpenERP, Odoo has now upgraded itself, merged its areas together, and come up with a powerful management solution. That is why Odoo, and Odoo eCommerce websites, in particular, can be the perfect base for any digital brand.

First of all, Odoo offers a variety of modules and applications for you to manage every part of your business. This is particularly true with their latest versions, such as Odoo 14 and Odoo 15. Sales, Project Management, Human Resources, CRM, etc. – Odoo’s got it all. Brands and managers can easily install and apply them at any time, in any way they find suitable. Some of them are even free of charge!

Secondly, if the readily available tools don’t cover your needs, you can always dive into thousands of modules from Odoo’s store. Here, you can find tailored solutions that are flexible and able to adapt to your business perfectly. Some of the most favorite ones are ERP Cloud (which provides handy end-to-end services such as integration, training, deployment, implementation, etc.), Odoo Community,, etc. No matter how big or small your company is, you can always find a loyal friend in Odoo. Don’t trust us? Just read the Odoo review!

Is Odoo good for eCommerce businesses?

The short answer is: no, Odoo is not just good for your eCommerce business. It’ll be perfect. 

odoo ecommerce

Odoo eCommerce websites come with handy features that allow you to create an online store, and customize it according to your own taste and requirements. The Website Builder, for example, is a very easy-to-use, drag-and-drop tool, so you can handle this yourself even without the techniques of a designer or, well, a website builder. 

Furthermore, since Odoo is highly adaptable, you can integrate it with other details such as inventory, product pages, descriptions, etc. This is especially helpful when you’ve already got a system and want to make some changes or an entire move to Odoo eCommerce websites. No more worries about pricey and complicated processes, Odoo will take care of everything, A to Z.

All in all, Odoo is a must-have eCommerce solution that will improve your digital performance in the front and manage your company’s efficiency in the back at the same time. 

Top Odoo eCommerce websites’ exciting functions 

odoo ecommerce features

Here are some great features of Odoo eCommerce websites we’ve compiled from Odoo review for you exclusively. Take notes!

  • Website Builder & Shop
  • Multi-payment options
  • SEO Optimization
  • Sales data analytics
  • New KPIs
  • Shipping methods
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Integrated accounting package


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Three Successful Odoo eCommerce Case Studies

odoo case study

Next up, we are going to show you three fascinating stories from three major brands all around the world. Even though they are vastly different in many ways, they all met at the same intersection: Having their problems solved thanks to Odoo’s technology. Let’s walk through each situation together to figure out all the details and analyze all important points that will be of great help to your own business now or later. 

Elton Group – Grow with Odoo eCommerce Websites

odoo elton group case study

Business Profile of Elton Group

Elton Group is a Melbourne, Australia-based company with a focus on supplying interior architectural products. With a long history – the company was founded in 1943 – its ultimate goal is to maintain the high-end quality of each item, as well as commit to eco-friendly, sustainable designing and manufacturing techniques.

Elton Group is, therefore, very well known within the Australian interior design industry due to this philosophy. One of their most iconic traits is the timber veneers and panels supplying process, during which they always comply with strict environmental standards for the environment. This includes forest preservation, water efficiency, and the utilization of other raw materials.

Additionally, Elton Group also invests in 800 acres of natural forest in the Otway Ranges of Victoria, Australia. Here, they practice the protection of the flora and fauna scene, showing that this company’s dedication to the wildlife is not just words on paper.


As we have stated above, Elton Group first started out more than 70 years ago, which means their system nowadays showed a lot of problems that needed working on.

Their most significant obstacles appeared in the eCommerce interface of the brand. For a long time, Elton Group had kept a certain method to keep and update stocks on their website. This method, however, was complicated and had caused compromises that could lead to further inventory mishaps. 

Furthermore, they also struggled with the customer support area. They found it difficult to perform necessary tasks such as sending confirmation emails to their buyers. This results in a severe lack of communication and connection with their own customer, which is not at all beneficial to a business. 

Another serious problems Elton Group faced were the separation of many functions, such as accounting software, official documents, etc. As a consequence, it was hard to maintain a workflow and control all the financial aspects. Elton Group calculated that if they kept this old system, they would need to double the number of employees – which is, without a doubt, expensive and cumbersome.

Odoo Solutions for Elton Group

Elton Group decided to apply some of the most basic modules of Odoo, including Sales, Purchasing, Finances, Stock & Warehouse, and CRM. 

The Sales function allows the company to handle CRM with the assistance of sales and quotations, while Finances handle the rest. Purchasing and Stock & Warehouse were connected together to create a smooth supply chain, where one manages purchasing requirements and the other control the stocks, deliveries, and the like. 

