10+ Best B2B Marketing Strategies for Store Owners in 2020

In 2020, plan new and best B2B Marketing strategies instead of the same old thing.

After the acquisition by Adobe, Magento 2 is expected to undergo a significant changing landscape, in which lots of advanced B2B features have been introduced.

It creates favors for Magento 2 B2B business. However, the business will become even more fierce.

Besides improving the features, ensure your marketing team is on board to engage customers with functional and converting experiences.

Here we help with to top 10 B2B marketing tools and methods.

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Get the most recommended B2B marketing strategies for a flourishing 2020 now!

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Online B2B Differs from B2C

b2b marketing methods

Magento 2 B2B customers now expect a seamless online experience as B2C customers. However, B2B customers are more demanding and take more time to end up buying.

If you expand your business from the B2C market, you should fundamentally rethink how to target the new wholesale customers to come up with the most relevant B2B marketing strategies.

This makes sense!

Any wholesale-involved decision is meant to result in a long-term relationship, and for mutual benefits. Thus, B2B owners must apply various personalized content, product structures, pricing models, and advanced configurable search to address different stages of the buying cycle.

Once customers are ready to purchase, make it fast and personalized.

It is necessary to offer B2B special features such as wholesale fast order, reorder product list, requisition list, quotation tools.

Also, customer insight is a must – “the most important key” – we might add. More insightful, more sales.

Big Data technology, Business Intelligence Tools (BI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), etc. have helped.

B2C vs. B2B Marketing Strategies

b2b marketing methods
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Before you sit down to plan the best B2B marketing strategies or use any B2B marketing tools, you should draw out some key differences between the B2B and B2C.

There are three aspects to keep in mind:

Get-to-point or Educated content

b2b marketing strategies for content

B2C pays more attention to the benefits of products – make their lives easier. However, keep all parts direct. They are interested in simple and easy messaging via various distribution channels.

B2B customers, on the other side, want to be educated with the right knowledge about the product they are browsing.

Therefore, feel free to add details to your content. It is better if you showcase critical thoughts about the industry, predictions of workplace heroes.

Emotion-driven or Logic-driven

b2b marketing methods

In B2C, create a shortcut to your information, but at the same time, entertain your audience. Purchase-decisions of retail customers are significantly driven by their emotions.

To some extent, some B2C customers buy with hearts rather than minds.

Take the “Celebrity Effect” for example.

A girl saw Jennifer Lopez in the sexy figure-hugging dress by Alex Perry on the website, and couldn’t help but click to buy.

Nonetheless, B2B consumers are more conscious because they have to answer why they buy a specific product later.

Definitely not like “She is beautiful” but “Our female customers will love it at first sight.”

Wholesale purchases are affected by the product’s return on investment (ROI). Or simply put, it is the financial incentive that the product will bring for the business.

Hence, show off how your product can save time, money, resources, and create sales.

Benefits focus or Promotion focus

Benefits focus or Promotion focus

To keep it short from these two characteristics above, the best B2B marketing strategies are to offer their price and knowledge promotions.

Meanwhile, for B2C customers, bring benefits right at their fingertips.

10+ Best B2B Marketing Strategies

Let’s uncover the top marketing methods for B2B you should master in 2020.

5 critical B2B marketing methods

Content is the king
Content is the king

If you make a quick search for B2B marketing strategies, you might come across some first headlines such as “Why Content Can’t Always Be King in Your B2B Marketing?” or “Why Content is King in B2B Business?”

We confirm: Content is still the king.

Figure out what kind of ROI the B2B customers expect from your products, then try to show them at a moment’s notice. Add education about industry jargon to your product content.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

B2B websites used to quite close to online visitors. However, the fact now changes.

Web owners are willing to invest more in SEO optimization to present their webs visually on the first page.

You should, too.

Best SEO B2B marketing strategies are subject to change in accordance with search engine algorithm updates, users’ behaviors, and new SEO techniques.

There are some best practices to follow:

  • Topical approaches and dedications to keyword research
  • Aware of search engines’ changes
  • Unique and helpful content, matched with user intent and high-quality landing pages
  • Leveraged Schema markup with Rich Snippets, AMP results, reviews, etc.
  • Mobile-friendly experiences are even much better than responsive design
B2C and B2B unified

B2C and B2B are not different like chalk and cheese. They still intersect in many ways.

In terms of unified marketing, many B2C owners are now trying to have both B2C and B2B initiatives happened at once, and on a single platform – like Magento 2.

