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Odoo HR – the best solution to manage your employees?

by Ella Tran

Human resources will always be the backbone of your company. They are the ones that will determine your company’s success. Employees make a direct contribution to the overall performance and profitability. Therefore, you will get a smoother operation if you manage your staff well. Today, enterprises are turning to custom ERP software development to optimize their HR operations and improve operational effectiveness. And Odoo HR is an excellent option for creating a unique enterprise module for human resource management. With the help of Odoo, the company’s HR department can efficiently manage all of these tasks.

In this article, BSS Commerce will give you a complete overview of Odoo HR and walk you through the new HRM features that Odoo 15 HR offers. Scroll down to learn more!

Overview of Odoo HR 

What is Odoo?

Odoo is an open-source e-commerce app that can handle your company’s complex needs without being overly sophisticated, such as sales, CRM, project management, warehouse management, manufacturing, financial administration, and human resources. Furthermore, Odoo stated that its mission is to deliver software that is intuitive, full-featured, closely integrated, and simple to upgrade for every business and user.


Up to now, Odoo has provided millions of businesses with easy access to the tools they need to operate and grow their businesses. Odoo has created 30 core applications that are updated regularly. Furthermore, Odoo owns a community of over 1500 active individuals. They have generated over 16000 apps to meet enterprise demands. Thanks to the open-source community, Odoo can satisfy increasing client needs and deliver new, innovative applications.

The Odoo Version 15 release

Every year, Odoo releases new sophisticated features and modifications to its modules. These updates help users simplify business procedures. The first week of October is usually exciting because a new version of Odoo is released. The version Odoo 15 was launched in October 2021. The interface and functionality in the latest version of Odoo 15 have undergone significant changes. The Odoo Human Resource Management system also includes additional functionality which can help the HR department perform more efficiently. 

What is Odoo HR?

Employees are valuable assets for every business since they contribute significantly to the company’s overall growth. Therefore, employers must meet their requirements and provide a creative working culture. That can motivate employees to improve their performance.

Today’s businesses tend to use Human Resources – HR Software to maintain proper staff management. HR app streamlines and improves human resource management through a variety of features. Particularly, HR software assists in managing talent and productivity. Moreover, various HR software from different developers is available for companies to pick up. They can help online businesses organize their business activities and automate employee management.

The Odoo HR module includes all the features which an HR department would need in human resource management. It offers improved planning, budgeting, and decision-making.

Why choose Odoo for HRM Software Development?

Online businesses use Human Resources Software to combine various HR services, including employee data storage, employee relations, payroll and benefits, recruitment procedures, benefits administration, and record-keeping. It guarantees that Human Resources processes are managed and optimized. 

Cover various HR services

Recruitment | Odoo HR

Employee information, time and attendance, salary, leaves, expenses, recruitment, and employee evaluation are all conveniently managed in Odoo’s human resource module. Besides, Odoo HR allows you to efficiently manage crucial parts of your employees’ employment, such as their talents, contracts, and working hours.

Make the recruitment process easier 

The HRM process in a company begins with hiring a new employee. The recruiting module from Odoo can effortlessly manage your hiring process and organize your job applications. In addition, businesses can establish their hiring techniques, stages, and interviews by personalizing their recruitment process. As a result, Odoo HR will undoubtedly assist you in managing your human resources.

More freedom in managing human resources 

Odoo HR module is becoming more adaptable and scalable with great features to refine HRM process efficiency. Besides, open-source software is one of the noticeable advantages of Odoo ERP development for human resource management. In other words, developers can use the Odoo HRM source code and tweak it to fit their needs. As a result, Odoo HR can help promote the development process and reduce the overall project expenses. Build as you go is a concept used by Odoo HR management to give you the most freedom in managing your company. 

Modules of Odoo HR for Human Resource Management

Depending on your company’s demands, you can install the following modules. Almost any scenario for personnel management can be done by the modules listed in the part below. Scroll down to find out more!



The Odoo Recruitment App for HR aids in hiring your employees. It manages the entire process from outsourcing to contract management and recruitment. Moreover, the job posting is no longer a cumbersome task after implementing Odoo HR. It allows you to post jobs with only a few clicks and keeps track of the applications you’ve received. Without worry, you can effortlessly supervise and manage your candidate funnel with Odoo.

Human resource management is much easier with Odoo ERP development, which allows HR departments to advertise job openings in only a few seconds. In addition, it assists in weeding out the people who aren’t qualified for the position. As a result, HR representatives will have no trouble scheduling interviews. Apart from overseeing and managing your application flow, you use Odoo Survey to design a screening questionnaire that is linked to the candidate record automatically.