With the frontend aspect, Elton Group received immense help from Odoo eCommerce websites’ key features. Thanks to this, now the whole communication is streamlined between the brand – admins – customers. Other specific requirements of Elton Group are also met easily with the help of an open-source, cloud-based, integrated Odoo system. 

The results

According to Elton Group, this Odoo journey has given them “a 360-degree view” and transformed many processes of their business. Now they have a fully integrated database and system that is easy to maneuver for the staff and enables better customer service. With the stock stumble being solved, and the automatic sales analysis being ready with just a few clicks, the business situation also improves a lot. Giving Odoo review, the company said that Odoo has “forced us to give our company a better structure… to keep up with the growth of the business.”

Tenzing Pacific – Thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic

Business Profile of Tenzing Pacific

Tenzing Pacific offers insurance and financial services to thousands of corporate, as well as personal, clients across the Southeast Asian area. During their 10-year journey since 2012, Tenzing Pacific has been providing reliable, professional consultancy and support to help their clients protect their health, finance, and more.  

odoo tenzing pacific case study

Among the insurance industry in Southeast Asia, Tenzing Pacific stands out for its different policies. The company will customize specific benefits or programs that suit you and your family’s requirements. Moreover, their price options widely vary and are reasonable. That means you will no longer have to deal with ready-made insurance packages that do not satisfy your needs or way too expensive services.

There are 3 main areas that this company covers: Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and Saving Plans. During this difficult time of a global pandemic, Tenzing Pacific’s services related to healthcare, especially COVID-related ones are very well-received by customers from all backgrounds.  


Recently, Tenzing Pacific has made a decision to switch from using 4 standalone systems for different tasks to only one. Odoo, of course, was the first option. This integration, however, is not easy at all. With COVID-19 still going on fiercely, the majority of employees had to work from home, and the hectic situation due to the sudden high demand of customers – Tenzing Pacific was in for a challenge.

Odoo Solutions for Tenzing Pacific

Just like in the Elton Group’s case, the basic functionalities of Odoo were applied to create a whole system for Tenzing Pacific. Some of the most significant changes are in the database and sales department, where Odoo automatically tracks down necessary information for various processes the insurance company requires.

In the aspects of Odoo eCommerce websites, the biggest improvement lies in the new customer service support. Previously, Tenzing Pacific depended on Mailchimp to run its email marketing and other customer care campaign. Now, with Odoo, the company can easily personalize and handle the communication within the same system as anything else. 

Furthermore, the Human Resouce Management module of Odoo has worked wonders on the work-from-home situation at Tenzing Pacific. Thanks to Odoo’s ability to manage inquiries, rotate questions, and organize information in general, Tenzing Pacific can make sure every employee is working together smoothly even within the safety of their houses.

The results

With a new compact Odoo system, Tenzing Pacific’s sales process has improved to a whole new level. A client’s request can be processed within minutes, keeping the quality of service and the customers’ satisfaction at an all-time height.

Odoo also allows Tenzing Pacific to maintain contact with their clients 24/7, using its compilation of many information such as payment deadlines, renewal dates, packages, etc. This function goes one step further as it’s also integrated into the company’s insurance providers. Now clients can have a good time choosing from 600 insurance policies to find out the exact one they need. And if what they need is personalized insurance? Odoo can help them get that done in almost no time, too.

Even the insurance industry is facing many obstacles due to the impacts of COVID-19. Tenzing Pacific, however, achieved success and growth thanks to their Odoo investment. We can’t wait to see how far they will go with it!


Odoo Inventory plays a huge role in the win of Elton Group and Tenzing. Find out about it at:


Gojek – Finalize the GoSend system with Odoo’s touches

Business Profile of Gojek

odoo gojek case study

If you are currently living in a Southeast Asian country, you have probably heard of, or been a customer of, Gojek. This phenomenal technology group, founded in Indonesia over a decade ago, provides more than 20 on-demand services to the public, including transportation, food delivery, digital payments, and beyond. Their goal is to improve lives through technology, and they have, so far, been doing a great job of that. This fact shows in their awesome, expanding outreach: Gojek is now available in over 200 cities, working with more than 2 million drivers and 500.000 eCommerce merchants. Their applications have also been downloaded 170 million times over the years, proving their one-and-only position in the global market.

Pioneering in the area of super apps, Gojek has launched many different services through their app, including motorbike ride-hailing (GoRide), courier (GoSend), personal shopping (GoMart) services, etc. This is certainly impressive, but no doubt raises certain concerns over management and technological aspects. Thankfully, Odoo is here to assist them through such obstacles.


One of the most demanding factors of Gojek’s services is time. Considering the core of their services, it’s doubtlessly important to keep up the speed of real-time process data and deliver what is needed. The satisfying user experience and an intelligent system to accomplish is what Gojek looking for in their Odoo integration.

