Who Should Use Ajax Cart Pro Magento 2?

by Anna Nguyen

Whenever you intend to purchase anything, you might have a question about whether it is suitable for you/your business or not. And there is no exception for Ajax cart pro Magento 2.

Are the Magento extensions developed only for business owners? Let’s find out the answer in this article.

What Is Ajax Cart Pro Magento 2?


Magento Ajax add to cart is an additional feature for Magento 2 to improve the customer experience on Magento user-friendly by cutting down a lot of time on whole-page loading, which causes inconvenience and annoying feelings.

Note that if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you have about 40% of customers abandon the website. Hence, it’s important to optimize your website performance.

For the details, how Ajax cart pro support you do it well:

  • Decrease loading time a lot: Customer needn’t wait for several seconds to add product to cart completely. This action is done on Product Page, Catalog Page, Search Result Page at any possible positions.
  • Ensure time on page: Customer’s interaction on one page is more diverse with add to cart, revise cart, popup interacting. 
  • Make great popup design: The admin can customize both text and color of popup elements so that it matches the website theme. This makes your website more professional and eye-catching.
  • Bring satisfaction for customers: Ajax cart pro Magento 2 extension has a responsive design with all devices, mobile included. Hence, it’s convenient if your customer can shop from anywhere at any time on any device. Furthermore, this module also offers the smoothest popup displaying with 5+ Popup animations.

An additional benefit not disappointing you is upselling or cross-selling at ease. You can add different products to the shopping popup to boost sales. We ensure with this method, your business revenue increases with high efficiency.


What are you waiting for? Check out Ajax Cart Pro Magento 2 right now!

Targeted Customers Of  Magento 2 Ajax Cart Pro

After researching the demand on the Magento market, we see 3 customer groups that need Ajax add-to-cart extension including Magento developer, Magento store owner, and Magento development agency. 

Each group can use this extension for different purposes. Check the details below!

Magento store owner


First of all, Ajax cart module is an advanced feature that is found and used by almost all store owners. 

Running a business on an E-commerce platform means you have more opportunities to increase revenue. You also have more pressure to compete with many famous brands and prospect brands on the online shopping market. Hence, Magento store owners need careful preparation to be more outstanding than others. 

Highly recommend using Ajax Cart Pro Magento 2. This is an effective UX solution that allows your consumers to enjoy the shopping experience by making it simple and seamless. No need for code, after installing and enabling the extension, your site will have Ajax logic for your Add to cart button.

Moreover, the store owner just customizes the config in the backend about adding up-sell, related products, and styling the popup…

Easy to use and all Magento store owners can add this for business websites.

Magento developer (Freelancer)


With the particularities of work, Freelancer is one of customer groups that can buy Magento 2 Ajax add to cart to serve for the urgent project. With the specific requirements to increase website performance, Magento developer can buy this and customize it to meet the requirements. 

Why does it bring benefits for freelancers? You spend less time and effort coding from the beginning but still ensure completing the task well. Hence, the money you earn is also much more than originally.

Magento development agency


As freelancers’ purpose is to save time, effort and increase income, Magento development agency can use Ajax Cart Pro extension with another one – serve the customers who have the demand with their products and services.

This module supports enhancing clients’ experience, saving their time when adding products/services to their cart. Besides that, you can offer better prices since buying more products displayed in the popup.

Wrap Up

Ajax cart pro Magento 2 extension is flexible and suitable for all customers. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about whether it is fit for your purpose.

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