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[2022] The Perfect Magento 2 B2C Extension Combo & Best Practices

by Robin Tran

Which Magento 2 B2C extensions are necessary for your retail business?

Adobe is pushing the Magento 2 B2B agenda, and it’s getting harder and harder for retailers on Magento to prosper. We get smaller coverage, harder to research, and it’s incredibly frustrating.

Worry no more! Here is the ultimate list of Magento 2 B2C extensions that tips the scale back to Magento B2C’s favor. We’ll discuss the essential, most quintessential modules to sell better, faster, with a stronger foundation for your ever-growing business.

Let’s start. 

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1. Attention Grabber – Magento 2 SEO Extensions

1.1 Why are they essential Magento 2 B2C extensions?

Let’s put things into perspective.

There are 12-24 million ecommerce websites running the web right now, with newcomers entering the market at any given second.

How can YOU stand out from the rest? What is the most important avenue to meet your potential customers and convert them?

Answer: Google and search engine. 

43% of ecommerce traffic directly comes from Google

34% of transactions online start with search engines, aka Googling.

That’s why SEO is vital in the ecommerce scene. You’re going nowhere but to the search listing page, and we’d love to help you stay there with the highest ranking, of course.

1.2 Magento 2 SEO best practices

Before suggesting any Magento 2 B2C extension for SEO, we must know all priorities regarding SEO optimization (yes, we’re optimizing Search Engine Optimization practices, sound pretty meta, isn’t it?) 

Here is our recommendation on how to do SEO the right way:

Essentially, you will:

    • 00 – Do an SEO Audit.
    • 01 – Conduct your Keyword Research.
    • 02 – Lay down a good site architecture.
    • 03 – Perfect your on-page SEO.
    • 04 – Render your off-page SEO effort.

Among these steps, fulfilling your technical SEO takes up 30% of your SEO success.  And since it’s technical, you can use Magento 2 B2C extensions to round up and speed up the process with 100% accuracy.

The question here is how to choose an extension out of the variety that is the marketplace. 

Let’s check out this list comparison table below.

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The question now pivots to how to use one of these extensions to its max potential. Here’s how:

Step 1: Finessing sitemap

HTML sitemap and XML sitemap are going to be the very first blocks we build today. Because this is the very first gateway to get customers and web crawlers to know your website.

With HTML sitemap, it’s usually a webpage that details all URLs that point to the highlighted products/categories on your online shop.

CHECK OUT Best Magento 2 XML Sitemap Modules to speed up Google’s crawling

So, how is this important to SEO? The answer might surprise you.

While we are talking about technical SEO here, HTML sitemap has a far more impact in the User Experience department. 

Let me explain. 

Chances are your website has multiple products and categories, how can you know what to show to customers and how to get them there? With a HTML sitemap, this is pretty much guaranteed, since every product is detailed and listed. And since Google is more and more user-focused, this is the biggest strength for HTML sitemap. 

But not only strength, of course, here are just a few of its direct benefits and who will get them from a great HTML sitemap.

If you’re still on the fence about HTML sitemap, this 1 minute video from Google themselves might change your mind.

>>LEARN how to configure Magento 2 HTML sitemap.

However, HTML is still just a mere transactional piece. The true essential sitemap is XML and here why. 

Rather than showing to your customers, XML sitemap is a direct copy that allows Google to understand your web structures and read/index all your important pages accordingly. 

This XML sitemap is a Magento 2 B2C extension for SEO created by BSS’s. As you can see, we have the sitemap link and especially the last modified date. 

Subsequently, one Google notices the date change within the XML sitemap, they will know you’re updated your content and send bots to crawl and index your site. 

When you click to a particular sitemap, you can see all the URLs within it. This categorized practice lets Google know your site structure clearly as well as protects your index budget.

>>> CONFIGURE YOUR SITEMAP: Experience the module first hand!

Once you have your sitemap submitted, you can make sure Google knows your site through and through.

