Find Out What The Odoo Marketing Module Can Do To Scale Your Business


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After the fourth technological revolution, businesses try to face the competition with advanced software tools and technologies. Companies with a need for a mode test center to ensure lean and efficient operation are becoming the device.

How do we achieve management results but at the same time increase the conversion rate in business? Learn about the Odoo Marketing module now to see a new way to help your business thrive.

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What is Odoo?

One of the most widely used ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems is Odoo. The flexibility to integrate modules with additional new functionalities is one of Odoo’s strongest features. In comparison to the original foundation system, this allows the developers to develop it in a fantastic way. Odoo is the owner of open-source code.  This allows developers to do their homework and plan ahead of time before purchasing.

Odoo was founded in 2005 and now has over 7 million users in over 70 countries worldwide. It is a true open-source pioneer because of its active global client base and partner network, which provides bespoke programming, support, and other services.

Odoo is an e-commerce platform that assists online shops with various activities. This software can help you with inventory management, CRM, sales, reporting, accounting, and invoicing automation.

Odoo is not only a valuable tool for helping you manage your business, but it also promotes your business with clever modules. Do you know what Odoo marketing is? If not, let’s find out what it’s capable of right now.

Odoo Marketing Modules

Odoo Marketing modules help you manage, control material for websites, social medias and automate tasks to build consumer loyalty.

Let’s take a closer look at the Odoo Marketing Modules, which are designed to help businesses flourish.

Odoo Marketing Modules

Social Marketing

This module will help businesses have an overview of communication on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other business websites. This social marketing module with the Odoo database will create a link between the company’s social media page from posts, events, and so on.

At the same time, this Odoo Marketing module allows businesses to control the content, build a unified content system and set up push notifications. With user interest data through direct interactions and statistical data, managers will try to convert them into leads and improve conversion rates.

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to reach out to customers in a cost-effective manner. Businesses can use this module to reach an enormous number of customers while also being able to personalize their message in a way that suits them. One of the most potent call-to-action orientation channels is this one.

Odoo marketing email software is a handy tool for mass-sending messages to a target audience in a timely and automated manner. You can start from the ground up, creating eye-catching email campaigns with a well-thought-out strategy for reaching your target demographic. Odoo features will actively assist you by collecting demographic data and other relevant data. You may evaluate data and target audiences with the help of this Odoo Marketing module to come up with content that needs to be developed logically.

Odoo marketing emails allow your marketing and campaign strategies to communicate more directly with your target audience, resulting in more reciprocal engagement.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is another method businesses may use to reach out to clients using automated SMS services. Businesses can get closer to their target clients using this strategy. Viewing marketing updates on your phone is faster than checking your inbox. Email marketing messages are also properly evaluated thanks to the SMS marketplace.

In comparison to email marketing, you will be able to send SMS ads to your consumers instantaneously with Odoo’s SMS marketing module. The cost of opening SMS is significantly lower than email.

Odoo will handle the sending and tracking for you and produce excellent reports, allowing you to focus on efficiently strategizing to expand your market and enhance conversion rates.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a solution that helps you coordinate a variety of marketing strategies. Because diverse business initiatives require distinct communication and promotion efforts to assure success and enhance sales, marketing automation is the bare minimum communication for any organization in the present era. Odoo 15 Marketing’s automation enables firms to run ongoing campaigns across all business projects. In addition, this application will aid in the monitoring and evaluation of movements for business purposes. You can also use Odoo 15 to help you create engaging campaign templates.

Odoo marketing allows you to combine media campaigns with server actions to regulate the conversion rate of your leads. Thanks to its connectivity with the website, events, CRM, and email marketing, lead creation, lead scoring, and lead conversion.

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How does Odoo Marketing scale your business? – Odoo Marketing Automation Features

Odoo Marketing helps you market effectively and saves your time and energy through process automation. It uses software or platforms to automate marketing tasks such as mass mailing, event promotion, and campaign processing.

Marketing automation has evolved into several complex and unified processes. According to detailed collected data, businesses can directly compose marketing communications, automate promotions, and analyze visitor numbers.

Marketing software is now designed purely to manage responsibilities like these.

Odoo Marketing Automation Features

Lead management

Lead management is one of the ways this technology may help your company’s conversion rate skyrocket. Odoo Marketing Automation is a CRM function that allows you to categorize leads based on online behaviors on social media and blogs and evaluate and analyze these leads. CRM software with integrated marketing capabilities and a module will collect and analyze data to help you make the most of your marketing efforts.

Campaign Management

Data management and analysis

Odoo Marketing Automation will automatically help you quickly manage and analyze your database by demographic and behavioral attributes. The customer’s basic contact information will be saved and adequately divided into a good campaign.

Advanced stats

You can fully measure the performance of your campaigns by KPIs such as open rate, bounce rate, clicks, and success with this intelligent tool from Odoo.

Test mode

Before launching a campaign, you can test run the process first to review the event as it is in action and modify and adjust if necessary.

Advanced Workflow

The tool automatically creates and customizes workflows with an intuitive interface to visualize the customer journey better. Lead your contacts in a particular direction based on the action in your process.

Visitor tracking

Manage UTM to track visitors, from website visits to sales orders or invoices, and optimize conversion rates.

Reporting and analysis

Users instantly have real-time campaign analytics, reports, and conversion rate data to understand their customers better and build sound communication methods. The marketing process can be made into an intelligent system that incorporates automation to help businesses attract and target the right audience at the right time with minimal effort.

