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ScandiPWA: Best upcoming eCommerce PWA solution in 2022

PWA (Progressive Web Apps) is a type of web application, built using website technologies while offering the same experience as a Native App. This means that users, after logging into their eCommerce PWA website through a mobile browser, can install the said website on their phone and access it easily later via an icon right on their home screen. In addition to its speed and convenience, another amazing feature of PWA lies in its offline availability. Thanks to the help of Service Worker, Manifest, HTTPS, and the latest tech such as ScandiPWA, PWA web owners are never out of touch with their sites, even without a network. 


As we are living in the age of smartphones, PWA offers the perfect combination of a native app’s simplicity with complex website setups. More and more eCommerce businesses are using PWA techs to boost their brands more effectively. If you are one of them, then ScandiPWA is one of the options that you should NOT miss out on in 2022. In this article, you will find all the necessary information to start your own ScandiPWA project.


scandipwa ecommerce solution
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What is ScandiPWA?


ScandiPWA is an eCommerce PWA solution. Best known for its being the next-generation Magento 2 front-end, ScandiPWA supports up to 95% of Magento features. So if your sites are already based upon Magento techs, ScandiPWA is bound to be the upgrade you’re looking for. 


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And even if you are not familiar with Magento, ScandiPWA will still catch your attention with its impressive capability. While based on React and Redux, ScandiPWA leverages several technologies like GraphQL, Varnish, and Redis – which helps you improve website performances significantly. 


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Why choose ScandiPWA?

Improve User Flow


Usually, the purchase process starts with the user’s manual search for the desired products. On most platforms/sites, the user will be suggested to download an app for quicker access on AppStore, for example. The user will then have to install the app on their device, open said app again, find what they need before proceeding to checkout.

For those who are not familiar with the new age technology, this can be quite a cumbersome situation. According to a study by Google, 61% of customers claimed that they would easily skip a website when they are not user-friendly enough, design-wise. Improving user experience by creating mobile websites that will make shopping easier and save time is becoming a requirement for businesses all around the world.

scandipwa user flow
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ScandiPWA offers exactly what you need to solve this problem. With the ScandiPWA top-notched technology, the customers have never had such a great time surfing your web app. Now they can scroll the mobile website, pay for the order, and breezily click the “Add to Home screen” option to download your website. To visit again, all they need to do is click on the icon to return to the website. For most common users, ScandiPWA brings about an extremely handy solution, because thanks to it, they can still use mobile websites without the struggle of downloading the apps.


Offline Availability

No Internet? No worries! Applying the Service Worker function, ScandiPWA offers you the one-of-a-kind experience of its Offline Mode, thanks to which the powered sites are always available – any time, any place.

scandipwa offline mode
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To be precise, Scandi eCommerce PWA platforms allow offline browsing activities. Without a certain network, the customers can still perform the basic tasks like adding products to carts, completing checkout processes, etc. That information will then be saved directly on their devices, waiting to be automatically synchronized once the customers are back online. This is one of the most exclusive upgrades from ScandiPWA to Magento 2 technology. If you’re already familiar with Magento and Magento 2, Scandi’s Offline Mode will definitely be the push you need to make the switch. 

All in all: Choose ScandiPWA, choose breezy shopping endeavors.

Reduce Operating & Maintenance Expenses 

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Programming and maintenance costs are huge concerns for any technology project. When approaching the e-commerce aspect, a business nowadays will need to build a website with an IOS and an Android app. This requires quite large operating costs, as well as the effort of creating a crew including front-end, back-end, IOS, and Android developers.


With ScandiPWA, however, the process can be easily cut down to only front-end and back-end development. Though admittedly, implementing eCommerce PWAs, in general, requires less manpower but more skills. It will be necessary for your teams to learn more about how to implement the idea, and also how to understand more about users’ experience on mobile apps.


Speed Up the Release Cycle

scandipwa release cycle
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Show your appreciation to your IT team by using ScandiPWA today. Why is that, you ask? With ScandiPWA, the release cycle is now simpler than ever. 


For usual mobile developers, every time there is an update or new features, they will have to update the mobile app version, then push the app back to the marketplace – a process that takes way too much time and effort. With ScandiPWA, your tech team only needs to release an update once and refresh the cache on your website. The synchronization feature (even when the user does not open the site) has also been developed as we’re speaking. So, cheer up our precious developers – ScandiPWA’s got you!


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Brands powered by ScandiPWA:


Not convinced yet? Take a look at these 4 global brands and their successful journeys with ScandiPWA.




PUMA, one of the most popular sportswear brands in the world, is now applying ScandiPWA technology to its eCommerce business. With an average of 25.000+ products available on their worldwide websites at all times, PUMA needs to create a PWA that is user-friendly while still capable of running smoothly. 

scandipwa puma
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No worries: ScandiPWA’s got that covered. Working with PUMA’s backend team, ScandiPWA’s frontend developers have developed many solutions exclusively for the brand. This has improved PUMA’s website significantly – made it “extensible”, “easy to maintain”, and of course: “ultra-fast”, according to Jason Barney, Founder, and Chief Architect at Evaporate IT.


“Partnering with Scandiweb’s team allowed us to bring a site to market that has 3 – 4 times better performance than any other site in the client’s portfolio.” shared the engineer. “We will gladly partner with them on future projects.”


Al-Majed 4 Oud

scandipwa Al-Majed 4 Oud

Al-Majed 4 Oud is a top producer & supplier of perfumes and home fragrances from the Middle East. With that being said, they still had quite a few struggles when they first got into the eCommerce scene. Their website faced glitches during busy times and displayed problems in the usage of several technical tools.


This was the time for ScandiPWA to shine. ScandiPWA team applied their technology to create a “seamless, fuss-free” eCommerce PWA version on Magento 2. Thanks to that, Al-Majed 4 Oud is now getting the benefits from its highly-performing and intuitive site, which updates the original platform and strongly enhances sales. 


Using ScandiPWA “resulted in tremendous spikes in sales and conversion rate leading to 200% growth.” Gaurav Mahendra Singh, eCommerce Manager at Al Majed, confirmed the satisfying result to the development team.



scandipwa technodom
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Technodom, the largest household appliance and electronics retailer in Central Asia has recently made an eCommerce tech switch to ScandiPWA. The reason for this migration is because of their old site’s reduced performance and non-extendibility. 

Now with ScandiPWA, Technodom’s infrastructure is more than ready thanks to better load balancing functions, and tailored streamline performance as well as the sales process. This upgrade contributes to the brand’s impressive $800M annual gross – nothing speaks louder than numbers, for sure!

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Wrap Up


During the last decade, digital shopping has quickly grown into one of the most fundamental parts of modern life. Now in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital shopping, or eCommerce, continues to thrive like never before. This is a perfect time for business owners to start polishing their online appearances and securing their places in the vast online market – starting with setting up the right type of platforms. PWA is, without a doubt, an excellent choice for that.


The above article has brought to you a compact yet detailed introduction to PWA in general and ScandiPWA in particular. They are incredibly useful technical tools for any business that is looking to join the robust scene of eCommerce across the globe. We believe that you are more than ready to kick start your own ScandiPWA project now. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today:


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