Now, it’s time to make the content that Google reads on your site counts.

Step 2: Automating metadata

Metadata is the content that describes your content to Google bots (yes, it’s “meta”). 

Technically speaking, Google bots are unable to process your content like humans, hence, you need to use metadata to “translate” it to them. 

We have several type of metadata as listed in this table: 

Meta Tags Description Describe the overall content of the page.
Keywords Outdated. Don’t bother to update this one unless your internal search requires them.
Robots Tell Google to index or pass link authority through links on the page. 
Title Tags Title Tags Show bots the title aka the most important thing on your page.
Schema Markup Too many to count Check the list of rich result gallery by Google:

The reality is that you can’t spend your time filling metadata for your pages one by one. 

That’s why an automated template is exactly what you need.

2. Interest Inducer & Desire Promoter – Magento 2 Popup Extension

2.1 Why is this kind of Magento 2 B2C extension important?

A Popup is a window that suddenly appears (hence the name Popup) and blocks the current user interface to ask for a specific action from the viewer to:

  • Subscribe
  • Buy something
  • Go on to a list
  • And so many more

Pop-up had a bad reputation due to its early days being used to shovel aggressive and suspicious advertisements. 

However, over time, Popup has become one of the most effective and cheapest Magento 2 B2C extensions for marketing, especially in conversion optimization.

Here is an incredibly harsh reality, whether or not you have the Popup show up, 7 out 10 visitors still tend to bounce off your website. With a Popup, you triple the chance to catch potential leads and guide them into your built-in sales funnel.

And that’s the average number. With an optimized lightbox, you can x3 the conversion rate. In this context, conversion rate refers to how many customers see your Popup and proceed with your CTA.

Promising? No, that’s a guaranteed success with Popup! 

Now, let’s move on to what will leverage your Popup game.

2.2 Magento 2 Popup Best Practices

Step 1: Decide your goal & type of popup

Using pop-up windows can bring numerous benefits to your business. But, before you start creating pop-ups, you need to know what goal you want to fulfill. These goals can be multiple, and we will mention some of the main ones below.

Let’s add the 3rd columns to the table:

Triggers by Type of Popup Best for
Behaviors Time on page Drive more sales
Number of pages view Drive more sales
Click Generate leads
Intent Welcome  Drive more sales
Exit Generate leads
Context Scroll x% of the page Generate leads
Interactive Popup Improve the customer experience
Specific-page Popup Generate leads
Subscription Grow your email list

Here, we suggest the best goal that matches each type of Popup. In general:

  • Delayed and welcome Popups are best to increase conversion rates effectively.
  • Scroll-based Popups fit the generating leads the best.
  • Interactive Popups shine the most when using it to improve the UX.

However, the final decision is entirely up to you. No one knows about your business more than you!

Step 2: Write a compelling copy with clear context

Context is what gives your message meaning. 


Content is what makes the customers take the leap.

To get a Popup that sells, you need to master both of them. The situation when and where you introduce the Popup is unequivocally vital. 

For example, a popup that offers a freebie about comparing Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extensions should only appear on the product page of the extension itself for the blog post about it.

Outside of that context, the popup becomes meaningless and actually annoying to customers as it offers no relevant value to what customers are interested in.

Turn over the argument; the copy you write about on the popup should reflect your offer 101% with compact and powerful wording. 

Luckily, we had collected and written some in-depth analysis on this matter with details on what good and what need to be better:

>> 7 Best Popup Examples And How To Customize Them For Your Business Gains <<

Bonus, here are some of our recommendations about when and where to show a Popup:

Type of Popup When/Where To Show What To Show
Newsletter Signup Blog when they’re reading an article. What they’ll get when signing up: free tips, discounts, exclusive deals, and many more.
Content Upgrade Specialized Page Twist this to your benefit of selling something: offer early-bird admission, exclusive deals for B2B customers, unlock customization options, and so many more. 
Discount Product Page Free shipping, % off, quantity-based discount – your choice!
Live Demo Blog post/product page Short description of what you will do and what they will get.
Limited-Time Deals Category/product listing/landing page Convey the idea of scarcity and urgency with a countdown clock
Navigate Visitors  Homepage Show a series of catalog with sale off deals (if any) to point customers to your wanted location.

