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5+ Best LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies That Work to Your Success

by Stephanie Greene

While B2C customers often access your website via Facebook or Instagram, professional B2B buyers go for LinkedIn B2B Marketing.

Do not be so surprised!

LinkedIn is not just for job seekers. If you use this social network the right way, then it becomes an active marketing channel to grow your network and business.

Let’s check out 5+ best LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies, and you will see!

This post is all about Linkedin b2b marketing best practices, using LinkedIn for marketing B2B, LinkedIn B2B marketing examples, and more.

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What Are LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies?


First and foremost, whenever you start to brainstorm a new B2B LinkedIn strategy, you need to think about who is your target audience. 

For the LinkedIn channel, you should consider that its audience is much smaller than other social media for the LinkedIn channel. However, they are often well-educated about specific industries. Hence, make sure that the content you target should be professional and valuable. Otherwise, they click back right away.

Secondly, draw out several strategic objectives you want to achieve from the LinkedIn B2B marketing campaigns.

For example:

  • Build B2B relationships and online communities
  • Establish reputation and leadership
  • Generate potential leads
  • Gain market insights and researches


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Linkedin B2B Marketing Examples



LinkedIn suggests promoting B2B strategies on this platform. Thus, you might wonder how the company uses LinkedIn for B2B marketing themselves.

The fact is, LinkedIn is doing excellently as a business of B2B services and a marketing educator.

Our very first impression on the LinkedIn page is the professional – yet still human-focused content. Then, look at their Fanclub – nearly 20 million followers.

Secondly, looking at our LinkedIn b2b marketing examples, we took a quick tour of their business page. One more time, we were impressed by the way LinkedIn provides useful and evergreen content there. Even better, LinkedIn quietly contributes itself as a content-generating powerhouse.

Some advice from experts in LinkedIn in their Secret Sauce:

  • Investing in the best organic content +  Amplifying your paid efforts = More brand’s potentials on LinkedIn
  • Carefully setting up your campaigns from naming, bidding & budget, running A/B tests, taking advantage of the insight tag.
  • Content tips: Let’s get visual, Free Creative Tools, Rick Media, Keep All Short & Sweet, etc.

Coca – Cola


Coca-Cola lies among well-known Linkedin B2B marketing examples for its creative and unique marketing campaigns. Hence, it makes sense that this company is one of the best LinkedIn B2B marketing examples.

In 2012, Coca-Cola published more than 2,000 stories related to Coca-Cola’s Journey across several social channels, including the LinkedIn company page. Successfully enough, the company received significant interaction and got 917,000+ followers back then.

According to the Co-Managing Editor Jay Moye from Coca-Cola, “LinkedIn is a huge traffic driver for us” – especially the “professional audience … The click-throughs are markedly higher than those on Facebook and Twitter.”

His advice for the Marketing team on LinkedIn is to “focus on long-form advertorials and the stories about the Coca Cola company business, and plans, the values, and the passions that we share …”

For younger consumers, the company has also made a significant change. Specifically, they create “non-branded” content that does not have Coca-Cola or the brand in the headline. They are talking to the customers’ selves, for example, music or sports, etc.

Then, you already learn something about how to do B2B marketing on LinkedIn from Coca-Cola, don’t you?



L’Oréal is also one of the best B2B Linkedin examples of how to use LinkedIn for Marketing B2B for a business with multiple entities that can showcase their business in a way to segment and engage easily.

Accordingly, L’Oréal owns many popular brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Lancôme, or Redken. By creating affiliated pages and connecting them all with the company business page, the company can plan relevant content and marketing campaigns for specific target audiences and engage them with other featured brands.

You can also try this tactic on your LinkedIn page.



For your information, Hays was awarded the No.1 Company Page on LinkedIn for their branded imagery through the clutter and authentic leadership.

What makes Hays outstanding is their confident mission and vision, claiming as the #1 recruiting firm worldwide and their relevant content delivered to their audiences.

For instance, you can easily find useful content like “So, tell me about yourself” on their newsfeed, from which they draw significant engagement.

Who would want to miss such a post?

Take away tips of using LinkedIn for B2B marketing:

  • Showcase branded imagery in a slick and consistent look
  • Put a human face on mission and vision
  • Ask the audience what content they would like to watch next
  • Included hashtag to promote sharing and optimize searching



Deloitte is another LinkedIn page that draws our attraction at the very first look.

