Product Prices Between Magento 2 Websites and Stores – Store Views


Product Prices Between Magento 2 Websites and Stores – Store Views

Product pricing is one of the most important 7Ps in Marketing strategy that every business needs to follow for generating the best sales. Therefore, it is always essential to look for new solutions to optimize pricing which is suitable for each business model, each website structure, each product as well as each customer target. For Magento 2 Ecommerce, we want to approach this pricing concern in another aspect: product prices between website and stores – store views level to target global customers.

The scope of Catalog Prices in The Default Magento 2

As you know, to set price scope in Magento 2, you need to go to Store→Configuration→Catalog →Catalog Price Scope, and then you select one of the two options in the dropdown list: 

magento 2 catalog price scope

  • Global: When you choose Global, it means that prices of a product are similar in every website under a Magento installation.
  • Website: When you choose Website, it means that prices of a product are different between websites. However, if a website has many stores or stores views, prices of a product are the same between these stores or store views.

For example, your website has three different stores, and you sell a product in these 3 stores. With the Catalog Price Scope as Website, prices of this product are similar on all 3 stores.

How to Set up Product Prices per Store or Store view in Magento 2 

As mentioned above, the scope of Catalog Price is Website level, or it means that we cannot set up product prices for stores and store views. In case store owners want to sell a product at different prices, you must need another solution like installing Magento 2 Multiple Store View Pricing extension.

This module will allow choosing Store View as a scope of Price Catalog, and as a result, store owners can freely set up different prices of the same product per store view.

magento 2 multiple store view pricing-enable

Also, one of the most useful features is setting base currency for each store view. In default Magento, the base currency has the Scope of Website level, which means customers have to pay with one currency of the website no matter which stores or store views they purchase products. Therefore, this function is a very nice to improve checkout experience for international customers because they can check out with their currencies without exchanging as before

⇒Take an example as below:

There are 2 store views as English and French and when store owners use Multiple Store View Pricing for Magento extension to set up different prices for a product per store view:

  • Product price in English store view is £100:

magento 2 multiple store view pricing-english

  • Product price in French store view is €200:

magento 2 multiple store view pricing-french

  • Customers check out with Euro when buying the product in French store view: 

magento 2 multiple store view pricing-checkout


⇒You can check this tutorial video to know more about the setting process: 


With Magento 2 Multiple Store View Pricing, product price issue becomes very simple between Magento Hierarchy. Now you can configure to set up the price per store view to target suitable customers as your demand and also improve checkout experience for all global purchasers.

For more questions about Magento 2 extensions, please feel free to contact us and we are willing to support you every time.



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