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With Odoo Studio You Can Become A Professional Developer In Minutes

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Currently, Odoo is a world-class ERP system as Odoo will allow you to manage any kind of business based on its features. Odoo also offers many possibilities, so instead of choosing from a wide range of applications, you can customize the Odoo system. Odoo Studio has been introduced by Odoo, which can support your custom Odoo Applications.

However, many users have not known about the capabilities of the Odoo Studio module. This article will help you discover more about Odoo Studio and why it can be a great weapon to leverage your online business. 

About Odoo 

What is Odoo?

Odoo is a leading ERP software for open source. It is the favorite choice for many businesses as it can handle a wide range of business demands. Besides, Odoo allows the user to deal with many different functionalities such as CRM, sales, inventory, reporting, accounting, and sending invoices,…

In addition, there are many versions offered by Odoo to satisfy all sizes of business models such as Odoo Community, Odoo Enterprise, and Odoo Edition.


Odoo benefits

  • Cut down time on information management: Odoo can reduce the time used for recording data and information processing, analysis, and giving decision-making
  • Improve administrative processes: Odoo reduces manual tasks and registrations. Besides, it also concentrates on eliminating unimportant administrative activities
  • Keep up-to-date information: Odoo will keep the information up to date to improve financial and strategic decisions.
  • Control key indicators: You can manage and analyze the main aspects of each business sector and the internal functioning of the company.
  • Assist human resources: Odoo will save time for the users when keeping track of inventory or the number of employees.
  • Facilitate business expansion and integration of new functions: an ERP will facilitate the scalability of the business and allow function integration.
  • Increase the revenue: Odoo will promote team productivity and ease of sale & budget preparation.

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About Odoo Studio

Odoo has introduced Odoo Studio, an Odoo module to help you quickly generate any custom Odoo Applications in a short period of time. Besides, Odoo Studio provides its users with all necessary tools in order to generate tailormade applications in literal minutes. Creating Odoo apps is extremely easy thanks to its user-friendly and codeless interface.

Odoo Studio’s module will allow you to add and customize as many options and fields in existing dev views as possible. In addition, you can add report engines, email gateways, business intelligence, and so much more to your existing applications. You don’t need advanced or even beginner programming skills in order to build and customize your own apps.

Odoo Studio

Not only beginner-friendly, but Odoo Studio is also an effective tool for developers to generate prototypes of their apps, or quickly put together a skeletal outline of a new module. 

Pros and cons of Odoo Studio

Pros of Odoo Studio

There’re many reasons why businesses, especially small and developing companies could utilize Odoo Studio to enhance business growth: 

  • Seamless integration with Odoo: Odoo offers seamless integration for the users
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface: It is effortless to build new applications from scratch. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface made the app-making process much easier for those without coding skills.
  • Endless customization options: Odoo Studio makes it easy to generate bespoke applications that will fit even the most unique requirements.

Cons of Odoo Studio

It is clear that Odoo Studio is not perfect. There’re still some disadvantages of Odoo Studio that you might need to consider: 

  • Pricing: Many Odoo users complain about Odoo Studio’s complicated pricing. Odoo Studio has not had a detailed pricing plan to explain carefully on the pricing page to choose the applications and review the billing plan. 
  • Intermittent latency problems: Some reports that Odoo takes a lot of time processing commands. For a faster-paced environment, such as call centers, this can slow down response speed in a short period of time.
  • Requires in-depth and comprehensive editing tools: Odoo Studio can deal with many unique requirements

Odoo Studio key features

  • Import: Connect your columns with files such as. CSV or . XLS to add and update information in custom columns.
  • Export: Relying on custom objects, Odoo Studio can generate export templates to reuse those.
  • Automation: Automatically perform actions in a selection of records, including delete, automation,…
  • Menu Editor:  Odoo Studio is able to reorganize your menu based on drag & drops features and generate new menus with a click.
  • Email Gateway: You can easily create records or discuss by email thanks to this feature.
  • Search: You can customize your search bar and utilize advanced features such as grouping, and filtering,…
  • API: You are allowed to customize objects quickly as you will have a web-service API without having extra code.
  • Conditional Properties: Your fields will be invisible and those fields can only be read under specific conditions.

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What can you do with Odoo Studio? 

Generate data models without using complex code

Odoo Studio allows you to generate data models with a user-friendly web interface. As there’s no demand for extra code, it will remove the need for developers to manually type code, instead, they can put all data into the model quickly.

Using blocks to define forms views, reports, and menus

The block tools will define various views for menus, and the filled forms for the employees, and bring report generation aspects. Those things are necessary to add an attribute to the application whenever it is in operation.

Build custom views based on its built-in XML editor

When a user needs to generate a custom application in Odoo, the XML will be loaded into the database from Odoo. Thanks to these features, you can customize views in with familiar flexibility like the standard Odoo application. 

Besides, you can utilize Odoo Studio to generate applications as you see fit, and have the flexibility to do the same in XML. Therefore, thanks to the XML editor, you can bring advanced customization and full-fledged functionalities based on your requirement.

Do not have to write a single line of code

You do not have to write a single line of code since dedicated blocks of operation will be dragged and dropped as requirements. These block tools combine configurable tools which can be defined in the Odoo applications. In addition, the functioning of new applications can be configured with existing ones using the definite block tools.

Generate custom automated actions

Odoo Studio allows you to implement Python to automate your manual processes. Thanks to the support of the XML Editor and functional block tools, you can configure many aspects of automating application operations.

Use the application established in other Odoo installations

The application and custom modules can be exported to other Odoo installations of your network. It is quite easy to export custom applications by putting them into a zip file. From there, you can import other instances of Odoo into your network. This will support your company in moving the application to the other Odoo installations if you are with the useability of custom applications in required areas.

To sum up, the Odoo Studio will be useful for your business thanks to the endless customization options and ability to design craft. In addition, it will bring custom usage to the existing applications. 

BSS Commerce’s Odoo Development services

BSS Commerce specializes in providing multi-platform eCommerce solutions as well as development services providers, including Odoo Development services. We have a team of many dedicated and certificated experts responsible for bringing high-quality products and services. We are also committed to ensuring that your business will be optimized effectively.

Until now, we have provided services for 22,000+ customers all over the world, including B2B, B2C, and B2B2C. If you are finding a trustworthy partner that provides Odoo development services, BSS Commerce can be a great option. Besides, we can provide your company with the best services at the most competitive cost in the market. In addition, if you want to find out more about the reviews of our previous customers, you can look for us on Clutch.

Take a look at our Odoo development services:

  • Consulting
  • ERP Development
  • Module Development
  • Website Development
  • Theme Development
  • Customization


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So, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our field. We are always available to deal with your problems as soon as possible.

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