Step 3: Design the popup

With Magento 2 B2C extension for Popup by BSS, you can quickly put out a lightbox with multiple variables on both types and appearances.

There are 5-ready-to-use Magento Popup templates to render your Popup vision within seconds:

  • Contact Form (Field authorization included)
  • Age Verification (Buttons and option to move on other pages)
  • Newsletter Subscription (Email authorization)
  • Hot Deals (Category with add to cart button)
  • Social Sharing (Social profiling) 

Besides, the module provides multiple entries in which you can customize these templates even more. Either via WYSIWYG editor or Pop-up CSS:

Moreover, you can customize how customer behavior triggers the Popup, making the lightbox more user-friendly. Either time on page, scroll-length on page, page(s) viewed, or immediately, our Magento 2 B2C extension has them all.

Sleeknote analyzed 10+ million popup views and found out that the popup converts best, being shown after 8 seconds on the page.

You should set the scroll percent to 35% to optimize the conversion rate of your popup in the same token.

What about collecting information? How many fields are recommended?

Sometimes, email is not enough. The need to enrich your lead is reasonable and called for.

However, research shows that the conversion rate drops dramatically after the 2 fields mark. Hence, we can conclude that 1 or 2-fields for popup form is the best at collecting leads

In case you want to gain more information for people who visit your site, it’s best to show a step-by-step popup. There are two distinctive benefits when it comes to using this type of popup. 

One, organizing a process will motivate people to follow. This is basic customer behavior.

Two, A/B testing of this popup type will provide valuable insights since you can track and figure out which criterion needs to improve.

You can copy the code for these popups here.

Further customize the popup

First, you can spice up the entrance with animation ranging from Zoom to 3D Unfold. There are also 6 positions to show your popup on a particular page. Of course, you can manipulate what page the popup will show as well.

You can also control which storeview/website the popup shows and what customer groups get to see. The more you personalize customer experience to the popup, the higher the conversion rate and the more qualified the lead is.

To prepare your popup ahead of time and get worried-off about closing it after a promotion, you can set the time window for the popup.

Furthermore, the module allows shop owners to limit how many times a popup shows ensures a smooth and happy customer journey on their sites.

Mobile-friendly? How about a responsive popup across the board!

Each and every popup created by Magento 2 Popup will get the same treatment: a fluid grid.

All you need is to create one popup, and our Magento 2 B2C extension will automatically make it responsive to various screens that your customers might use.

Especially for mobile devices because they’re not only integral to ecommerce but also show better conversion rates than all. In total, mobile popup reaches a 5.8% success rate, almost double of desktop users.

Save your time and effort while optimizing your turnover!

Step 4: Test run and monitor popup success

Creating a popup shouldn’t be the end goal; it’s how it turns out.

It’s up to the scale and the reach of your business to decide how successful a popup campaign should be. Here are some criteria/dimensions for your popup analysis:

  • Traffic count is the total number of customers who come into your website during a given time.
  • Conversion rate (also called traffic conversion rate) refers to the percentage of transactions made divided by the number of customers coming into the store.
  • Basket size (also called average transaction rate) measures the average dollar value per transaction during a given period.

What about relationship outcomes from these popups? How can you measure them? Here are some of the critical metrics:

  • Relational touch-points highlight that popup provides opportunities to reach out to new customers, raise brand awareness, and engage with existing customers.
  • Strategic alignment emphasizes the importance of a popup’s alignment with brand, location, and context.
  • Surprise and delight confirm the vital link between positive emotions and customer engagement with the brand through delightful and multi-sensory popup shopping experiences.
  • Serendipity refers to chance, happenstance, or happy accident and is one factor that largely contributes to popup success. However, they are scarce.