Take their banner, for example, of how to do b2b marketing on LinkedIn.

It is simple, figure-focused, and short – yet still sweet to show off their experience and reputation.

Let’s scroll down, and we promise that you’ll find some interesting content about Deloitte’s members and the industrial jargon. We like that visual is the new headline. The imagery moves beyond the stock photos and matches the content’s message.

How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing B2B?

#1. Set up a professional company page

BSSCommerce-b2b marketing linkedin

[Important Note] Do not make the LinkedIn page become another eCommerce website where you spam your visitors with a bunch of products or the like. Instead, LinkedIn, in general, and the best b2b digital marketing strategies, in particular, should be used to engage and attract visuals.

“People are people. So, we want to make sure that we are not promoting everything about ourselves. We really want to have a conversation about the topics that they care about …” shared by Deanna Lazzaroni, Manager of Global Content Marketing & Social Media Strategy at LinkedIn.

How to do b2b marketing on LinkedIn properly on your business page?

  • A logo is the very first impression of your branding marketing. Use your logo now or create a new one free with the Canva tool.
  • Anesthetic banner image with brand equity and compelling text, say, “BSS Commerce – Awesome Support, Competitive Price.” Do not ignore the size. Keep every image on the page neat and clear. For the banner, choose a 1584×396-px pic.
  • A professional company description. It is recommended to keep it short between 2 and 3 lines, which cut right to the chase and hook them to click “See More.” Also, include relevant terms where possible. For your information, LinkedIn members often search by keywords.
  • Enter your website URL and pick up your related size and industry.

#2. Start sharing your regular B2B content


The best B2B digital marketing strategies will go bankrupt without having a proper content plan to target the right audience. Then, for those wondering how to use LinkedIn for marketing B2B – keep these two following tactics in mind:

Tailor content of the audience’s interest

Remember that the B2B buyers who go for LinkedIn want useful content to solve their problems rather than reading all “advertising stuff” about your products or services. If the buyers feel engaged with your helpful content, they will end up scrolling over the description and click “See More.”

Hence, you should share helpful tips and advice from industry experts. Otherwise, check out Trending posts and hashtags on LinkedIn to figure out hot topics.

You do not always need to create new content, pick up some from your regular blog post. Of course, you can post company and product/service updates – but keep a small number of those posts. 

Optimize content for better SEO juice


Interestingly enough, you can also create new posts on the LinkedIn business page. Even better, those posts are available to rank and get traffic – “As long as you target the relevant keywords,” we might add.

Accordingly, some selected words should be included throughout the page and posts. However, remember to write for the audience apart from the search engines.

Choose the best time to boost engagement

Do not overcrowd your followers’ news feeds.

We recommend sharing one update weekly, on weekdays, and during business hours. Some surveys reveal an interesting fact that the morning hours between 7 and 8 or the late hours between 5 and 6 from Tuesday to Thursday are the best time.

#3. Grow your fan club & related communities


Although the audience scale on LinkedIn is much smaller than that of other social media, they are likely to engage with your business in the long term. Thus, optimize your business page to be accessible to LinkedIn members and get more followers.

They, in return, become leads and sales!

But how?

  • Take care of the content on the page – It converts frequent readers into followers
  • Connect your employees first – See all 500+ employees on LinkedIn!
  • Join existing groups of B2B business and the like – or even create a new one
  • Run LinkedIn Ads and targeted campaigns to grow your fan clubs in a short time
  • Prepare the best b2b strategies – Adopt your strategic objectives to every step

#4. Promote your profile to get more followers

linkedin-marketing-strategy-for b2b-post-promotion

Promote campaigns are the next step in our recommended best Linkedin B2B marketing strategies.

Again, start with your employees

Besides, encouraging them to add your company profile to their account (to leverage the business credibility and tap into the existing networks of those employees), you should also ask them to read and share the blog posts to reach more potential readers. Even the more views – the merrier!

Add “InFollow” buttons wherever possible


The more frequently you put “the links to your LinkedIn business page,” you are more likely to get new followers.

We mean taking advantage of your existing product pages, blog posts, email signatures, and social networks. Simply put, you can add an “InFollow” button in those places.

