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Why Google Analytics tracking lacks of order.

Nowadays, Google Analytics (GA) is the trend of analytical tools. Magento default provides connection function between magento and GA. Besides, we can install other module which supports GA in order to use more functions. However, it is not sure that GA will be exactly 100%. There are some major reasons why GA tracking lacks of order from a magento Website.

1. Users turn off Javascript on browser

GA is a kind of javascript.Your website has to run javascript code in order that it can send order information. So if users turn off javascript in their browser, your website can not send order information to GA. So GA can not track this order.

2. Users turn off browse when loading order success page has not completed

As the first reason, your website has to run javascript code in order to send order information to GA. If the users turn off browse before completing this javascript code, order information will not be sent. It means that GA cannot track this order. Especially, with some websites using defer javascript, it means that all javascript code will run at last. Therefore, if the users turn off their browse early, the order information will not be sent.

3. The order is too big

The limitation of “http request” sent to GA is 8192 bytes. It means that if the order is too big( such as too many items) GA will not track this order.


4. Users prevent GA Users

Users prevent GA Users who can use add-on “Google Analytics Opt-out Browser” from collecting information.

Now, “ Google Analytics Opt- out Browser Add-on” supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera.


Normally, with a magento website using GA, GA will miss around 10 % of total orders. If the mount of orders missed is higher than 10 %, there may be some problems which are bigger than 4 above things. You should check your website again.

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