Popup best tips to keep in mind

In the process of creating your popup, we highly recommend you to follow this guideline. Here are the proven methods to escalate your lightbox game to better visually and user-friendly.

Moreover, we want to see some observations about popups that can also help you determine how to present popups to your customers.

These are direct results from analyzing over 1.75 billion popups by Sumo. Take it with the entire ocean of salt. 

3. Transactional Bonder – Magento 2 One Step Checkout

3.1 Pick your trusted Magento 2 B2C extension

Unless you have a fair understanding of coding language & logic, it’s more economical and efficient to install a module to help with checkout customization. 

ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN: 25+ Magento checkout extensions compared and rated to foster your success. 

Pick one that mobile-friendly

We’ve established the number to prove that mobile is the future of ecommerce, that’s why your extension should provide such a seamless experience across the board.

If you worry about the lengthy form, accordion-style one step checkout Magento is something you should look into and apply for your store.

Pay attention to compatibility

Compatibility is extremely important. You install extensions to run your store smoother, not for them to fight each other.

Moreover, you should look for a module that works well with your current themes. For example, BSS’s Magento 2 B2C extension for one step checkout is compatible with common themes on the market: all MageSolutions themes, Fastest and Infinit theme of Codazon, and all Alothemes themes.

3.2 No login required and beyond

A quick call-back here, no guest checkout option available takes up 36% in total cart abandonment caused by usability attributes.

That’s why letting customers finish their orders without an account is a must. And can actually expand on that with even more options to check out: log in with social media, google account, and more.

Why? Because more options equal more chances to increase conversion. Moreover, you get to access a vast pool of customer information and the potential of social selling.

3.3 Rearrange the checkout template 

Every third-party provider has its own checkout preset and the chance it fits you like a glove is low.

Your shop is unique and also your preferences. Therefore, you would want to mix up the built-in template and be the best fit for your store – functional and aesthetical speaking.

However, there are several fields and blocks in one step checkout for Magento extension that are set in stone, namely the shipping, billing, and payment info. Rather than that, it’s free-will.

You can wipe off distractions such as the header and footer, menu buttons, as well as other unnecessary fields. Giving your checkout a smooth and clean look will guarantee a much better conversion rate. 

Something like this: 

3.4 Make use of automation

Another feature to look for when you pick out your one step checkout for Magento extension is automation. 

Like this one:

You can foster this idea to pre-select the shipping and payment method to faster the checkout process. 

3.5 Provide a variety of payment methods

The default Magento payment range is truly amazing. However, placing even more options for customers to choose here is something you should consider.

Because at this rate of technological and financial service advancements, it’s up to you to offer customers their wanted payment method: credit card, mobile payment, bank transfers, e-wallet, prepaid card, direct deposit, cash.

3.6 Give room for coupon and discount

Price is the driving force for customers to finalize their order. If they see the opportunity to have a better deal, they will be more likely to buy.

However, you need to be careful about this. Of course, the more obvious and more natural it is to spot and fill, the better, but you want to communicate your discount policy earlier, loud and clear. If customers see this field and never see any of your offers, they’ll run to find one and get caught up elsewhere. Therefore, be complicit about your promotion.

3.7 Turn up trust signals

A breach of personal information is a legitimate fear when people shop online and it makes sense for customers to cancel their purchase if they feel skeptical about your website. That is why some trust badges like this will make the change. 

However, remember, credibility can’t be built upon some icons only. You need to put in more work to gain trust from your customers, and this is only a small step. 

4. Life-time Customer Promoter – Magento 2 Guest To Customer

Who says B2C purchase is one-time-only? We will help you turn the typical B2C buyer into a customer for easy management and improve upon customer lifetime value. This is not to say that every retail business needs retention. 

Here is a quick graph to see if your store will be benefited from retention optimization: 

Guest checkout is essential to B2C. According to Baymard, forcing customers to create an account is the 2nd biggest reason for customers to ditch their orders. 