Moreover, consider Magento 2 social login extensions to improve the customer login experience.

Use other social channels

Promote across multiple social networks is recommended as one of the best B2B marketing tactics.

You can add the LinkedIn link to other social media profiles. Furthermore, share new posts of the LinkedIn page on Twitter and Facebook with converting hashtags.

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#5. Make use of LinkedIn analysis for results

linkedin b2b marketing strategy-analytics

The built-in LinkedIn Analysis features make the best B2B digital marketing strategies more actionable and reliable. Specifically, you will get instant updates on how good or bad the page’s performance is to adjust the content accordingly to reach more audiences.

So far, LinkedIn supports a wide range of metrics. However, choosing is based on your objectives set by your best B2B strategies.

Here are our recommended metrics for your references:

  • Visitors: track who is visiting your page. They might be the potential followers and leads
  • Follower: find those who are already in and engage them wisely to convert them to leads and sales.
  • Traffic metrics: All previous page views on your LinkedIn page is gathered and averaged on a visual dashboard
  • Page filter, Time range filter, and Metric filter to isolate data for better analytics later on
  • Visitor demographics to get insight into your potential fans in terms of job function, seniority, location, and company size – these metrics are essential to any B2B business.
  • Updates and Engagement metrics: You can check the performance of content shared on LinkedIn in several clicks.

Is LinkedIn Marketing Solution For B2B Worth?


The LinkedIn team knows its strengths, especially when it comes to tailoring the best B2B digital marketing strategies. Therefore, they introduced a tool using LinkedIn for b2b marketing called LinkedIn B2B Marketing Solution with a promise to “reach ideal customers on the world’s largest professional network.”

Is this solution that good?

First, have a look at features in brief:

  • FREE LinkedIn Page to spread brand awareness and gain followers
  • Sponsored content in the form of native ads in the LinkedIn feed
  • Sponsored email coming with targeted and personalized LinkedIn messages
  • Text ads optimized for PPC and CPM desktop experiences

Now, we would like to share our practical experiences with the B2B LinkedIn Marketing Solution. Overall, it is good to start one right away!

LinkedIn page

linkedin b2b marketing strategy-page-best b2b strategies

We like the fact that the LinkedIn team shares the best b2b marketing tactics and effective practices to build your B2B business page completely free. So, even when you did not use LinkedIn before, you can still make a professional page, following the instructions. Information on the default LinkedIn page is quite enough and easy to fill in.

Even better, there are many useful blogs and tips about marketing strategies for B2B at hand so that you can digest them in your free time and brainstorm about LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies.

Moreover, on-page content and results are easily checked because LinkedIn is compatible with AIP partners such as Salesforce, Hootsuite, Hubspot, and more.

Unfortunately, there is still no Magento 2 LinkedIn in nature. You might need to install extensions on the market.

Sponsored-Content-linkedin b2b marketing strategy

At the beginning of the marketing strategies on LinkedIn, it is quite hard to grow your followers quickly. Thus, the sponsored content is indeed a big help to reach more audiences.

Specifically, you can display content in various forms, such as carousel ads, video ads, and single image ads. These native ads are presented in a professional news feed across mobile and desktop.

We like the Direct Sponsored Content tool the most. It allows personalizing and testing ads for a limited number of audiences without posting on the official LinkedIn page. Plus, the tool is easy to use.

Text ads

Text-ads-b2b marketing on linkedin

Text ads on LinkedIn are designed to target people who genuinely matter to make the most out of your pay-per-click cost.

You can:

  • Pick up specific professional audiences to reach
  • Create your first ads with an easy-to-manage dashboard
  • Plan a budget – no need to sign long-term contracts and the like
  • Be charged with the ads that do work – pay per click or impression
  • Keep in track of the conversion rate and performance of the ads

Sponsored-InMail- b2b marketing on linkedin

Interestingly, we witnessed a significant increase in CTR after using the Sponsored InMail by LinkedIn Business. This is definitely among the best b2b marketing tactics for LinkedIn ever.

Besides a user-friendly dashboard to manage and send Message Ads, the LinkedIn team even provides a complete guide to help your inbox be personal, approachable and converting.

Above, we summarize some takeaway tips for you to steal and succeed.

