Magento 2 B2B2C: Essential Knowledge for eCommerce

You must’ve heard or already known all about Magento 2 B2B or B2C. Yet, it’s your first time attending the term Magento 2 B2B2C. What is it, and is it possible for the Magento platform to handle the B2B2C business model?

What is Magento 2 B2B2C?


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B2B2C stands for Business-to-Business-to-Consumer. Unlike B2B businesses that specialize in wholesale, B2B2C businesses also retail products or provide individual packages to consumers.

Therefore, B2B2C businesses want to create a flexible process that allows for improved B2C and B2B customer experiences by offering various options and custom solutions.

In short, instead of mass production-oriented, B2B2C business wants to mass customization-oriented via multiple methods of selling products in customizable packages to match with specific consumer needs.

There isn’t too much difference between the traditional B2B2C model and the eCommerce B2B2C model. However, it’s easy to notice that eCommerce’s sales process could be potentially shortened and smoothen by automation management software/platforms such as CRM or Magento 2.

Note that the regular Magento 2 Open-source doesn’t have B2B-oriented features; therefore, if you run a B2B2C business and desire to maximize its potential on the sales process, you should try external modules or consider an upgrade to Magento 2 Commerce edition if possible.

Is Magento 2 suitable for B2B2C eCommerce?


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Looking at the features and operating methods of Magento 2, it can be easily seen that Magento 2 is a reasonable choice to improve the sales process of B2B2C businesses.

Customer-oriented flexibility

Advanced B2B functions from Magento 2 Commerce/Commerce Cloud editions or 3rd party extensions (such as Magento 2 B2B Package by BSSCommerce) provides maximum flexibility for businesses.

By nature, B2B customers differ from B2C customers. They have different prospects from customer behaviors, demands, purposes, and purchase decisions.

Different features, like the custom catalog, customer segmentation, quotation, etc., offer various options for B2B & B2C planning for customers by creating customer groups that fit each customer type.

Multiple payment options


B2B customers and B2C customers will have different approaches to products, the number of products in order, and payment methods.

The flexibility of payment options offered by Magento 2 Open-source and Commerce is suitable for B2B2C businesses. It’s important to point out that Magento 2 Commerce supports many checkout sources than the standard open-source version.

Fasten sales process

Magento 2 directly automates and minimizes the complexity of the purchase & checkout processes, intuitively targeting the purpose of a B2B2C model, which is mass customization.

Magento 2 Commerce has advanced features such as fast order or wishlist to speed up buying decisions of both wholesalers & retailers while boosting website conversion rates.

If your budget is tight, consider trying alternative solutions such as Magento 2 Quick Order or Multiple Wishlist extension. Quick order offers a much faster checkout approach for wholesale consumers, while Multiple Wishlists allows comparison between multiple order lists.


Getting your B2B2C business closer to mass customization with customer orientation proves to be much more complicated. Fortunately, with many characteristics that Magento 2 has, it’s possible to use the Magento 2 platform for successful B2B2C activities.

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