Organize your vacancies and job applications

Odoo HR allows you to set up your job board, market your job openings, and keep track of the applications that have been submitted. Besides, you can maintain a database of skills and profiles, complete with indexed documents, for each candidate. There’s no need to outsource your recruitment once you implement Odoo HR. It will keep things simple and professional in-house.

Vacancy management

The Recruitment module in Odoo assists a company in hiring new staff. By clicking the Create and Edit button on each screen, you can create and edit the Stages, Tags, Degrees, Job Positions, Source of Applicants, and Departments of the positions. Then, to store the information, click the Save button.

Job-positions| Odoo-HR

Source: Technaureus

The “Applications” menu in All Applications allows the firm to track individual job applications that could be at one of the defined phases at any one time. You can verify the applications at each stage by going to the specific location. To better assess and design a new application, switch to calendar and list views.

Job applications

Moreover, you can also make changes to the applications that are downloaded directly from the website. You can give stars to applicants and view their documents here. You can also take the next action, which will remind you on which date to follow up, input the expected salary and proposed salary, applicants’ availability, schedule meetings, begin the interview, or move on to the contract proposal stage. Odoo is extremely adaptable and provides a smooth flow that allows you to focus on your recruiting.


Source: Odoo

On the other hand, every job offer comes with a unique email address to send applications to the appropriate person. Businesses can get all the data automatically indexed (resumes, cover letters, etc.) and answered in a single click using templates or personalized responses. This function does not depend on whether applicants contact you via email or an online form.

Customize your recruitment process

Customized recruitment process

Source: Odoo

In previous versions of Odoo, we were previously familiar with allocating several stages to the recruitment processes. With Odoo HR in the most recent version of Odoo, you can easily customize the steps of your recruitment process using the kanban view: pre-qualification, first interview, second interview, negotiation, and so on. Besides, you can get detailed information on your hiring process.

Moreover, you can utilize reports to compare the results of job advertisements you’ve made on several external job sites. Therefore, you can easily adjust your strategy and recruitment plan based on the findings. Thus, you can yield a better result in recruitment next time.

Recruitment stages|Odoo HR

Source: Odoo

In the Odoo 15 Recruitment module, the list views of the various platforms have been greatly enhanced. To improve the viewing of the data, you can add more fields to the List view. Create new fields for the related list views using the Add Custom Field option.

With the help of the Odoo Studio, this is simple to accomplish. You can customize the list view by adding extra fields based on your needs.

Integrated Documents

Integrated Documents

Source: Odoo

After you create and publish your job openings, you will receive the first applications. After that, the filled documents will be stored in the Documents app. When you want to examine the documents of any candidate, it will take only a few seconds. It helps you save time and manage documents better.

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At a glance, you can view all of the key information for each department. Besides, the manager can restrict access to sensitive information to HR managers only, or make other information, such as a personnel directory, available to all employees. You can also receive notifications when new leave requests, allocation requests, applications, appraisals, and other items are submitted.


Source: Odoo

Developing an Odoo HR application for human resource management allows you to manage people across multiple verticals easily and flexibly. Human resource directors can rapidly find employee information and take necessary measures because they have a fully integrated HR module at their disposal. Additionally, they can quickly make adjustments to employment records as needed.

You can manage employee details in the Employees section after hiring them. You can choose to include public employee information on your website to give visitors a better understanding of your team and working culture. Besides, add tags and contract types to help you recall each employee’s position and personality.

Employees-section|Odoo HR

Source: Technaureus

Employees and their details can be found in the Employees module of Odoo’s HR management. To create an employee, go to the Employees screen and click the Create button.

Create a new employee|Odoo HR

Source: Technaureus

You can add the employee’s name, public information such as work address, department, job title, and private information about the employee to the screen above. To save the new employee in the system, click the Save button. Contracts keep track of your employees’ job names, statuses, contract types and dates, and schedules.


Odoo HR calculates leaves and tracks employee vacations. You may set up paid, sick, and unpaid leaves. With all notifications given to the employee with acceptance and denial of leaves, leave management and approval is simple.

Odoo HR streamlines the leave and application management process. It offers user-friendly employee self-service portals where employees may apply for leave, work-from-home, compensatory time off, and other benefits.

Manage leaves|Odoo HR

Source: Technaureus

You may see the specifics of employees’ leave by day, week, and month on the above screen. The Leaves Summary will show the employee’s leave summary. Each employee will see their leave, but HR managers will see a summary of all forms of leave taken by all employees.


Surveys from Odoo HR can obtain user feedback to improve your services or products. Through surveys, you can obtain basic employee information for recruitment and send forms to receive replies to your intended questions. It serves as a part of the employment position. Besides, positions come with relevant applications. Hence, the applicants know which survey to do for each application. You can create multiple stages within the survey to help you organize your work. 