With the current rate of 7 out of 10 online carts gets abandon, we can not afford to lose customers on this front. But without an account, your risk of losing touch with customers, further marketing, and nurturing them get lost in the mix. 

We found a solution to make peace with these problems – Magento 2 Guest to Customer

You can automatically create an account with the customer email upon purchase or manually convert them at the backend. 

Both of these choices come with notifications for customers that show your business ethic on transparency. Moreover,  showing that your store cares and makes it convenient for customers is a key point to make them come back for more purchases down the line.

5. User-friendly Enhancer – Magento 2 Social Login

Why do you need a Magento 2 B2C extension for social login? I will give you 5 reasons:

5.1 Easy sign in

Are you always looking for a simple registration process because you don’t have enough patience as well as time to fill in a long and complicated form?

Social login makes the process of joining a website with an account speedy and convenient. Your Magento site users can choose by using one of their social credentials to log in on your online store. Therefore, they save more time to access your website than filling out a registration form.

Furthermore, the details of customers’ social accounts are easy to remember since they use them a day and almost all users are happier to use these to sign into a website.

5.2 Accurate data

Some users will use false information when signing up for a social networking site. They may use a nickname instead of their real name or an email that isn’t real or not in use anymore.

Users can also control their privacy settings for birth date, gender, etc. and can restrict who accesses that information.

5.3 Bring repeat and new customers

Visitors would like to re-visit a site that provides secure log-in. Social Login incentivizes repeat visitors to your Magento site, which can lead to repetitive purchases.

The fact that visitors can use their social account to sign into a web page gives them convenience and comfort that they don’t need to worry about forgetting usernames and passwords when signing in your Magento site.

One more benefit provided by social login is that it enables users to share their browsing experience with their friends. This is the exciting kind of spreading your brand and engaging the website with more new users.

5.4 More time on site

Users spend more time on your Magento site because Social Login makes it more engagement friendly. While they browse your Magento site, users are connected to their social network, which fundamentally means they would like to share anything that’s worth sharing with their friends on the network from your eCommerce page.

It’s a useful post on your website blog; they will take time out to share it with their network. The more time they spend on your online store, the more chances that your brand will be shared with their social network. This leads to improved brand awareness.

Moreover, users signing in with their social references are more likely to comment on the site, which is what you want. The fact that users are spending more time on your Magento site helps your Magento site to place at the preference rank in Google search page.

5.5 Friendly engage users

Social login deserves a part of your website’s social media matrix for the reason of better user engagement. Your eCommerce web page takes to reach visitors. The advantage here is that you do not need to struggle to engage your visitors, for you already own their details through data sources from the social network.

While traditional sign-up form might drive customers to bounce out immediately due to the complication and amount of time they have to spend on that step, log in with social media methods can give them more incentive to sign up on your site.

Many people tend to forget the information they used for sign-up like email, username, and password. Social login function will help them get rid of remembering all of the above information. 

Social login also benefits shop owners by encouraging site visitors to share content with their social network, which is one of the most potent free word-of-mouth advertising.

With users spending more time on social media, there is a huge source of user data ideal for you, which allows you to achieve a level of foresight as far as user expectations are concerned. Conveying on these expectations becomes much more comfortable as a result. This effectively enhances customers’ satisfaction with your offerings.

6. 5-in-1 Solution: BSS’s Magento 2 B2C Extension Package

We’ve gone through the list of most essential modules when it comes to Magento 2 Retails.

How about a solution that covers every extension we discussed so far?

Introducing Magento 2 B2C package by BSS Commerce. One compact solution that takes care of the entity of customer journey!

BUY NOW: Magento 2 B2C Package – 1 solution to skyrocket your sales!

It’s going to be a straight line from gathering attention to turning them into repeat customers.

In Short

Today, we’ve discovered and lined out the best Magento 2 B2C extensions and practices for retail stores to foster in the ecommerce scene. The compact package is a really good start to jump shark your sales with a good foundation moving forward.

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