Odoo and Odoo eCommerce websites were required by Gojek to serve GoSend – their delivery service. They requested an in-house operation that was customized to their needs, yet capable enough to deal with a network of cutting-edge technology. Additionally, Gojek also looked for a specifically designed TMS, or transport management system and fleet management. Both of these didn’t originally exist in Odoo settings. Which meant the developers had to build the two unique systems from scratch.

The biggest challenge, however, was still waiting ahead

In the beginning, GoSend only provided intercity delivery. But later on, as the function grew, GoSend raised the number of cities they could cover, as well as the size of the inventory system. This is not particular, but as a result, their basic back-end system could no longer handle the new necessary logistics requirement.

Now, Odoo’s modules had to find a way to integrate deeply with this operation, while sorting out many other data such as geographical details, the warehousing & routing specificities, etc. The developers also needed to be mindful of the delicacy of the time. As customers can not wait too long for their orders to be processed, this core system must work smoothly as a chain in a matter of seconds. It must have the ability to check the info, interact with the frontend areas, detect data in the backend, and get the customers to the checking-out without any fuss. 

As you can tell, this is massive demand. Not to mention that many of these details didn’t even exist within what Odoo can usually offer. A developer who worked with Gojek on this project shared: “The requirement was that we needed to be capable of validating potentially & simultaneously more than 1,500 up to 2,000 orders per second. It is a very big difference between 2,000 orders per second and one every 20 seconds.”

Odoo Solutions for Gojek

Because the needs of Gojek and GoSend are highly singular, the solution is obviously creating a whole new customized Odoo system for them. The requirements were clear: in-house operations, speedy real-time process, and capable database validation.

To make it a reality, 3 sub-systems of Odoo were adopted: OMS (Order Management System), FMS (Fleet Management System), and TMS (Transport Management System). With their precious assistance, GoSend is ready to take on the rushing challenge of eCommerce. Now their operating system can react immediately according to protocol and offer a seamless user experience for global users. As a plus, the inventory situation with a bigger network of bases and products is also no longer a bother to the company.

The results

Thanks to Odoo eCommerce websites’ technology, Gojek and GoSend now possess a system with the ability to validate up to 2000 orders per second. This system works perfectly with 3rd parties as well, with Kafka – a high-paced internal data streaming platform – being an excellent example. The impressive API integration’s performance shows that Gojek has made the right choice of choosing Odoo for their transformation.


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How to achieve success with Odoo eCommerce?

odoo ecommerce tips

The above stories are surely inspiring enough for you to start looking into getting an Odoo upgrade of your own. But we must remind you, that a shiny new system is not everything. In order to get to your goals, you also need to understand how Odoo eCommerce websites work, and how to control them properly. Let’s find out some expert solutions to do that with BSS Commerce!

Utilize Odoo eCommerce solutions 

Cross-module integration is what every eCommerce website’s based on. A good eCommerce platform possesses the ability to operate several tasks at once: sales, accounting, inventory managing, etc. Odoo, with its wonderful functions, offers exactly that. Therefore, Odoo is the perfect end-to-end solution for the Odoo eCommerce websites out there. You, as an eCommerce manager, need to have a certain knowledge of this. Understanding everything Odoo has in-store is how you can utilize them to the fullest. If you have any questions, reading the Odoo review is a great way to figure details out according to actual experience of other users.

Don’t forget Odoo SEO features

For Odoo eCommerce websites, Odoo has simplified the complicated factors of SEO, and automatically handled many steps for you. This is why you should not sleep on their SEO features. There are many of them too: Keyword Finder, Primary Searches, etc. Any marketer would know how helpful such functions can be for content creating, writing, and boosting traffic or Google results. So make sure you look into them and find out the best ways to apply them to your daily business. At this point, you are good to go!

Implementation & Maintenance

The visualized Odoo eCommerce websites are nothing but a vision without implementation. And, further down the line, you also need to pay attention to maintenance to keep it running smoothly. This is a highly complicated and demanding process. You can not do it without a professional development team. If you are looking for a team like that, BSS Commerce is a perfect choice.

BSS Commerce offers a wide range of fully-equipped Odoo Development Services. We can implement, customize, integrate and maintain your Odoo eCommerce websites from start to finish. With BSS Commerce’s expertise, dedication, and over 9 years of experience, your Odoo-based platforms are in good hands.

Hassle-free execution process of Odoo integration is no longer a dream. It’s right here with BSS Commerce. Join thousands of our successful customers right now:


BSS Commerce Odoo Development Services


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Wrapping Up

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary, but it is also the first step toward success. After reading today’s article, we hope that you’re ready to take that very important step. Don’t worry, whatever you need, Odoo eCommerce websites’ technology can handle it.


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