[Bonus] LinkedIn Ads Tips And Best Practices

All practices delivered below refer to the Secret Sauce by LinkedIn experts. Thank them in advance for such a valuable guide to marketing on LinkedIn.

To save your time, we cover some keynotes of using LinkedIn for B2B marketing here.

More visual, more engaged

visual-b2b marketing on linkedin

Out of a noisy space, on LinkedIn in particular, and on social media in general, it is better to add rich and eye-catching imagery.

Let’s add some text in your featured image – yet, keep it short and sweet, and relevant to your content. Check your ads or blog posts on mobile devices to make sure that they look good and neat on small screens.

What’s more, you had better quit the “stock photos” which are available over the net. Instead, take a photoshoot with your team or set up your own layout.

FREE creative tools

FREE-Creative-Tools-b2b marketing on linkedin

It is not easy to create your own imagery like how LinkedIn or Coca Cola have applied themselves. You have to pay more time and effort. Fortunately, there are some recommended tools to help you brainstorm and implement your ideas.

  • Venngage : Venngage is a great infographic tool that offers a wide range of templates, icons and charts to help you create professional and engaging infographics. With its user-friendly design, you can easily customize your infographics to match your brand’s style. It’s a great option for businesses or individuals looking to showcase data in a clear and visually appealing way.
  • Canvas: Canva’s logo maker provides all of the ingredients you need to create a custom logo, fast – and free.
  • Haiku Deck: We have tried. This tool supports amplifying emotional visuals, simplifying the message, and keeping all formatting consistent and clean.
  • Pikto chart: For infographics, graphs, maps, and banners, LinkedIn recommends using the Pikto chart, from which you can get a huge library of templates, images, colors, and text manipulations, etc.

Converting sponsored content

Converting-Sponsored-Content-b2b marketing on linkedin

Just so you know, 80% of clicks on sponsored content are sourced from mobile devices.

To make sponsored content the most effective, you should:

  • Use Rich Media with 1200×627-px image and 1000×586-px text safe area
  • Keep the message at a minimum – 150 characters and fewer. Focus on how beneficial your post is
  • Lift short statistics and quotes and you will see a significant increase in your post’s engagement
  • Diverse your content to speak to your followers in their preferences. Pick up various spicing of life

Branded video ads


An image costs a thousand words, and hilariously, a video costs a thousand images.

What videos will your followers love?

  • The 90-second video is an excellent average. Branded videos should be as short as 30-60 seconds. Meanwhile, the demand generation videos can be longer, from 2 to 6 minutes.
  • Tailor the content of videos based on your goals. For brand awareness, create trust. In leadership objectives, focus on stats and the reasons why your brand is the leader. To generate demands, you should tell more about your products and have CTA to drive the audience into signing up for more.
  • Capture the attention as soon as possible, for example, reveal market tips/hacks.
  • Make it human and even funny

Conversational InMail

LinkedIn-InMail-using linkedin for b2b marketing

Say, Hi!

If you decide to knock on your followers’ email door, be prepared to engage them in a conversation rather than advertise your products.

LinkedIn will help:

  • Send messages personalized depending on the real engagement
  • Be short and relevant. Short subject lines work, especially when you add some words such as “Connect,” “Opportunities,” or “Exclusive invitation,” etc.
  • Focus on your individual audience by pulling in their name in the greeting, tie their experience before (why they receive this email), spelling out the key benefits of your conversation. And, use your name and title at the end of the mail.
  • Place relevant body hyperlink and a clear CTA
  • Run A/B Test to check which is more resonating
  • Use Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail together. If you do not have a very tight budget, you should use multiple LinkedIn channels for better results.

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Data drives your targeting


All LinkedIn B2B Marketing strategies should periodically be tested and honed. And, the data received will reveal to you much about your target audience and how to optimize their experience.

Where to check all data?

  • LinkedIn Website Demographics
  • Campaign Manager
  • LinkedIn Conversion Tracking

In Conclusion 

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and other social channels, LinkedIn is a platform where the quality of content and information you share defines your brand rather than the number of followers you have.

So, when developing your LinkedIn Marketing strategy, make sure that your prospective customers receive quality information about your product, services, and industry at each stage of the B2B marketing funnel.

The list we mentioned above is the best 05+ LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies. Grasp this hand-picked information and apply it to your businesses!

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