  • Streamline Marketing: Marketing automation makes some promotions easier to manage. It also caters to the requirements of many contacts at various phases of the business relationship. You can categorize, grow, and target all of your campaigns from a single spot.
  • Cost-effective and time-saving: Automation saves workers time by optimizing the quantity and quality of the process, which is a given. Automation tools make everything easier, from gathering and organizing contact information to taking action step by step. Without waiting for a drafter, all of the information needed to create successful marketing campaigns is available in a single database, saving you time and energy and allowing for better administration. Improve your time management skills. As a result, increased productivity equates to increased revenues. 
  • Increased marketing accountability: the marketing knowledge gained from campaign reports and analysis will assist you in determining the potential and effectiveness of the campaigns you have organized. The data metrics of these campaigns can show the success of the marketing team’s tactics and promotions. In addition, Odoo Marketing Automation helps users review and reorganize campaigns by providing performance and conversion rates.
  • Personalize your ads: marketing campaigns are always automated but are personalized with distinct branding to give people awareness about them. This tool allows you to generate codes that will enable you to customize messages for recipients without creating campaigns for each customer. Customers will be able to communicate with the brand more if there is a personal connection.
  • Increase conversion rates: You may expect higher conversions from your potential consumers if you have a thorough grasp of them and your content is optimized. The number of leads who become customers results from the combined results of several initiatives.
  • Maximized return on investment: Well-planned and implemented marketing initiatives are aided by increased customer retention. Existing customers will return if new offers, product releases, and other eye-catching promotions are presented. Customer-specific recommendations that are suited to their demands will help to maintain customer relationships for a more extended period. Customer retention will result in increased long-term value for each customer and, as a result, increased earnings.

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Some tips to boost sales with Odoo Marketing Automation

Here are a few helpful tips on planning and designing your campaign and how to execute it effectively with Odoo.

Sending “cold email.”

Do you know “Cold email”? Cold emailing is sending an email communication to a “cold” contact – someone who doesn’t know you hasn’t known you yet or shows an interest in your product or service.

Some tips to boost sales with Odoo Marketing Automation

What is the best way to write a successful cold email?

The subject line of an email impacts whether or not the recipient will open the message. The topic of your email is the first thing that influences whether or not the receiver will open it.

A good email topic will entice and drive your receivers to open it and read your business letter’s content.

Here are some pointers on how to develop a compelling email subject line that will raise your open rate:

  • Keep it brief and to the point: The subject line of an email should be no more than 60 characters long (including spaces). Email subject lines that are too long will be clipped off and will not be published entirely.
  • Make your brand unique: To indicate that you know whom you’re talking to, put in the recipient’s or their company’s real name. Keep your business name simple and easy to remember.
  • Make it relevant to the recipient: You must demonstrate that this new information is fascinating, relevant, and important to them and will help them enhance their work lives.
  • Show a little urgency: You use prompting sentences, wanting the recipient to open the email as soon as possible. Because if your email is not opened soon, there is a higher chance that the recipient will never return to it.
  • Make your emails authentic: The goal of your interaction with potential customers is to provide them with what they need or to help them solve their concerns. Don’t be afraid to show your willingness to help with your email communication. People always want someone to understand their problems and offer helpful solutions.
  • Make your email appear as if it was written specifically for them. Use the proper title, address them by their first name, and allude to your study on them. It demonstrates that you did your research and went out of your way to approach them in the first place. They will no longer perceive it as a “cold” approach.

Higher response rates can be achieved by targeting the proper audience.

You can adapt your emails to match the needs of your target audience the more detailed they are.

If you sell B2B products or services, you must know how to target the right companies. Small startups and SME firms require an entirely different approach than large corporations.

The next crucial step is to determine who the right people are who would be interested in your product or service. People at the bottom of the organizational ladder frequently lack the decision-making authority to have a direct impact on purchasing. Your emails will most likely be disregarded even if you target the correct firm. If you don’t reach the proper individuals within who will be interested in your product/service and have decision-making authority, your emails will be ignored.

The most appropriate moment to send an email

According to a survey conducted by YesWare, most emails are unlikely to be opened after 24 hours have passed.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are the most memorable days to send email campaigns since they are psychologically comfortable. Individuals are most active in the morning (8–10 am) or straight away following lunch (1–3 pm).

If you work in many markets, keep in mind the various time zones and keep an eye on the local calendar for holidays.

Concentrate on the sources of suffering and how to address them

The most effective strategy to develop a deep relationship with potential consumers is to help them understand their psychology and respond to them in a way that suits them.

Don’t put too much emphasis on selling numerous products or services; buyers will figure it out for themselves and buy it if you demonstrate your worth in your work. their suggestions and problem-solving

You should figure out what kind of customer insight you’re looking for. From there, you can create more interesting and effective social media posts as well as email and SMS marketing.

Ensure that everything is documented in your CRM

It’s a straightforward procedure that you must not overlook. You need performance statistics on whether your email campaigns are performing for your audience to analyze and optimize them. You must save and collect activity data from potential consumers in order to determine their level of involvement and provide the appropriate instruction to enhance conversion rates.


Odoo Marketing module and especially Odoo Marketing Automation are among the advanced applications that bring great optimization in communicating and running automated email campaigns, planning outreach campaigns, or tracking via SMS customer’s potential goods.

To ensure that your tools are set up correctly, your campaign will run perfectly and fully optimize the plan. You need to consider more professionalism in how to set up and develop them. 

With over 9 years of expertise working across numerous sales and business administration systems, BSS Commerce is always on top of the latest developments. We understand every aspect you require in Odoo Store and are always available to assist you in resolving your issues.

You should refer to our ODOO DEVELOPMENT SERVICES to optimize this open-source effectively.

For more information and better support,contact us and we are here to help.


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