Surveys|Odoo HR

Source: Technaureus

You can carry out more surveys based on your requirements by clicking the Create button.

Create a new survey|Odoo HR

Source: Technaureus

By choosing ‘Add an item’, you may specify the survey’s title, create pages with the questions you have, and choose the type, error message, and required or optional answer allowed for each question. After you’ve created your survey, go ahead and complete the steps below.

  • Create your survey and upload it to the website.
  • Test your survey and look at it to see how it appears.
  • Spread the word about your survey: Share the survey form with anyone outside of the company or check basic data from the back end.
  • Collect data and statistics from your survey: Examine responses and the status of how people respond to your surveys to make decisions from the front end.

Under the Answers section, you can see your survey responses. Then there are the survey pages, survey questions, survey question labels, and user input lines supplied by a user, respectively.


Another feature of Odoo HR is expense management. It allows your employees to submit and justify expenses with ease. The manager can see all of the expenses and either approve or reject them. 

End-users submit expenses, which are subsequently approved or rejected by superiors. To reimburse an employee, an accountant can produce expense reports.

You can choose or establish a new expense account for your accounting based on your business.

Expense management|Odoo HR

Source: Technaureus

When you click on Create button, the following screen will appear.

Establish a new expense account|Odoo HR

Source: Technaureus

After you’ve finished writing a cost description, click the Save button.

The Refused Reports and Expense Reports can be found under the Expenses module. You can also view, review, post, and pay expense reports.


Attendances|Odoo HR

Source: Technaureus

Another feature of Odoo HRM that is crucial to performing day-to-day human resource operations is time/attendance monitoring. Thanks to thorough timesheets, you can track workers’ work hours, punch-in/punch-out timing, leave applications, work-from-home requests, and even more. Besides, project managers can utilize these employee timesheets to monitor their availability and evaluate their performance. In addition, the timesheets might be immediately linked to the accounting system, automating payroll processing.

Attendance settings|Odoo HR

Source: Odoo

Odoo 15’s Attendance module adds a fantastic option for counting additional hours worked by employees. This function is activated through the module’s configuration menu. The Count Extra Hours option can be found under the Extra Hours tab, as illustrated in the image above. You can enter a date in the Start From area to begin counting the extra hours. Extra hours will be counted starting from this date, while hours worked earlier to this day will not be counted.

Attendance analysis|Odoo HR

Source: Odoo

The extra hours worked by each employee can be studied using the Attendance module’s Reporting option. This reporting tool allows you to easily construct reports on the extra hours worked by each employee on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.


Timesheets|Odoo HR

Source: Technaureus

Every day, the staff will fill out timesheets. Employees must validate their sheets after the set period, and the manager must then approve his team’s entries. Periods stated in company forms can run on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

By clicking the Create button, you can start a new timesheet. First, make a new timesheet. After you’ve finished filling out the fields, click the Save button. Then, under the ‘Time Sheet menu,’ you’ll find ‘All-Time Sheets.’ All Time Sheets can be viewed in the Odoo HR timesheet menu. Under the Reporting option, you can now see the timesheet reporting. You can combine attendance into timesheet reports and control employee check-in and check-out in the timesheets. In the timesheet menu, you may manage your timesheets. Under the Reporting tab, you can also keep track of your costs and revenues.


In Odoo, the Payroll module allows you to create salary rules that calculate data such as allowances, net, taxes, and contribution registers. This shows who the company or the employee owes taxes to. Besides, you can define a relevant set of rules that apply to a category of employees and construct a salary structure hierarchy. Odoo HR also provides you with contract advantage templates for various compensation.

Employee Payslips|Odoo HR

Source: Technaureus

You may also use the payroll section to create payslips and keep track of your monthly payroll. A journal record will be made on Accounts after the payslip has been created and confirmed. As a result, the Odoo Payroll system relates to the Accounting module.

Remember to create a contract with a wage structure in the Employees module first before you generate a payslip for the employee.

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Monitoring all employee-related operations within a firm is a critical component that can impact the organization’s effectiveness. The features in Odoo HR modules ensure that the platform is user-friendly for all users. Thanks to Odoo’s frequent updates, online merchants can easily manage their employees and their performances. Aside from the design modifications, Odoo HR also features some new dedicated menus that will make it easier for the modules to function well. Therefore, if companies want to optimize human resources management, Odoo HR will be a reliable e-commerce solution.  

Odoo development services| Odoo HR

On the other hand, it’s also critical to find a reliable technology partner to get the most out of the Odoo HR module. BSS Commerce, fortunately, offers full-service technology solutions for all firms of any size, regardless of their unique business needs. Especially, our experts specialize in customizing enterprise software solutions based on Odoo ERP modules for many companies.


With over 9 years of experience, our development team can help you manage human resources efficiently. Feel free to contact us!

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