[Case Study] BSS’s 3 Magento 2 Customization Extensions Build From Scratch

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With 10 years of experience, BSS Commerce has become a world-class Magento extension builder that merchants turn to when they need advanced business solutions.

We ensure not only can we provide cutting-edge modules, but we also can make advanced customization for those modules to meet the needs of our clients fully.

In this article, we will introduce some Magento customization extension cases we did and show you our clients’ feedback.

Let’s explore!

Case #1: Redirect Users To A Custom CMS Page

Customer classification is necessary to help you serve each customer group most suitably. Commonly, businesses would want to offer different prices or set an additional minimum order amount for wholesale and retail customers.

And in our client’s case, they want to redirect users to a custom home page based on their customer group. For example, users in the Dealers user group would go to the Dealers home page, and regular users would go to the main home page, etc. 

And they want the redirect to happen after the user logs in.

Highlight features

  • Redirect users to a custom page based on their customer group after login


We created a Magento customization module that allows them to change which page a customer group logs into on the backend. 

After creating a new CMS page, they can set up a rule that a specific customer group will get redirected to that CMS page after logging in.

Customer quote

The customers gave us feedback and said the module worked perfectly. We’re glad to hear it, and we’re so appreciative that they trusted BSS to help them build the solution.

Case #2: Develop A Form For Magento

A custom form is necessary to collect all the needed information of your customers to fulfill them. In most cases, adding custom field to the checkout page is a good enough solution.

However, our client wanted a whole new form for dealers. Mostly, it was just a basic form with basic form fields. The more complex portion was the ability of their customer service employees’ ability to deny or approve requests from form requests on the backend. And if a form was approved, there would need to be an approval code field that would be included in the message to dealers.

Highlight features

  • Add a custom form for dealers on the Magento store frontend
  • Show the List of DOR Submissions grid in the Customer menu
  • Send confirmation email to dealers 


Frontend: The dealer form

Backend: The DOR list

Email: Email template config

Customer quote

Our client was thrilled with the result. They gave us a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, praising BSS’s Magento customization module development pace and price. 

Case #3: Show The Stock Info Based On Customer Groups

Again, for each customer group, you should have a different approach for them to serve them better.

In this case, the client’s marketing team didn’t want to display the stock information in the main store. Instead, they wanted to show the stock information to some customer groups and hide it from others.

Highlight features

  • Show the stock information based on customer groups 


In the Stock Options setting, we add a new config Display Products Availability in Stock on Storefront. If choose Yes, a customer group table will be shown, and the admin can choose which customer group to show the stock information.

Customer quote

There was a conflict with another provider’s module, but we quickly helped them resolve it, and the module worked then. 

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BSS is constantly trying our best to learn the pain points of merchants and build solutions to solve them. However, each business is a different case. Thus, a Magento customization module may be required.

BSS ensures that we can develop new modules based on your unique demands, so if you have any requests, please feel free to contact us.

BSS Commerce is a world-class Magento extension provider famous for 3 factors:

  • Solution-Oriented: We care about our client’s pain points and provide the right solution accurately, timely, and effectively. That’s why we have 75,000+ satisfied customers worldwide.
  • Feature Rich: We offer 180+ extensions that are fully featured and innovative. All are developed and supported by Magento solution specialists, certified developers, and ISTQB testers. Accordingly, we earn the position as one of the leading Magento 2 extension providers.
  • Transparency & Reliability: We provide modules at the best price (one-time payment and no hidden fee) and the best support service (average first response time within 1 hour and 4.9 stars on Trustpilot). Hence, after 10+ years of dedication, we were honored to be Adobe Bronze Partner and ISTQB partner.

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