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How to Move Magento Site from Siteground to Nexcess

To be very clear, this instruction can only be applied to Magento 1.x.

Step 1: Go to Control Panel

Firstly, on opening Nexcess Control Panel, you go to SSH Management then select Whitelist my current IP as illustrated below.

The next step is to create database which is just as simple as following.

Then you need to setup permission which enables you to perform other actions to that database in the future. To do so, just select needed permission and click Add.

Finally, server is quite ready for importing database.


After that, you need to go to core_config_data to fix URL value.

Step 2: Go to SSH

When you already get to SSH, you have to download code and database from server to server by using wget http://domain/filename.zip.

After download completed, unzip it by unzip filename.zip.

Step 3: Go to app/etc/local.xml and config information for new database

That’s it.  We really hope you find this helpful!

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