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Accordingly to Mr. Daveshish – the Group VP, Global eCommerce & Multichannel Convergence, unifying B2C and B2B within one website is to provide an ease of information access, minimize the duplication, and increase economies and capabilities of scale.

Omnichannel B2B marketing
Omnichannel B2B marketing

Make your website omnichannel available.

It means offering a seamless experience across all relevant channels: the website, social media, offline stores, advertising, referral marketing, etc.

How to adapt to this new wave of B2B marketing?

  • Know your B2B customers – where are their touchpoints with your business?
  • Tailor converting contents – what kinds of content do B2B buyers want to consume?
  • Ensure responsive web pages – how can you present the dedicated content in a user-friendly way?

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Personalized automation
Marketing Strategies Automation
Thanks, SmartInsight, for this comprehensive definition

Be personalized and automated for B2B business!

It is the key to reducing business costs and leveraging customer experiences, especially big B2B partners at the top of the purchase funnel.

Big Data, CRM, and Metrics have direct influences on marketing automation. Thus, you should invest and master in these automation tools.

Email marketing is an oldie but still a goodie. Also, there are some automation marketing methods to apply and enhance such as Automated Live Chat, Action-Triggered Sales Notifications, Data Analytics, Social Media Automation & Scheduling, and more.

Marketing Experiences: This refers to technologies that directly affect customer touchpoints across the marketing lifecycle, including advertising, email, social media, SEO, content marketing, A/B testing, marketing apps, and other related tools. 

Regarding B2B customers, LinkedIn is one of the best social media. And of course, there are tips for you to successfully generate LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies.

5 recommended B2B marketing tools

Keep up with today’s topic about B2B marketing strategies for store owners in 2020, let’s uncover five B2B marketing tools we have carefully-picked for your Magento 2 website.

Magento 2 B2B Wholesale Package
Magento 2 B2B Package

BSS Commerce is proud to provide one of the ultimate B2B marketing tools at your fingertips.

We call it Magento 2 B2B Wholesale Package.

This an ultimate solution to cover a B2B buying journey from login to checkout.

In terms of marketing strategies, it helps showcase products in new ways to streamline the ordering process in several clicks.

Full features:

  • Manage customer accounts & content access
  • Fasten the ordering process with wholesale display
  • Set minimum order amount per customer group
  • Refund by store credits to customer accounts
  • Reorder multiple products in a product list
  • Work well with Magento 2 One Step Checkout
Semrush – Good for SEO strategy planning
Semrush - Good for SEO strategy planning

This tool will help to carry out B2B marketing strategies!

Semrush is an expensive tool, starting at $99.95 for the Pro solution. However, based on our experiences, Semrush is one of the B2B marketing tools for 2020, especially for SEO optimization.

Accordingly, it covers many aspects of SEO with Keyword Research and Website Review Tools. Hence, you can expect an abundance of information to optimize your webpage.

Mailchimp – among best B2B marketing tools for email
Mailchimp - B2B marketing tools for email

We bet some of you are using Mailchimp for email automation campaigns now.

Mailchimp is feature-rich at an affordable price to share newsletters and to follow up purchases. This is essential to keep in touch and maintain a long-term relationship with potential B2B customers.

This email platform is very easy to use with an interactive drag & drop interface.

More excitingly, there is a free Magento 2 Mailchimp Integration available.

Hubspot – Supportive content creativity
Hubspot - Supportive content creativity

In fact, Hubspot is an alternative to Mailchimp in regard to email automation platforms.

However, if you are finding marketing tools for content creation, then go for Hubspot.

They inspire a bunch of ideas and techniques for web content, landing page, social accounts, and data analytics.

Especially, they focus on customer training by educating the audience with useful and engaging content. You should spend some time to explore their content library.

Google Analytics – Cloud-based analytics platform
Google Analytics - Cloud-based analytics platform

Without customer insight, even the best marketing strategies fail shortly.

Provided by Google – the most popular search engine in the world, Google Analytics applies smart business intelligence standards, premium analytical features, and visualization techniques.

As a result, you can expect various types of reports to understand your target customers better.

In terms of price, you can start all free!

Wrapping Up

We have done with the best B2B marketing strategies including the best B2B marketing tools and methods.

We hope it is helpful to rock your business in 2020.

If you have any helpful marketing strategies to recommend, also share it with us in the comment box!

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