7+ Benefits Of Magento 2 Store Switcher Extension You Should Not Miss

by Grace Bui

Magento 2 Store Switcher Extension can be very useful if you know the right way to use this.

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Limitation Of Default Magento Store Switcher

As previously stated, most internet firms that cater to international customers employ GeoIP technology on their websites. This standard application does not exclude Magento 2 stores.

However, with Magento 2, the GEOIP auto-redirect (switch store) capability is unavailable in a multi-store view website. When a customer visits a default Magento 2 store, they must manually modify the position of the store view button because there is no Magento website switcher.


As a result, the user experience is less convenient and pleasant.

Furthermore, some customers may be perplexed by an unfamiliar language in the default shop and thus unable to determine where to switch store views.

Assume you have two store views: one in English and one in Chinese. It takes a long time for a Chinese customer to go to a relevant store view without a GeoIP store switcher. This is how international Magento 2 websites are likely to experience high bounce rates.

Then, business owners must seek out an optimized solution, such as Magento website switcher, to make international consumer buying more convenient and friendlier.

What Is GeoIP Store Switcher Extension?


GeoIP location is a widely used technology that uses IP addresses to automatically determine user location and then takes appropriate actions based on the goals of store owners.

Because customers may shop from their store perspectives, GeoIP will improve the shopping experience significantly. Customers in each region have unique insights, desires, and purchasing habits; thus, directing them to the appropriate store will improve personalization and provide a convenient shopping experience.

Furthermore, Magento businesses can limit blocklist visitors to access websites and quickly minimize spam that harms their stores by allowing store owners to restrict IP addresses.

GeoIP Store Switcher Extension

You must understand the complexities of running a multiple shop view ecommerce as the owner of a global Magento 2 store. GeoIP Store Switcher for Magento 2 will take multi-store website user experiences to a whole new level. The extension detects the user’s IP address and directs them to the correct store view.

 7+ Benefits Of Store Switcher Extension

Send users to the appropriate store view based on their IP address

Store Switcher Extension recognizes users’ countries before redirecting them to the appropriate store view. When Canadian users with Canadian IP addresses visit your website, they are taken to the Canada store view. This feature is handy for improving the customer shopping experience by allowing them to make purchases on the appropriate store view based on their behavior and demand.


Change the currency per store view automatically

Customers are no longer only led to their own store views, but they may also see product pricing in the currencies that correspond to their location. This fantastic Store Switcher functionality allows customers to buy things from their native nations or regions in their own currencies.

Show confirmation popup for the store the view switch

This Magento 2 language Switcher module includes a popup to warn consumers about store view switching and automatically redirects them to their correct store views. Your consumers will be aware of the store they will purchase at, thanks to the popup with a clear message, and your site will make a good impression on visitors thanks to a user-friendly website experience.


After a redirect, allow or disallow visitors to switch store views

When users switch between stores, they can see their own redirected store views and those of others. Disabling the switch is a feature worth experimenting with if you want to limit the visibility of different pricing for each store view. This Magento 2 currency Switcher will undoubtedly assist you in maintaining stronger access control at the shop view level, particularly in certain circumstances.


Set a redirect exception for specific IP addresses and URLs

There will be certain exceptions to the rule that every reroutes is required. This plugin allows you to block redirects by defining URLs and IPS. Users are not rerouted when browsing these URLs or visiting your site from these IPs. For example, if your support staff is based in France, French users will be redirected to the French shop view but your support team is not.

Search engine crawlers should not be redirected

You can prevent search engine crawlers from redirecting using Magento 2’s auto currency changer. This function ensures that your website’s SEO is unaffected. It means that search engine bots can still crawl your site as usual, but they aren’t diverted to store views.


Allow visitors to be blocked based on their countries and IP addresses

This is a wonderful feature that efficiently prevents spamming or fraudulent orders. You can totally prohibit access to your site by visitors from specified IP addresses or countries by creating deny lists of countries and IPs in the Magento 2 auto store display switch extension configs.


This is all about our benefits for the Magento 2 Store Switcher Extension. You can check further details on other articles from us. 

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